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The Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen had yet to return.

Instead, the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei was the first to return to the World beyond Worlds.

As a result, the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce wouldnt be able to continue staying in the Restful Immortal Valley in peace with the Sword Sovereign and the Astro Sovereigns pressure.

If the Concealed Sovereign still didnt want to meet them, the Sword Sovereign and the Astro Sovereign would work together, and destroy the Restful Immortal Valley.

In the end, Yang Ce could only come out of the mountain and fight against the Astro Sovereign who was waiting for him.

After escaping being trapped in ice within the land of tranquil streams, the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong had always been waiting for this moment to vent his rage of being trapped in ice for thousands of years.

Without seeing the Astro Sovereign making any movements, the raging frigid waves engulfed the Restful Immortal Valley again.

The boundaries of the heavens and earth in the sky were immediately torn open, and the jet black cosmic void was on display.

If the two top-notch Profound Immortal experts fought with all they have, the boundaries of the heavens and earth of the World beyond Worlds might not be able to handle it.

After they finished their battle, more than half of the World beyond Worlds would already be destroyed.

It would be best to have the battlefield at the void outside of the world to avoid sacrificing innocent lives.

Since he had decided to fight against the Astro Sovereign, the Concealed Sovereign did not delay any further.

His figure flew upwards and left the World beyond Worlds.

He stopped within the cosmic void and waited quietly for the Astro Sovereign.

“I still think that its still too early for me and Daoist Chen to fight with each other.” The Concealed Sovereign smiled kindly, “However, with how the situation always changes and is always out of our expectations.

Now, the time is considered ripe, and the time for us to fight has arrived.”

“If thats the case, then let us fight.”

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces expression was calm.

He ignored the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei and Yan Zhaoge who was at the other side and immediately attacked.

A palm was landing towards the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong.

Under the palm, the lights illuminated by the sun and moon ceased to exist.

The terrifying aura that filled the skies immediately expanded, and engulfed the whole heavens.

He seemed to be helpless in the previous moment and was forced to battle with the Astro Sovereign.

Now, he seemed to be the one picking the battle.

Under the engulfment of his palm, even Yan Zhaoge and the Sword Sovereign that was spectating felt the front of their eyes turning dark, and the whole world seemed to have lost its light.

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce seemed gentle and had always done things in secret.

Now, his first attacks aura had already oppressed the opponents aura.

The horrifying fist intent was extremely overbearing.

It was as if a diving king had decided to befall heavens punishment upon the world.

It made the whole mortal realm shudder and caused them to be at an unease the entire time.

The Exalted Concealed Luminarys famous attack that made his name throughout the world, the Heavens Enveloping Palm!

With one palm, he could envelop the entire heavens!

Yan Zhaoges pupil shrank slightly.

The thing that made him more cautious was what lied within this palm of the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce.

Within the five fingers that were covering the entire skies, mists with a blue and black colored light were surging.

Within the deep mist with the blue and black colored light, a feathered fan seemed to have vaguely taken an appearance.

It fused together with the Concealed Sovereigns palm and seemed to have become one.

The profundities concept contained within were concealed, silent, deep, and ruthless!

Tranquil level Immortal Artifact, Heaven Enveloping Fan [1]!

With a palm, the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce fused the strength of himself and the artifact into one and exerted his full strength.

Facing this extremely overbearing and violent palm, the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong that seemed to have lost his momentum did not have any changes in his facial expression.

The sword type Immortal Artifact – the Broken Cold Sabre who had the same reputation as the Heaven Enveloping Fan appeared within his hand.

Chen Xuanzong held the sword in front of him, and the White Jade Broken Sabre that was two feet long stopped in front of his chest.

With just such a simple action, boundless frigid air surged from his body and instantly transformed into a sky full of snow that filled up the entire cosmic void.

The snow quickly condensed and transformed into a river that would not stop flowing and expanding.

The long river was expanding its area while freezing at the same time.

In the end, the huge glaciers which Yan Zhaoge had a deep impression of had appeared again, and filled the entire cosmos.

When the Concealed Sovereigns Heaven Engulfing Palm befell upon the glaciers, cracks instantly appeared on the glaciers.

The glaciers were shaking as if they were going to crumble soon.

However, the Astro Sovereign still held his blade in front of him.

He did not move his body at all.

