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In this instant, the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces entire body felt numb.

Not only could he not circulate his Immortal Aura properly, but even his thoughts had also succumbed to silence.

Luckily, the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce had always considered the losing scenario before considering the possibility of him obtaining victory.

He had also thought about the possibility of him receiving serious damage from the Three Feet of Frost.

While he was in a state where he couldnt process any thoughts, the artifact prepared beforehand started to display its effectiveness.

The strong essence of the suns scorching flame burst out from Yang Ces Spirit Yin Centre.

It immediately awakened him from the frozen state of his mind.

With the simultaneous existence of ice and fire, the Concealed Sovereign only felt his head exploding.

He felt as if his entire mind was being torn apart.

However, after recovering to his senses, the dim dark radiance around his entire body retracted.

He suppressed the violent frigid aura within his body and immediately retreated.

The seven attacks were over.

A crack appeared on the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzongs forehead.

Immediately, ice blue devilish light seemed to appear.

Chen Xuanzong forcefully stabilized his state of mind.

However, he still did another slash towards the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce.

Although it wasnt as strong as the seven attacks beforehand, the attacks were extraordinarily fierce.

If Yang Ce was still within the frozen state, he would have to receive this attack.

However, now that he had recovered, he managed to relieve the numbness of his body in time.

He retreated without hesitation and managed to barely escape this attack of Chen Xuanzong.

However, even so, the wound on Yang Ces body was much more serious than he had expected.

Even if Chen Xuanzongs body wasnt feeling well, he was still better off than Yang Ce.

The outcome of this battle had already been decided.

The Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong had won!

“Continuously combating against the Water Demon [1] for the thousand years youve been frozen.

Although it wasnt combating against a person, it still made your attacks sharper.” Yang Ces Profound Immortal form was not the physique of a mortal anymore.

However, his face was currently pale white as if he was covered with a layer of frost.

He looked at Chen Xuanzong, and let out a long sigh.

Flicker appeared in Yan Zhaoges eyes who was spectating at the side.

He continuously nodded and felt that this journey wasnt wasted.

In the past, both the Exalted Water Luminary – Chen Xuanzong and the Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce were ranked within the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries.

They were the pride during that era and were the legendary pillars of the Kunlun Mountain.

Even if it was the era before the Great Calamity, the amount of Profound Immortal Sovereigns like them was extremely little.

A face-off battle between the two sovereigns was even rarer.

Although the period of combat wasnt long, and the winner was determined within ten attacks, the danger contained within their full-force attacks was unimaginable.

“The Concealed Sovereign can tell that the Astro Sovereign wouldnt be able to withstand long combat because of his devil seal, and had to end things as soon as possible.

As a result, he didnt plan on fighting without caring for the consequences.” Yan Zhaoge continuously praised, “His attacks at the start were on purpose.”

The Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei at the side also said, “Indeed.

First of all, he started the attack to avoid remaining passive in the whole fight.

Secondly, he wanted to oppress the Astro Sovereigns attacks, and make him panic.”

Contrary to what this battle had displayed, both Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong and Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce were both the most proficient in fighting long battles.

It wasnt because they had a lot of stamina and strength that were endless.

Instead, they were the type to become stronger the longer they engage themselves in combat.

On the contrary, the opponents they were against might become weaker the longer they engage in combat.

Chen Xuanzong was considered to be very introverted in terms of battle.

It didnt mean that he wasnt strong at the start.

Instead, as the frigid aura continuously filled the air, he would become stronger.

Until the frigid aura finally reached its climax, only by then he would be able to achieve his strongest state.

As for his opponent, because of the accumulation of the frigid aura invading them, they would be affected even without the explosion of the Three Feet of Frost.

It would cause them to become weaker, and it would be hard for them to display their own strength as usual.

Yang Ces style was similar to Chen Xuanzong.

On one hand, it was like the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts Art of Wilderness Devouring.

When the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce displayed his Ketu Dim Encompass Mantra, the corroding power would then devour the opponents strength, and continuously strengthen Yang Ces power.

