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“Hes talented, but not self-disciplined.

Itll only cause him more problems, and make things worse for him and others.

Suo Mingzhang is an example of this.” The Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shens gaze traversed through space as if he was looking through the entire cosmos and was gazing at the faraway World beyond Worlds.

Yang Ce said, “Right now, I just hope that the North Star Emperor can be more precise in taking action, and prevent the heretics from intervening.

With that, Daoist Suos matters would calm down, and you can take the time to settle things down.”

Without Suo Mingzhang interfering, Jiang Shen, who was already of the Virtual Immortal Realm possessed the power to establish his own heavens and earth within the World beyond Worlds.

“This time, the havoc caused by Daoist Suo is too huge.

It might cause the Immortal Court to finally decide on conquering our dao universe.

When the time comes, it would be an apocalypse.” Jiang Shens gaze was filled with worry, “After a thunderstorm, how many leaves would shed from the tree”

“I cant tell how things would end up.

Since were caught within this storm, we can only try our best to save ourselves.”

Yang Ce nodded silently.

After contemplating for a while, he said, “Would Daoist Gao and Daoist Ling interfere”

The ones he was referring to were naturally the ones that had left the World beyond Worlds together with the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, left the dao universe and escaped to the outskirts of the void.

Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han and Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing.

“Definitely.” Jiang Shens current expression was very calm.

He knew Gao Han and Ling Qing far earlier than Yang Ce.

To those two that had survived the Great Calamity like him, his understanding towards them was far deeper.

“Then, did the Pill Hall fall into Daoist Suos hands Or…” asked Yang Ce.

Jiang Shen said, “Not in the hands of Daoist Suo.

The heretics had managed to catch up to him, and he was busy dealing with them.”

“Based on the news delivered by Daoist Zhang of the Prime Clear lineage, the Pill Hall might have fallen into Yan Zhaoge and his fathers hands.”

Yang Ce shook his head slowly, “Its a pity.

This might cause another turn of events.

Hopefully, it wouldnt be acquired by the heretics.”

“While our paths are completely different, I must say that Daoist Shao is a real prodigy.

Although she didnt obtain a title through martial arts like Suo Yanlong, she seems to be more precious.

Its a pity that she perished.”

Jiang Shen did not reply to him.

His gaze was silent.

In front of his eyes, a figure seemed to have appeared.

The beauty with a noble aura, containing few hints of dominance within her laziness, and determination that leaked out of her anytime.

Once, she had referred to him as Teacher Jiang.

He felt that she was the true prodigy among the juniors, and his true friend.

However, in the end, they both went towards a split path.

In fact, they had even come to view each other as enemies.

Following the passage of time, after a few thousands of years had passed, the news related to her was her death.

Now, he still had to fight against her disciple.

Ripples appeared within Jiang Shens gaze, and finally became calm again.

“However, I never expected Daoist Suo to be so angry when Daoist Shao had perished,” said Yang Ce.

Jiang Shen said slowly, “In the past, they were a couple.

However, their goals werent the same, and thus they separated.”

Yang Ce tilted his head slightly, “Now that Daoist Shao had perished, does that mean Daoist Suo is going to change his plans”

“Its possible,” said Jiang Shen.

“He might not be just seeking revenge for Junhuang alone.

After this storm had passed, it might just be the start.

He might not remain neutral anymore, and might end up being more biased towards the Longevity Emperor, Daoist Gao and the others.”

Yang Ce shook his head, “Thats a bad news.”

“Previously, he had already fought his way out of the besiegement of the Immortal Court Heretics again.

Now, he might be returning to the World beyond Worlds,” said Jiang Shen as he strided forward.

“We should also return as soon as possible.”

Yang Ce followed him on the journey.

He asked, “Have you heard of the news that Daoist Chens escape”

“Ive heard of it.

Its within my expectations that Daoist Chen would help Daoist Yans descendants,” said Jiang Shen with a hint of pity.

“Sadly, he isnt able to take care of the grand scheme of things.

Just like him in the past, he still prioritizes his private relationship with others.”

The old man traversed through layers of void, and left a sigh.

“The storm is brewing, and its already coming towards us.”

Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce nodded, “Yeah.”

Their figures transformed into brilliance, and they disappeared within the vast outskirts of the void, going towards the dao universe.


Demon Race Universe, Astro Mountain Starry Sea.

Within the vast continent, in a huge world, it interconnected with multiple heavens, and formed a universe together.

Layers of sunlight and mist were circulating within every corner of the universe which made this area seem like a divine realm.

Outside of the world, within the cosmic void, a black wind traversed through, and arrived within this huge world.

Despite having an aura filled with bloodshed and evil, he retracted his aura when he reached this world.

When he entered, someone came to guide him.

Within the world, there were many divine mountains which were radiating with spirit qi.

The black tornado reached a divine mountain, and entered the cave manor.

There was already someone waiting for him within.

After meeting each other, he smiled and said, “Didnt you already receive the orders to leave the Astro Mountain Starry Sea”

“Ill leave immediately.” The black wind dispersed, and a human figure appeared.

He sat down and said, “Before I leave, I have to tell you something.”

The owner of the cave manor smiled and said, “What news requires you to come here personally”

“That old white deer almost died, and Longevity Gods Wyvern Sceptre broke.

Luckily, he managed to escape,” said the Black Wind Great Demon.

“Oh Who did it” The owner of the cave manor didnt seem to care.

He asked indifferently.

The Black Wind Great Demon said, “The Awakened Sky Hall in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace which stores many kinds of spirit pills and medicines still exists even after the Great Calamity.

That old white deer got some clues about it, and went to find it.

As a result, he suffered a huge loss.”

“The Awakened Sky Hall still exists” The owner of the cave manor started to gain interest, “Whats the outcome”

“Outcome That white deer was almost killed on the spot.

How can he care about the Awakened Sky Hall” The Black Wind Great Demon was scornful, “The one that made him retreat was of the Three Clear lineage.”

The owner of the cave manor said in a pitiful tone, “That old white deer might as well be killed by someone.

He got too greedy, but didnt manage to acquire the thing he wanted.

Instead, he benefited someone else.”

He looked at the Great Demon, “Could it be, you want to go to the dao universe to snatch the Awakened Sky Hall away from the Three Clear lineage You still have other matters to take care of.”

“Which is why I came to find you.

Are you willing to help” said the Black Wind Great Demon.

“If its successful, dont forget to split me some of the benefits.”

The owner of the cave manor gave it a deep consideration.

After that, he said, “Let us wait for a while.

If we were to take action now, it equals to helping those Immortal Court heretics.

Its unbeneficial to the plans of my king and I.

Instead, after everything has succeeded, I can find an opportunity to do so.”

“Youre too careful.” The Black Wind Great Demon smiled.

The owner of the cave manor smiled lightly, “Ive waited for so many years.

Theres no need to be so rash.

Instead, your duty this time is really important.

Dont get distracted too easily.

Otherwise, you might foil the plan.”

The Black Wind Great Demon said abruptly, “I definitely wont foil the plan.

However, its nothing even if I missed some small details.

The baldies of the Blessed Lands are too indulgent in their smooth journey.

They are being very smug now.

Its fine to give them a little punishment.”

“Anyway, just dont spoil the plan.

I dont want to wait for tens of thousands more years,” said the owner of the cave manor plainly.

“I also dont want to.

Weve already waited for too long.” The Black Wind Great Demon stood up, and turned back into a black dragon tornado.

He came out of the cave manor of the divine mountain, and left this world that resembled a divine realm.

He journeyed to a faraway place, and left the Astro Mountain Starry Seas where the Demon Race bred and lived.

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