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Chapter 1290: The Return Of Exalted Earth Luminary

With Northern Exalt as the center, rays of lights were still engulfing the heavens and earth.

They seem to be unaware of everything happening.

However, the old mans mind had already dwindled into nothingness.

As for his body, it was sinking downwards.

The shadow below his feet seemed to have transformed into a bottomless swampy abyss.

It devoured his body until no hints of its existence remained.

As for the rays of lights, they were transferred to the impersonators body, not showing any hints of abnormality.

“I can only maintain its current state, and am unable to utilize it.” The impersonator smiled, “However, its not important.”

He stood quietly on the spot.

The layers of light around him slowly dispersed and returned to nothingness.

The entire world returned back to its appearance of snowy lands.

After a short while, a ray of sword-light pierced through the skies and immediately arrived in front of the “Northern Exalt”.

The person that arrived wore a high crown along with ancient clothes and had a serious expression on his face.

He was the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei.

“Something happened by the outskirts of the land of tranquil stream” Yue Zhenbei looked at his surroundings.

Layers of lights resurged.

The “Northern Exalt” abided by the courtesy.

He bowed to Yue Zhenbei without any hint of weirdness and replied, “There was a Great Devil that altered its appearance to that of Little Friend Feng of the Broad Creed Mountain, and attempted to invade the World beyond Worlds after tricking the formation.

However, it was exposed, and was forced to leave.”

“Broad Creed Mountains Little Friend Feng” The Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbeis eyes narrowed.

The “Northern Exalt” nodded, “Indeed.

I suspect that the Great Devil might have interacted with Little Friend Feng within the Nine Underworlds.

Or should I say, interacted with the Exalted Rahu Luminary.”

“I wanted to know of the whereabouts of Little Friend Xiao, but I didnt dare to grant her entry as well.

Originally, I wanted to hold her back until you arrived, and capture her.

However, she seemed to be aware of it.

After realizing that I had seen through her, she immediately retreated quickly.”

Yue Zhenbei stared at the sky filled with rays of lights, and said, “Be extremely careful if its related to the Nine Underworlds.

Your actions and decision werent wrong.”

He turned his head to look at the “Northern Exalt”, “Id have to bother you to continue the surveillance this area.

No matter how other situations escalate, as long as its related to the Nine Underworlds, never let down your guard.”

“I heed the advice of the Sword Sovereign.” The “Northern Exalt” replied calmly.

Seeing the sword-light leaving, the “Northern Exalt” smiled, “North Stars world had nurtured quite an amount of outstanding people.”

He closed his eyes.

After releasing his sense and analyzing the area, his smile grew larger.

“Haha, not only is the Water Devil here, even the Earth Devil is here.

Its not a waste to come here after all.

However, let me settle my current affairs that I have to deal with first.”

The old man sat in a lotus position within the snowy lands, just like how he always did.

He quietly looked at the translucent cracks by the faraway boundary.

“Alright, little brat.

Quickly return.” A sinister smile appeared on his face, “Your masters sect is going to experience a disaster soon.

They require you to return to face the dangers together.”


Within the Kunlun Mountain, Yan Zhaoge and the Astro Sovereign were within the Restful Immortal Valleys cave manor which the Concealed Sovereign resided in.

“As expected, he didnt leave behind any trace.” After carefully inspecting the whole space, Yan Zhaoge touched his lips.

He wasnt feeling that disappointed.

Suddenly, a sword-light flew from the north.

After the sword-light descended, it turned into the appearance of the Sword Sovereign.

“Senior apprentice-uncle Yue” Yan Zhaoge and Astro Sovereign looked at him in unison.

The Sword Sovereign shook his head, “There was a Great Devil that took the shape of a human, and attempted to intrude the World beyond Worlds.

Northern Guan wasnt tricked, and the Great Devil left without awaiting my arrival.”

With such a pointless matter, there was naturally no need to mention the Great Devil taking the appearance of Feng Yunsheng.

Itll only cause Yan Zhaoge to worry.

