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When Yan Zhaoge and the Sword Sovereign returned to the World beyond Worlds, the first thing they confirmed was whether the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen had returned or not.

After arranging an appointment to meet up together with the Astro Sovereign by the Restful Immortal Valley later, Yan Zhaoge and the Sword Sovereign split up.

One returned to the Eastern Vast Heaven Terrority, while the other returned to the Kunlun Mountains Northern High Peaks Jade Capital Crag.

Now that the situation was a huge mess, it involved many things and many people.

No one could predict what would happen in the future.

If Yan Zhaoge and the others wanted to safely survive this apocalypse, they would need to prepare themselves well.

After arriving at the Broad Creed Mountain, and meeting Yuan Zhengfeng and the others, Yan Zhaoge explained the situation.

Of course, he had avoided the matter regarding the Immortal Court heretics as well as the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

He only referred to them as strong enemies.

After understanding the general situation, Yuan Zhengfeng and others realized how serious the matter had gotten.

“My dad is still in seclusion within the Pill Hall.

Please handle the situation, Chief.” said Yan Zhaoge as he looked at Yuan Zhengfeng.

He had to prepare many things, and wouldnt be able to take care of the Broad Creed Mountain for a long period of time.

Yuan Zhengfeng noticed something.

After he asked the others to leave, he asked, “Zhaoge, do you have an idea already”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Its still too early to say it now, since its still too early to say it.

I also dont have the confidence that it would succeed.

Lets just say that we can try it out.”

“The enemys ranks are huge, and they are very menacing.

They also wouldnt give up that easily.

Even if we can take care of the Exalted Earth Luminary and the Concealed Sovereign, we would still have mountains of problems piled up.”

“To avoid such a tragic fate where we can only watch them defeat us, we would have to find a different way of doing things,” said Yan Zhaoge lightly.

“This matter is really important.

We have to do things in secret to prevent our actions from being leaked out.”

After saying his plan, Yuan Zhengfengs face was filled with shock, “Such a huge plan No wonder even someone like you doesnt have the confidence to do so.”

The old chief nodded, “Youve been avoiding talking about your enemy.

I guess that its the foe that the Southeastern Exalt had mentioned before, right I have yet to reach the Exalt Martial Saint Realm, which is why youre so careful when talking.”

“Just do whatever you want to your hearts content.

Ill help you with the preparations.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Thanks, Chief.”

After discussing with Yuan Zhengfeng for a while, Yan Zhaoge came out.

Ah Hu was already taking guard by the halls door.

“Ah Hu, go to the Dragon Butterfly Valley to make preparations first.

I need your aid in some preparations.

Ill be there very soon.” Yan Zhaoge assigned him with a task, “When youre going there, make a stop by the Yuanzhou City.

Bring someone called Xiao Ai along with you to wait for me by the Dragon Butterfly Valley.

When the time comes, I still have matters to assign you to.”

Ah Hu answered seriously when he saw how serious Yan Zhaoges tone was, “Yes, young master.”

Seeing Ah Hu leave, Yan Zhaoge went to visit his mother, Xue Chuqing.

“Mars Halberd had already mentioned about the perishment of the Great Grand Master when he arrived at the World beyond Worlds earlier.” Xue Chuqings expression was calm.

She held Yan Zhaoges hand and sat down, and said quietly, “However, because of how rushed the time was, the Mars Halberd only told me about this matter hastily.

Tell me about the details of what happened when youre free.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Ill tell you everything from the beginning.

Please do look into the matter.”

The son explained everything that had happened, while the mother listened quietly.

After finishing, Yan Zhaoge said, “You can use your Area Latitude Formation again.”

When the Astro Sovereign had previously returned to the World beyond Worlds and had provided the methods to locate the whereabouts of the Exalted Fire, Xue Chuqing had stopped laying down the Area Latitude Formation.

After all, this formation was related to the Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han.

The things contained within might contain his plot.

When Yan Zhaoge mentioned the old stories, Xue Chuqing who had already known of his plan immediately understood what he meant, “Lay down this Area Latitude Formation to mask our true intentions”

“Exactly.” Yan Zhaoge snickered.

Xue Chuqing nodded and said, “Ill handle this matter myself just in case we benefited someone else.”

