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Chapter 1286: The Loophole Within the Rules

The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce left, whilst Yan Zhaoge and the others had returned to the World beyond Worlds.

Theoretically, before the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen and the Concealed Sovereign returns, Yan Zhaoge can do whatever he wants to within the World beyond Worlds.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt have so much time to waste.

Now wasnt the time for him to relax yet.

On the contrary, its the night before the storm arrives.

The Heavenly Emperor had never returned to theIllusory Peak.

The Earthly Young Master – Chen Kunhua had once secretly returned to the Qianhua Peak, and immediately left.

The Western Exalt – Lang Qing had decided to just escape, and left the World beyond Worlds.

Only the Myriad Emperor – Li Jun wanted to do his best one last time.

After meeting up with the Astro Sovereign and the Sword Sovereign, he left feeling worried.

Within the higher-up experts of the World beyond Worlds, they were very well-informed about news, and the mood was very pressuring.

The mood wasnt that pressurised for those middle-lower level martial art practitioners.

The matter that they care more about was the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion having so many actions recently, which displayed a merry atmosphere.

Without many people knowing, Yan Zhaoge and his mother – Xue Chuqing had worked together to go through many kinds of hardships, and left down many shapeless engravings.

They were slowly completing their plans step-by-step.

“Young Master, the Candle Sunlight Emperor died by your hands” Ah Hu asked with curiosity while grinding the cinnabar.

“To be more accurate, he was captured and oppressed by me, and died by the sharpness of the Mars Halberd.” Yan Zhaoge replied indifferently as he held a brush, dipped the tip with a little cinnabar and wrote some seals on the purple colour talisman.

“Its the same with the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor.” Yan Zhaoge quickly wrote down one seal after another, “As for the six enemies who werent of the World beyond Worlds, despite being a True Immortal Emperor, they were considerably weak.

They can be considered to have perished by my hands.”

After deliberately avoiding the mention of the name of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the details of Immortal Court, some simpler details of the matter could still be discussed with those of the Broad Creed Mountain.

It would enable them to have a grasp of the situation, and get knowledge about what kind of level their enemies are on.

“I apprehended them, and used them to attack each other, and let them beat each other to death.” Yan Zhaoge finished the final stroke.

He checked it out, and nodded in satisfaction, “Yep, it shouldnt be counted as me killing them, right”

Ah Hu sighed, “Thats such a pity, Young Master.

In this world, no Martian Saint had ever single-handedly killed Immortals alone with their bare fist.”

“Yeah…” Yan Zhaoge raised his head and looked towards the sky, and was in daze for a while.

He then smiled, “However, its not impossible.”

Ah Hus eyes lit up, “Young Master”

Yan Zhaoge touched his chin.

While he was contemplating, he said, “The rules of the great dao within the heavens and earth are the norms.

Without transcendence, you would have to obey the rules.”

“The rules are always there, and everyone would have to obey it.

However, there might be a chance to dig up a loophole within these rules.”

“Its just a vision now.

We would have to experiment it to know whether it would succeed or not.”

As Yan Zhaoge was talking, he burned the purple talisman filled with cinnabar runes.

The talisman burned, and turned into green smoke.

The green smoke circulated within the air, and sunk into the grounds beneath the World beyond Worlds and disappeared.

“However, I would have to gather the Jade Clear Later Heaven Six Scriptures first.

Originally, I planned on robbing the Western Turtle Heaven Territorys Linong Mountain and the central Jun Heaven Territorys Kunlun Mountains Qianhua Peak.

However, it seems like theres no need for such annoyance now.

I can already gather them from the Astro Sovereign and the Exalted Fire Luminary.”

As Yan Zhaoge was talking, he continued his journey to his next destination.

Ah Hu followed behind him, “Young Master, I feel that it isnt very bothersome to rob the Qianhua Peak.”

“Naturally, its not bothersome if I only went there once.

However, if Western Lang and Chen Qianhua escaped early enough, all the valuable stuff would definitely be temporarily swept away.” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Rather than wasting the time to find them, we might as well use our time on more important matters.”