On the other hand, other than the Heaven Enveloping Palm and the Ketu Dim Encompass Mantra, he still had the divine secret arts – the Soul Corroding Dark Mist to fight against his opponent.

Previously, Chen Xuanzongs frigid sword intent was constantly being corroded by Yang Ces corrosive powers.

Chen Xuanzongs body was also slowly being corroded after being affected by this.

As time passed, his physique and mind were gradually getting weaker and weaker.

As a result, those that fought against the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce would also gradually grow weaker, and would ultimately be forced to surrender.

Their styles were completely the same, and yet they were equal opponents.

Under normal circumstances, unless one of them had made a huge blunder, they would have to fight for a long time, and see who would be able to persist longer.

However, with the devil seal on Chen Xuanzong, the seal would worsen if he were to undergo a long battle.

As a result, he used a combat style that differed from his usual style of combat.

He had to finish the battle as soon as possible and decide the outcome of the battle within seven attacks.

If the Concealed Sovereign didnt suffer from defeat after the seven attacks, there was no need to battle anymore.

If they were to continue fighting, the only one benefiting from it would be the Water Demon.

If he had to shift his concentration to suppress the demon, he would undoubtedly lose.

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce could also tell that.

Naturally, he didnt plan on fighting intensely with Chen Xuanzong immediately.

If he could stall the battle, he would stand victorious.

However, stalling the opponent required strategy.

If he were to remain passive, and allow the opponent to attack however he wanted to, it would result in the Concealed Sovereign being unable to stall or even withstand his attacks.

Instead, he would be completely oppressed by Chen Xuanzong, and ultimately result in a defeat.

Yang Ce had been famous for many years, and he had experienced many kinds of battles throughout his life.

Naturally, he knew that the best defense would be staying on the offense.

As a result, he took the initiative at the start of the battle and gained the advantage of attacking first.

A Heaven Enveloping Palm cast with his full strength was extremely dominating.

Not only had he seized the advantage, but he had also interrupted Chen Xuanzongs momentum of charging his attack.

He didnt allow Chen Xuanzong to use one art after another simultaneously and prevented him from achieving a force that could never be defended against.

The front parts of the battle were all within Yang Ces calculation.

Everything was going as he had planned.

However, Yang Ce never expected Chen Xuanzongs saber intent to have improved.

It ruined his plan and caused his plot to have failed.

Yang Ce was able to withstand the full-force attack from the two-feet-long Broken Cold Sabre.

However, when Chen Xuanzong attacked with the one-feet-long saber, it broke through Yang Ces defense in the end.

As a result, the Exalted Water Luminary was victorious in this battle.

“However, if he wasnt purposely hiding it, the Concealed Sovereign doesnt seem to have studied the Primordial Heavenly Scripture.” Yan Zhaoge contemplated.

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ces gaze swept across Chen Xuanzong, Yue Zhenbei, and Yan Zhaoge.

His gaze circulated between Chen Xuanzong and Yue Zhenbei.

In the end, he let out a sigh and smiled, “Oh well.

Its the same result no matter who wins or loses.”

Even if he won against Chen Xuanzong, it was just a personal accomplishment.

The Sword Sovereign had returned to the World beyond Worlds earlier than the Exalted Earth Luminary.

Before the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiangshen returns, Yang Ce would naturally be unable to remain in his current stable position.

He shook his head, and his figure backstepped.

He escaped within the void and was going to disappear.

Both Astro Sovereign and Sword Sovereign frowned.

However, before they had any movements, a treasured light flew from within the faraway World beyond Worlds.

It distorted this areas cosmic void.

With this as a cover, the Concealed Sovereigns silhouette quickly vanished.

When Yan Zhaoge witnessed it, he wasnt concerned about the whereabouts of the Concealed Sovereign.

Instead, he looked at the World beyond Worlds.

“What is that”

[1] Previously referred to as the “Gui Shui Demon”


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