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The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce braced himself in the Astro Sovereigns Rime Atmosphere with his Ketu Dim Encompass Mantra.

The vast corrosive power corroded a huge amount of the blades formed by the snow and protected Yang Ce from getting hurt.

However, with that, the Heaven Enveloping Palm used to oppress the Astro Sovereign was affected.

The palms strength was still surging indefinitely as if it was boundless.

However, the dominating and unparalleled aura and sharpness seemed to have suffered some damage.

If it was another opponent, this was nothing.

However, what kind of person was the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong

The situation in front of him was created using his Rime Atmosphere.

Now that his chance was here, how could he just let it go

In an instant, Chen Xuanzong switched from defense to offense.

The Great Frozen fifth art – Melting Frozen River did not necessarily have to be used only after the fourth art – Frigid Long River.

However, with the Frigid Long River building up the momentum, the Melting Frozen Rivers power output would undoubtedly escalate even more!

The Astro Sovereign slashed with his saber and switched from defense to offense.

He forcefully made the Concealed Sovereigns Heaven Enveloping Palm retreat!

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce wasnt discouraged by it.

With the Ketu Dim Encompass Mantra as protection, it devoured and dissipated the ice and extreme chill.

He remained calm and steady.

At this moment, the two feet long White Jade Broken Sabre seemed like a snow dancing within the void.

It stirred up the skies full of snow and immediately counter-attacked.

The sword within the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzongs hand, the Broken Cold Sabre became illusory like the mist.

It melted within the snow, and it became hard to determine its location.

The edge of the saber was illusory.

It seemed to appear and disappear all of a sudden.

and it was hard to determine its movements.

Whenever it appeared, the aura it brought about was as ferocious as the avalanche coming down with high speed.

Within the Great Frozen Seven Arts, the first art – Dance of the Rime and the third art – The Unpredictable Snow was fused together within Chen Xuanzongs sword.

Along with the explosive strength brought about by the Melting Frozen River, they endlessly enveloped towards the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce.

Chen Xuanzongs counter-attack was ruthless and everlasting.

It was much fiercer than the Heaven Enveloping Palm that Yang Ce cast previously!

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces expression was calm.

He wasnt frustrated or unresigned because he had lost the advantage.

His supreme arts had all originated from the fusion of other top-notch martial arts together with the Jade Clear Heaven Opening Scripture.

However, contrary to the Profound Cold Sabre which could produce the Water of Heaven Opening, the Yin Yang Earth Heaven Breaking Hammer was able to produce Soil of Heaven Opening; the Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword was able to produce the Wind of Heaven Opening; the Concealed Sovereigns Ketu Dim Encompass Mantra displayed the scenery of dim darkness before the heavens had opened.

Conceptually, it was somewhat similar to the Prime Clear Taiyi Fists in defensive mode.

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces strong art wasnt the Heaven Enveloping Palm only.

While the Heaven Enveloping Palm was strong, it was strong within the public eyes.

Anyone could feel how strong it was.

As for other powerful arts in Concealed Sovereigns disposal, they wouldnt be so visible anymore.

Those arts might seem ordinary.

However, when the opponent realized it, it was already too late for them to block the attack.

Just like his mannerism.

Currently, he switched from offense to defense and countered all attacks thrown at him.

He displayed the Ketu Dim Encompassing Mantra to protect himself, which struck him with a balance between offense and defense.

His defense was just like a castle wall, and it defended him against the continuous ruthless attacks from the Astro Sovereign.

“Dance of the Rime, Rime Atmosphere, Unpredictable Snow, Frigid Long River, Melting Frozen River…”

Yang Ce calculated within his mind, “Theres still the sixth art – Three Feet of Frost and the final art – Eternal Silence of Heaven and Earth.”

The frigidness of the Astro Sovereigns martial arts were overbearing.

If the frosty power wasnt dissipated, it would remain within the void for a long time.

When fighting against an enemy, the frigid saber intent would continuously corrode the opponent in secret, just like a leech sucking the opponent off his blood.

It would be hard to prevent corrosive power.

Most of the people that fought against the martial art practitioners of the Cold Wave Locale would have to endure the long period of bone-chilling torture after the battle.

As for the minorities that were able to disperse the chilling effect, they would have to find a quiet place after the battle to focus on dispersing the chilling effects in order to disperse them off.

The longer the time of combat, the deeper the chill accumulated.