“After completing your task, go directly to the Pill Hall to meet up with dad.” said Yan Zhaoge, “Although our opponents main target is the Exalted Fire, they would still kill the two of us if they were to encounter us.”

After he finished the planning with Xue Chuqing, Yan Zhaoge did not delay any further.

After saying goodbye to Xue Chuqing, he went to the back mountains of the Broad Creed Mountain.

His eyes were focused.

He wrote one after another complicated spirit patterns.

The numerous spirit patterns materialized within the void.

After that, they fell onto the ground and disappeared.

Compared to his speed of laying down formations from last time, Yan Zhaoges movements seemed slow this time.

When he was writing halfway, he had even stopped a few times to think about stuff.

At the end, after he had finished everything, he even felt a little sad.

After quietly recuperating for a while, Yan Zhaoge stood up and left the back mountains of the Broad Creed Mountain.

His next destination was the central Jun Heaven Territory of the Kunlun Mountains Dragon Butterfly Valley.

Ah Hu and Xiao Ai were already waiting there.

“Re-create a batch of tokens plates, and distribute them to the guests of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.” Yan Zhaoge said to Ah Hu and Xiao Ai while he was taking action, “As for the reason, just say that we added a new ability.”

That was considered the truth.

When Yan Zhaoge had first created the token plates, he had already mentioned that the special ability of the token plates have yet to be added, and they should await further improvements of the token plates in the future.

At that time, he did not have todays decision yet.

However, Yan Zhaoge had the intent of preparing for something in case something bad happens.

Even if he couldnt use it, at least he could earn a small number of profits.

Now, it really came into use.

There was indeed a new ability within.

However, the important usage of it wouldnt be known by others.

“Young Master, you had already ascended to the Exalt Martial Saint Realm when you returned this time.

It would really shock a lot of people.” Ah Hu was helping by the side while smiling and said, “Originally, there was already a new list for the Exalts of Ten Territories.

Now that youve returned, everything will be rearranged.”

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge contemplated for a while, “New list of Exalts of Ten Territories Does that mean that the Li Junxin of the Qilin Cliff and the He Xixing of the Ingenious Flying Peak had ascended the Human Immortal Realm”

Yan Zhaoge had been outside for quite some time.

When he managed to break through till the tenth-level of the Martial Saint, and became a Human Exalt, the World beyond Worlds did not receive it in time.

However, the news of the Heavenly Young Master – Chen Qianhua successfully pushing open the Immortal Door was slowly spreading.

Everyone silently agreed that the position of the Upper Exalt had been emptied.

When accounting for the Wang Zhengcheng which had perished under the hands of Yan Zhaoge, two positions of the Exalts of Ten Territories had been emptied.

This was under the condition where everyone silently agreed with Yan Di filling up the empty spot of the Eastern Exalt.


The “Embrace Grand Ultimate” – Mr.

He of the Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff, as well as the “Earth Spirit Lord” – Li Junxin of the Qilin Cliff had ascended the realm of an Exalt.” said Xiao Ai at the side.

“Li Junxin was slightly earlier.

After a month of him breaking through, Mr.

He had also managed to take that step forward.

“Now, the rumor that most people approved of was that Li Junxin would replace his masters, Wang Zhengchengs Earth Exalt position.

As for Mr.

He, he originated from the Kunlun Mountain, so he would replace the Southern Exalt position from the “Shocking God Sword” – Mr.


As for Mr.

Nie, he would become the new Upper Exalt.”

Xiao Ai counted her fingers and said, “Theres one more theory.


He would go to the East and replace the Lords position of the Eastern Exalt.

Meanwhile, the Lord would become the new Upper Exalt.”

He Xixings relationship with the Broad Creed Mountains lineage was quite decent.

However, the eastern Vast Heaven Territory was the Broad Creed Mountains current stronghold.

If an outsider were to govern it, no one would willingly obey their commands like how they did towards Nie Jingshen.

Of course, this was just everyones guesses.

The true positions had to be decided by the Three Sovereigns Five Emperors.

However, the current situation of the World beyond Worlds…

“I dont care about this matter.” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

“Besides, Three Sovereigns Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories… The World beyond Worlds power structure would be gone forever.”

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