Layers of frigid air surged, and continuously toughened the glaciers that were breaking apart.

It made the ice glaciers stand still within the engulfment of the world filled with darkness.

In this instant, the two of them were evenly matched.

“The fourth art of the Great Frozen Seven Arts, Frigid Long River.” The Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei muttered.

The Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong utilized everything he had learned within the Heaven Opening Scripture and his own knowledge and fused them together to release an extraordinary supreme art, which created the Cold Wave Locales lineage.

Among them, the Profound Cold Sabres name was well-known throughout history.

It was the Early Heaven Water which existed between the Early Heavens and the Later Heavens.

It contained boundless life force and warmth, while also containing boundless killing intent and frigidness.

As for the Great Frozen Seven Arts, it was an unparalleled supreme art that was created after utilizing the Profound Cold Sabre to its maximum.

Among them, the fourth art – Frigid Long River was the only art among the seven which acts solely as a defense art.

When casted, boundless glaciers would be formed to freeze the enemys attack and protect the casters body.

Seeing the glaciers that were constantly breaking apart and condensing back together, Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Afterwards, there will be the fifth art, Melting Frozen River.”

Although the Frigid Long River was a pure defense art, and possessed no attack power, it didnt imply that it had to always be on the defense.

Instead, it possessed an attack within its defense, which would catch the enemy off-guard.

Beneath the glaciers, hidden waters were surging.

The intensity of the hidden waters was even more than that of a normal flowing river.

After the Great Frozen forth art – Frigid Long River, the follow-up attack would be the fifth art – Melting Frozen River.

The raging waters that were surging slowly became more and more apparent.

It automatically broke apart the frozen ice glaciers and exploded with a horrifying force enough to shatter even vacuum itself to counter-attack the enemy.

Although the Concealed Sovereign had gained the upper-hand, as long as the Concealed Sovereign couldnt break through the defense of the Frigid Long River, he would have to face the counter-attack of the Melting Frozen River soon after.

Within the blue-black darkness, the Concealed Sovereigns expression was very calm.

His understanding of Chen Xuanzong was even higher than that of Yan Zhaoge and Yue Zhenbei.

Yang Ce was very clear of the horrifying sword intent which would slash even the void when the frozen river melted, and the glaciers shattered.

Because of that, the strength of his Heaven Engulfing Palms strength seemed to be boundless and endless, and was constantly oppressing the ice glaciers!

The blue-black dim radiance seemed to have its own life.

It continuously seeped within the ice glaciers and corroded it.

The ice glaciers that were polluted with the jet black radiance did not vanish and dissolve.

However, they seemed to not be under the Astro Sovereigns control any longer.

The Concealed Sovereign didnt want to give him a chance to unfreeze the river.

If you dare to counter-attack, then lets counter each others attacks with our attacks, and let the two of us suffer damage.

Compared to the Astro Sovereign who had a hidden wound on his body, the Concealed Sovereign wouldnt mind using such a method to fight.

However, in this situation where they were stuck in a deadlock, the Concealed Sovereigns expression suddenly moved.

Originally, it was hard to differentiate the directions within the cosmic void.

However, the void suddenly seemed to have its own boundaries.

Vast ice rains fell from the sky, and numerous raindrops engulfed the two of them who were fighting against each other.

Every single drop of rain seemed to be a swords edge!

The condensed swords which filled the skies were like rainstorms, and were slashing towards the Concealed Sovereign!

Great Frozen Seven Arts, second art, Rime Atmosphere.

The whole sky filled with sharp rimes!

When the Concealed Sovereign saw it, his gaze flickered.

His entire body was engulfed with a layer of dim darkness and was surrounded with the boundless corrosive power.

The swords formed by ice sunk within the dim darkness, and immediately disappeared without any trace of it existing anymore.

However, after being affected by this, his corrosiveness towards the ice glacier beneath him had slowed down.

At this moment, the Astro Sovereigns White Jade Broken Sabre which had always remained in front of him slashed outwards!

This slash seemed to have no changes and was very straightforward.

However, only overbearingness and ruthlessness were contained within.

Wherever the slashes reached, the ice glacier would shatter.

Without any sounds, the world seemed to have become a shattered mirror and was shattering together with the ice glacier.

Melting Frozen River!

[1] Heaven Enveloping Fans previous translation was “Cover Sky Fan” but we thought that Heaven Enveloping sounded nicer.

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