“The Nine Underworlds are also planning on making a move.” Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temples lightly, “Only, we are oblivious if they plan to take actions by themselves, or have they reached an agreement with someone else.”

Since ancient times, the Nine Underworlds were the enemies of the mortal realm.

Allying together with the Nine Underworlds would undoubtedly bring danger to the allying party as well.

However, the Nine Underworlds Great Devils werent all unintelligent, and only desired to kill.

Sometimes, they would do some trading with humans in order to achieve their own goal, and wouldnt just mindlessly be corroded by greed.

Of course, the premise was that the person they were trading with was strong enough.

Otherwise, they would be devoured by the Great Devils into nothingness.

Thinking of the Nine Underworlds, Yan Zhaoge was a little worried.

Till this day, he had personally ventured around the Nine Underworlds a few times, but he had yet to locate the whereabouts of Feng Yunsheng.

Thinking back about it, many years had already passed ever since the two of them had separated.

Now, The Fallen Deity – Yan Zhaoges name had pretty much shaken the entire dao universe.

Not only the World beyond Worlds, but his name also shook the Roving Jade Heavens.

The number of fangirls he had with the desire to be his couple could already surround the entire Kunlun Mountain.

There were already numerous people outside that were requesting for their marriage.

There was no need to mention the female disciples within the Broad Creed Mountain who were head over heels for him.

However, Yan Zhaoge had always remained single.

It wasnt because he had no worldly desires.

Its normal for a gentleman to desire a modest maiden.

However, in Yan Zhaoges mind, the main attribute of love was to have complete possession.

Others were considered negligible.

It was the same for everyone, no matter if it was a guy towards a lady or vice versa.

Complete possession didnt mean absolute loyalty.

It only implied that at the same time he wanted to have complete possession of his partner, and the feelings they had with each other were deep enough, he would be willing to satisfy the partners desire of being engrossed by him.

For that reason, he was always searching and waiting for Feng Yunsheng.

It was said that parting ways for a short while would incite more feelings of each other compared to being newlyweds.

However, under normal circumstances, if a pair were separated for such a long time, their feelings would have declined.

The only thing remaining might just be stubbornness.

The stubbornness of desiring a declaration or a result of the relationship they were having when they meet up with each other.

There were very little people that could be so in love with each other like Yan Di and Xue Chuqing.

After Yan Zhaoge gave it a deep thought, he realized that Feng Yunshengs smile was still like an extremely realistic painting to him which would ultimately pull his heartstrings.

In this aspect, he was similar to Yan Di.

However, if they were to meet each other, he would have to discipline this runaway fiance of his first which almost made him a husband yearning for his wifes returning.

“Is my thinking too shallow” Yan Zhaoge made fun of himself, “Hold on, I seem to have neglected something…”

“Oh! I remembered it.” The corner of his mouth twitched slightly, “Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid… please dont let her end up not obeying me at all, and I end up being abused by her.”

“Have you discovered anything” Yue Zhenbei asked, stopping Yan Zhaoges thoughts from flying around.

Yan Zhaoge corrected his expression, and looked at his surroundings, “As expected, the Concealed Sovereign tidied everything up cleanly.”

“However, roaming around the World beyond Worlds again this time had confirmed my guess.” He said lightly, “The Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han might be attempting to gain some benefits from this mess.”

“I still cant tell you quite clearly.

However, other than my mothers Area Latitude Formation, the Exalted Solar Luminary seems to have other plans as well.

Now, hes just waiting for the opportunity.”

After all, he hoped to bait the Exalted Fire Luminary – Suo Mingzhang back to the World beyond Worlds with the help of the Exalted Wood Luminarys disciple.

If Suo Mingzhang really returned, the havoc that was going to happen in the World beyond Worlds would be the opportunity Gao Han had always been waiting for.

During the following days, Yan Zhaoge had been plotting his own plots while studying the Spatial Heavenly Scripture and the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture acquired from Suo Mingzhang and Chen Xuanzong.

Until a news arrived.

The Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen had returned to the World beyond Worlds.

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