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After hearing what Jiang Shen said, Yang Ce remained silent.

After a while, he asked, “Its impossible for the Blessed Lands to not take any actions, right”

Currently, while the two heretics faction – the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands werent fighting so intensely with each other anymore, they would definitely take advantage of the other faction if one of them showed an obvious flaw.

“Of course they will take actions,” said Jiang Shen.

“But, the Immortal Court heretics must have found assistance to keep the Blessed Lands at bay.”

“The Demon Race” Yang Ces expression was in relish, “It cant be the Nine Underworlds, right”

“Its hard to tell.

I still havent received an accurate report yet.” Jiang Shens gaze was a little profound, “However, the havoc caused by Daoist Suo is too huge.

The Immortal Court would definitely not let him off the bat just like that.

The fragile balance that weve always been trying to maintain is going to be broken soon.”

Yang Ce asked, “Will the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord take action himself”

Jiang Shen shook his head, “He shouldnt be.

However, if the Longevity Emperor or the Prime Clear Incongruence Divine Mother were to appear, he might take action.”

“How about the North Star Emperor” asked Yang Ce.

“If the Longevity Emperor doesnt appear, and the North Star Emperor was willing to take action, he would be able to take control of the situation.

With that, he should be able to prevent the heretics from intervening, and allow us to settle them ourselves.”

A worried expression appeared on Jiang Shens face, “The North Star Emperor has yet to convey his message.

However, there are already three great Heavenly Lords that are already coming towards here.”

He lowered his head and sighed, “There were already three previously, and now, theres an addition of one more.

Just based on the Heavenly Monarchs alone, four of them from the heretics faction had already perished under Daoist Suo.”

“It would be hard for the Immortal Court heretics to fill up these empty slots within a short amount of time.” Yang Ce smiled, “Could it be, they want to illuminate us to fill up for that empty slot”

Jiang Shen did not smile, “Even with two heretic Heavenly Lords besieging Daoist Suo, they didnt manage to hold him back, and were killed instead.

They had already lost their pride.

If they cant acquire their pride back, they wouldnt just leave him be.

Its a given that they would directly intervene.”

Yang Ce raised his eyebrows slightly, “The two Heavenly Lord heretics werent able to stop him, and were even killed by him”

The higher the realm of cultivation, the bigger the gap between each level of cultivation.

Most of the True Immortals of the Daoist Three Clear lineage would be able to handle the Profound Immortal Sovereigns of the Immortal Court heretics.

It was very rare for them to be able to oppress the opponent.

However, even if they couldnt kill the opponent, they wouldnt suffer any losses.

However, if they reached the realm of a Virtual Immortal Heavenly Monarch realm, they might still have an advantage.

However, facing the heretic Heavenly Lords, it would be hard for them to withstand the heretics attacks.

Even if they were of the heretics, a Heavenly Lord was still a legend.

It required opportunities and talents for bigwig experts of the Heavenly Monarch Realm to appear within the heretics.

As for those Heavenly Lord experts, it also depends on luck as well.

Yang Ce had heard of this news before.

Currently, most of the Heavenly Lords guarding the Immortal Court were mostly Heavenly Monarchs of the orthodox Daoism.

After surviving the Great Calamity, they entered the Immortal Court and managed to improve their cultivation, which made them a heretic Heavenly Lord.

They were already legendary experts who were well known throughout history, and their strengths were outstanding.

After improving, even if they werent comparable to the true Heavenly Lord bigwigs of the orthodox Daoism, they werent people that can be underestimated by those who were below the Heavenly Lord.

Although it was a small rumor, fires wouldnt start without a spark.

Yang Ce felt that there were some possibilities of it being true.

Even if the Immortal Court had nurtured their own Heavenly Lord, they would still be extremely strong, and wouldnt be someone that a Heavenly Monarch was able to withstand.

“How strong is Suo Yanlong now” Yang Ce asked with relish.

Jiang Shen shook his head and did not speak.

He extended his palm, and two pieces of wood stick appeared.