He who laughs last, laughs best.

While he can do whatever he wants to in the World beyond Worlds now, the victor still hasnt been decided between the two sides yet.

Yan Zhaoge wrote on the purple talisman with his vermillion brush, and walked around the mountains and rivers of the World beyond Worlds.

While Chu Xueqing was laying down the Area Latitude Formation, his actions were to mix them together.

It didnt seem legitimate, and he didnt have to worry about others figuring out his plan based on what hes doing.

After going to a few more places, and the runes were engraved within the shapelessness, Yan Zhaoge received a report.

The Exalted Fire Luminary – Suo Mingzhang, had returned.

After meeting up with his mother – Xue Chuqing, Yan Zhaoge asked, “Do you want to go together”

“Naturally.” Xue Chuqing let out a soft sigh, “Didnt the Canghua Heavenly Tree which the Great Grand Master turned into accompany the Exalted Fire Luminary”

After thousands of years, the Exalted Fire Luminary returned to the World beyond Worlds.

When Yan Zhaoge and his mother reached the Kunlun Mountain, they saw a short-haired teenager quietly standing within the air of the range of mountains.

His head was lowered, and he was being quiet.

Beside the short-haired man, there were two people standing by his side.

They were the Astro Sovereign and the Sword Sovereign.

“Senior Suo, Astro Sovereign, senior apprentice-uncle Yue.” Yan Zhaoge and his mother greeted them.

Both Astro Sovereign and Sword Sovereign nodded slightly.

Suo Mingzhang turned his head over and said, “The two of you, no need to be so formal.”

His expression was calm, and his demeanor was very peaceful.

There wasnt any hint of him resembling the time where he brought along a momentum capable of shaking the heavens by the outskirts of the void at the Pill Hall, as if he was a devilish god descending upon the mortal realm.

“Hows that White Deer Demon now” After the greeting, Yan Zhaoge asked with curiosity.

Suo Mingzhang said, “He blocked one attack from me using the Longevity Gods sceptre, and ran away.”

He did not elaborate on the details.

He shifted the topic and said, “As for the heretics, many people came to chase after me.

After being shook off by me, they definitely wouldnt let me go just like that.

Afterwards, they might come to the daoist universe, and arrive at the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge nodded slowly.

The current situation had gone to the point where no one could control it anymore.

The entire daoism universe would be expecting a huge storm soon.

It was hard to predict the scale of the storm, how it would be taken care of, and what kind of results it would bring about.

“After taking care of the problems Jiang Shen might bring upon us, I would leave.” Suo Mingzhang stared at the broad skies of the World beyond Worlds.

He said, “”However, at that time, there might still be a lot of heretics staying here to target you all.”

The Sword Sovereign and the Astro Sovereigns expressions did not change.

Yan Zhaoge said, “I have plotted some plots to deal with them.

However, I dont know if time allows me to do so.”

Suo Mingzhang nodded and said, “I want to bring Junhuang to visit the Pill Hall.”

“Please follow me.” Yan Zhaoge held Xue Chuqing, and he flew upwards towards the sky.

After breaking through the boundaries of heavens, he reached the void beyond the World beyond Worlds.

The Exalted Fire Luminary – Suo Mingzhang and Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong followed after him.

The Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei had already gone to the Pill Hall before, and decided to take care of the World beyond Worlds.

As if it was a white jade hall of the divine palace within the heavens, it slowly materialised within the void under the brilliance of the purple clouds and golden radiance.

The hall door opened, and everyone went inside.

Suo Mingzhang wandered around the hall, and he was slightly in a daze.

“Jun Huang, we are here.”

He opened his palm lightly, and a radiance radiated from his palm.

A spirit tree grew from within, and continuously grew until it became a large tree.

The huge divine tree stood in the middle of the Pill Hall.

Its jade green tree branches were shaking, and white flowers bloomed one after another.

It moved without any wind blowing, and the sound of a chime seemed to have rang within the huge hall.

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