It would weaken the opponents vitality and strength, and cause subtle changes within the martial art practitioner.

As for the Great Frozens sixth art – Three Feet of Frost, was based on the Chinese proverb “It takes more than one cold day for the river to freeze three feet deep [1]”.

This art wasnt just a simple art of offense and defense.

Instead, it was a special kind of art that would cause the accumulated chilling effect within the opponents body to explode.

It causes the chilling effect to be accumulated within one spot, and explode from within, which would cause a horrifying killing force.

The explosion happens from within the body, which made it hard for the enemy to put up a defense against it.

Yang Ce believed that Chen Xuanzong was finding an opportunity to use this attack on him.

Because of how equal their strength was, casting the Three Feet of Frost earlier might do nothing against Yang Ce.

Therefore, Chen Xuanzongs best choice wasnt to mindlessly cast the Three Feet of Frost first and use the strongest ultimate move – the Eternal Silence of Heaven and Earth later.

There wouldnt be much meaning behind it.

If he were to cast the Eternal Silence of Heavens and Earth and cast Three Feet of Frost after that, it would bring about the best effects.

Even the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce was wary of the killing force of the Great Frozen Seven Arts last art, the Eternal Silence of Heavens and Earth.

In a sense, it was a horrifying killing ability that would harm both the user and the one receiving it.

While the price required to pay was huge, its power output was even larger.

As expected, Chen Xuanzongs aura kept on rising.

After his saber intent was raised to the maximum, it was retracted!

All of a sudden, all the snow within the cosmos disappeared.

After that, a bright and cold saber-light lit up from the dark void.

The saber-light reached the middle of the void and dispersed within the dark.

Everything became silent.

At this moment, the entire universe seemed to have turned ice cold and silent.

It was a dead silent cold world.

There wasnt any sound, any light, any heat, or any life force.

Everything was buried within the coldness and darkness which existed eternally and were obliterated eternally.

The last art of the Great Frozen Seven Arts – Eternal Silence of Heavens and Earth!

“Its coming.” The Profound Sovereign – Yang Ce sighed in his heart.

He posed his fist stance and was prepared to both attack and defend.

He was prepared to receive this strongest attack from the Astro Sovereign, and the Three Feet of Frost follow-up attack.

Since the start of the fight, the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong never held back in every single attack of his.

He had exerted every ounce of his strengths within each attack and had even surpassed the limits of his body..

He wasnt going to fight a long battle against the Concealed Sovereign.

Instead, he wanted to end everything as fast as possible.

The victory would be determined within these seven arts of the Great Frozen Seven Arts!

Yang Ce had already known about this and wasnt surprised.

He was also confident that he could withstand the seven attacks coming from Chen Xuanzongs Broken Cold Sabre with his Heaven Enveloping Fan alone.

If Chen Xuanzong didnt obtain victory within the seven attacks, victory would undoubtedly belong to Yang Ce.

However, the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces expression had a drastic change.

Within the dark and chilly saber intent, Chen Xuanzongs White Jade Broken Sabre remained extremely stable as he held it within his hands.

However, changes were happening to the White Jade Broken Sabre in his hands.

The two-foot-long broken saber immediately snapped from the middle!

The first half of the blade turned into ice crystals.

They dispersed and faded from existence.

Currently, the saber was only a feet long!

One-foot-long Broken Cold Sabre!

The unprecedented power of the saber intent which would cause the humans in the entire world to cease to exist, and bring about the entire world to eternal darkness and silence had forcefully broken apart the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces defense.

Yang Ce snorted.

He waved the feather fan in his hand to block Chen Xuanzongs one-foot-long Broken Cold Sabre.

However, the frigid bone-chilling sword intent and sword qi were continuously invading his body.

The pain and chilling numbness from the sword-slashing him were all rising.

Even if Yang Ce continuously used the Ketu Dim Encompass Mantra to continuously devour and dissolve them, it was still unbearable for him.

He took a deep breath and worked up his courage.

The corrosive power surged towards Chen Xuanzong and corroded Chen Xuanzongs sword intent.

He used attacks to counter the opponents attacks in order to ease his situation.


However, at the same time, Chen Xuanzong shouted softly.

All of a sudden, within Yang Ces body, numerous tiny frigid air was like a hundred rivers returning back to the sea.

They accumulated together, and exploded!

The Great Frozen Sixth Art – Three Feet of Frost!

[1] The meaning of the proverb – Rome was not built in one day.

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