Yang Ce realized that the wood sticks were originally a scepter.

It was broken in half and became two parts.

After analyzing the appearance of the scepter, Yang Ce frowned, “It feels similar to a treasure.

While I havent seen that treasure before, it fits the description from the legends…”

“Previously, the Pill Hall trembled, and reappeared within the world.” said Jiang Shen slowly.

“I was by the outskirts of the void, and had felt it as well.

I avoided the heretics, and went inside to venture.”

Yang Ces eyes flickered, “Pill Hall… Is it Shao Junhuang Did she succeed”

“She was a step away from succeeding.

This time, Daoist Suo was the one that helped her take that step forward.” Jiang Shens expression was a little complicated as if he was reminiscing something.

“The Demon Race had also dispatched some experts to intervene.

The one leading the Demon Race was that white deer of the Longevity God, who resided within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace during the past.”

Hearing what Jiang Shen said, Yang Ces gaze fell back upon the sceptre broken in half, “…Its really the Longevity Gods Wyvern Sceptre It really broke…”

He raised his head, “Daoist Suo did it”

“Indeed.” Jiang Shen confirmed Yang Ces guess, “If it wasnt for him taking care of the Pill Halls situation, and the Immortal Court heretic experts chased up to him, the white deer would be dead by his hands.”

Yang Ce asked, “Suo Yanlong should still be in the Virtual Immortal Realm, right”

Jiang Shen sighed, “Yeah.”

“…Should I say, a Martial God is a Martial God indeed” said Yang Ce as he smiled.

“As expected of Suo Mingzhang.”

In the past, people rarely mentioned the Exalted Gold Luminary – Yan Xintangs emperor title and sovereign title.

Other than him being listed within the Nine Luminaries, and was given the title “Exalted Gold Luminary” by his descendants after his accomplishment of establishing the World beyond Worlds.

During the years when he was alive, most people were used to referring to him with a much simpler title.

Sword God.

This name was enough to explain everything.

There was one person with a similar title as him.

The title was very simple, but still made every martial arts practitioner in the world to be in awe.

Martial God, Suo Mingzhang!

Within the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries, he was the first to combine the two qis into his Immortal Aura, pass the Pure Profound Tribulation, and become a Profound Immortal.

He was also the first to achieve Five Qis Unification, and pass the Profound Origin Tribulation, which resulted in him becoming a Virtual Immortal.

After the Great Calamity, he was the first Heavenly Monarch within the Three Clear orthodox Daoism.

Against those of the same realm, he would never lose.

He was the undefeatable Martial God, the God of War!

The Profound Sovereign – Gao Qingxuan of the Roving Jade Heavens Profound Sovereign title was a taboo for many.

It grabbed even more attention compared to Yue Zhenbeis Sword Sovereign title.

In all actuality, Gao Qingxuans sovereign title was actually the “Whirlpool Sovereign”.

After Suo Mingzhang had passed the Profound Origin Tribulation, and wasnt a Profound Immortal anymore, only by then others referred to him as the Profound Sovereign.

When Suo Mingzhang was a Profound Immortal, he was undoubtedly the “Profound Sovereign.” He was the strongest Profound Immortal, and was the strongest sovereign.

“Indeed, as expected of a Martial God.” Jiang Shens expression was filled with pity, “Its a pity that hes too reckless.”

“Those outstanding figures are always very prideful of themselves, and often forget about the repercussions.

Daoist Suo is like that.

Daoist Yans son and grandson are the same as well.”

Yang Ce smiled and said, “That father and son are indeed outstanding prodigies.

Especially Yan Zhaoge, hes definitely unprecedented.

Despite not pushing open the Immortal Door yet, if he can remain his current pace of doing things, he gives me the feeling that hes able to win against Suo Mingzhang if they were of the same realm of cultivation.”

“The newer generation winning over the older generation…”

Jiang Shen shook his head, “If he reached Daoist Suos realm of cultivation, he might be much more fearless.”


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