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“One of the Five Emperors of the World beyond Worlds, the Candle Sunlight Emperor had perished because of Mars Halberd and me.” Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “Although Chen Qianhua had pushed open the Immortal Door, he isnt someone easy to deal with.”

Ah Hu immediately understood.

He smiled and said, “No wonder why the Young Master doesnt care about it.

The power structure is destroyed because of you.

Why would you pay it any attention”

Someone that personally destroyed the power structure of the World beyond Worlds being classified within the Exalt of Ten Territories.

It seemed more like an insult.

The insulted one wasnt Yan Zhaoge, but the entire World beyond Worlds.

“Its still too early to say that its been destroyed.” Yan Zhaoge slightly raised his head, and seemed to be in a daze, “However, if the plan this time succeeded, everything in the past might really never return anymore.”

Xiao Ai said, “In recent years, there are many experts that emerged from the World beyond Worlds.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Indeed.”

Objectively speaking, since there were so many prodigy characters emerging, and the World beyond Worlds had been steadily developing for many years, the environmental advantage was beneficial for someone to experience growth.

In the past few hundred years, the World beyond Worlds had many new prodigies emerging.

Excluding Yan Zhaoge and his father, as well as Long Xueji of the Roving Jade Heavens, heavens favored people like Chen Qianhua and Nie Jingshen had also emerged from the World beyond Worlds.

Other than that, Li Junxin, He Xixing, Qing Shuzi, as well as Fu Ting who were slightly younger were all outstanding prodigies.

Looking forward, within the Exalts of Ten Territories, the Southwestern Exalt – Bai Tao and the Northwestern Exalt – Lian Zulin were people that emerged within the past hundred years.

As for the most recent hundred years, prodigies that emerged from the World beyond Worlds were like groundwaters being splashed out of the ground.

There was no need to mention Chen Qianhua that had ascended to become an Immortal.

Nie Jingshen, Li Junxin, and He Xixing had broken through the tenth-level Martial Saint Realm one after another and achieved the position of the Human Exalt.

If Yan Zhaoge and his father were included, even the Earth Exalt – Wang Zhengcheng, the Southern Exalt – Zhuang Shen, and even the Eastern Exalt – Daoist Oneheaven that had already perished, there were already more than ten Exalt Martial Saints within the World beyond Worlds.

Compared to the Immortal Realm experts, the Martial Saints were weaker no matter in terms of longevity or the ability to endure risks.

No matter if it was the normal end of longevity or unnatural death, the Exalts of Ten Territories in the World beyond Worlds had been changing a lot for the past thousands of years.

Other than the Exalted Earth – Wang Zhengcheng that had remained in his position for a long time, other positions had been changed more than once.

Very few people that excelled in both talent, strength, and fortune had pushed open the Immortal Door and ascended to a whole new realm.

However, most people wouldnt be able to escape the merciless fate of facing troubles.

Someone like the Exalted Earth – Wang Zhengcheng who could live for so long was among the minorities.

It happened because of his environmental conditions, as well as his own self.

Gao Xuebo who was a lot younger than him had been nurturing his sword until now and had almost reached the limit of his own longevity.

A strong martial arts practitioners longevity would be much longer compared to mortals.

However, aging was still one of their biggest fears.

It suppressed the fear of death.

While powerful experts are very strong and mighty, they still cant escape the fate of aging.

It was a helpless process to see yourself slowly aging, but being powerless to do anything.

This was the torturing part.

“The Exalted Earth had already stepped into his declining years.

However, he successfully achieved the Five Qis Unification, and had ascended the Virtual Immortal Realm, which ultimately prolonged his longevity by a huge amount.”

Mentioning this huge foe of his, Yan Zhages tone was very peaceful, “After all, hes someone that survived the Great Calamity.”

In the past, within the New Nine Luminaries of Kunlun, the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen, Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han, as well as the Exalted Rahu Luminary – Jian Shunhua were all born before the Great Calamity.

They were old people with huge luck and longevity, which allowed them to survive the Great Calamity.

The other five Luminaries were people that were born after the Great Calamity.

Compared to Jiang Shen and the others, they were considered juniors.

At the same time, the person that was lucky enough to survive the Great Calamity was the Vine Emperor of the Roving Jade Heavens.

“However, him achieving the Virtual Immortal Realm makes things much harder for us, young master,” said Ah Hu as he gritted his teeth.

Yan Zhaoge said with a smile, “We cant help with that.

The world doesnt just allow us to improve while causing other people to remain stagnant in their progression.”

While he was chatting with Ah Hu and Xiao Ai, Yan Zhaoge did not slow down his work.

He was constantly refining one token plate after another.

After he had completed everything, he handed the token plates to Xiao Ai, “Quickly distribute these.

Make it look more natural.”

“Rest assured, young master.

I know what to do,” said Xiao Ai as she took the token plates.

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

He looked at Ah Hu and said, “Tidy this place up.

Send the important stuff back to the Broad Creed Mountain.”

Ah Hus expression became more serious when he heard it, “Yes, young master.”

Yan Zhaoges orders undoubtedly meant that something big was gonna happen.

After ordering both Xiao Ai and Ah Hu, Yan Zhaoge left the Dragon Butterfly Valley and went to a faraway location.

He traversed through Kunlun Mountains mountain range and went to his next destination.

Restful Immortal Valley.

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces dao arena.

When he approached the valley, Yan Zhaoge could only see sword intents rushing to the sky when he looked far away.

The Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei arrived here earlier than him.

When Yan Zhaoge saw it, he stepped into the Restful Immortal Valley

Sure enough, there werent any more walls of ice from last time.

There werent many people living within the mountain valley, to begin with.

Currently, those dao apprentices had already been dismissed.

Before Yan Zhaoge arrived, there were only three people within the mountain valley.

One of them looked like a twenty years old teenager.

His eyes were filled with the vicissitudes of life.

He wore light blue long robes with white decorations outside.

He had long snow-white hair streaming behind his back.

The other guy had a forty-year-old middle-aged man appearance.

His looks were normal, and his appearance was normal.

His figure was very normal, and he himself was very normal.

The third person wore a high crown with vintage clothes.

He also seemed to be in his forties.

His expression was silent, and his gaze was sharp like lone peaks.

Although there were only three people, it surpassed the force of thousands of enemies.

The three of them were all Profound Immortal Sovereigns.

In fact, they were all very well-known experts within the history of the World beyond Worlds.

Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong.

Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce.

Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei.

When they sensed that Yan Zhaoge arrived, the three sovereigns looked at him at the same time.

“Greetings to the three Sovereigns.” Yan Zhaoges expression was calm.

He greeted the three people at the same time.

The Concealed Sovereign checked Yan Zhaoge out, and praised, “All of your meridians have already become divine, and your internal universe is complete.

Youve reached the Tenth-level of the Martial Saint Realm, and became a Human Exalt already”

“How long has it been Even if you were someone that had the memories and wits of your past life, it shouldnt be possible to achieve such accomplishments, right”

“I dare not give any comments about matters before the Great Calamity.

However, such speed of improvement after the Great Calamity is really outstanding.

Even the heretics speed of improvement isnt as fast as yours.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, “Thanks for your compliments, Profound Sovereign.

I only came here to not miss out on this grand occasion.

Just treat me like Im non-existent.”

“Grand occasion…” The Profound Sovereign – Yang Ce turned his head and looked at the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong.

He said, “Indeed.

Let us fulfill our promise to fight each other today.”

Chen Xuanzongs expression was calm, “Go ahead.”

As he just completed his sentence, the heavens and earth seemed to become frigid and piercing cold.

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