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Chapter 1295: Phenomenon of Calamity Descending

All of a sudden, the entire Dao universe trembled.

Spacetimes were warping everywhere; space was continuously folding and expanding.

Time seemed to have come to a stop.

The numerous living beings within the universe succumbed to a state where they couldnt feel anything.

Only a few top-notch beings could maintain their condition.

Currently, there were only a mere few people that were governing over this part of the universe.

Right now, the heretics Heavenly Lords had descended upon the Dao universe personally for Suo Mingzhang.

The North Star Emperor first used his starlights to protect the World beyond Worlds.

Within the void, a voice resounded.

It was hard to make out the weirdness contained within.

The voice resembled the sound, which simplified the great Dao.

The words of a Grand Heavenly Immortal heretic werent as profound as the North Star Emperor.

However, even a Tranquil Profound Immortal would have difficulties understanding it.

Yan Zhaoge had interacted with it before in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace long before the Great Calamity.

As a result, he was able to understand the meanings behind it vaguely.

“North Star Emperor… Youve tried your best… However, someone wouldnt succumb to fate and dig his own grave.

So, allow me to fulfill his desires…”

Horrifying and majestic energy surged, and the entire space trembled.

It was apparent that the power was charged for a long time.

“As expected, hes one of the Heavenly Monarchs that originated from the orthodox Daoism, and had changed to side with the heretics” Yan Zhaoge thought within his heart.

Facing the North Star Emperor, he still had a few hints of respect.

There was less and less information regarding the well-known experts that originated from the current era, the previous era, the pre-previous era, the Investiture of the Gods, and even the previous Journey to the West era.

Before the Great Calamity, other than the divinities within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, there were already extremely little bigwigs that remained active throughout the pre-previous eras.

Talents would always emerge, and eventually advance further than the previous generations.

In this era, the most outstanding legendary powerhouses within the orthodox Daoism were mostly at the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Among them, the Four Imperials were their representative.

They were extremely high up in the social hierarchy, and their names resounded throughout history.

Those that originated from the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace would undoubtedly be the most aware of how strong a group the North Star Emperor possessed.

Now that they had joined the Immortal Court heretics, all kinds of vows they had sworn previously had been voided.

The lowly position they previously had was no more.

While they can disrespect the North Star Emperor, they couldnt possibly disrespect the strength possessed by the North Star Emperor.

However, this didnt affect what they were planning to do next.

The Three Clear lineage and the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace were the past.

Now, they were the true Daoism lineage!

“In the end, it still…” Helplessness and fatigue appeared on Jiang Shens expression.

He turned his head over to the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei, “Zhenbei, think carefully.”

“Old Jiang should know that no matter if its the plan of the North Star Emperor or the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, I wouldnt be biased at all.” Yue Zhenbei answered with a serious expression, “The past few years, I remained in the World beyond Worlds to fulfill my promise.”

“Now that the promise has been fulfilled, I have nothing more to do with the World beyond Worlds.

However, my martial arts were all taught by my master.

Now that my master is having trouble, I shall do my best to assist him.”

Jiang Shen let out a sigh and shook his head in pity, “Among your peers, youre the most outstanding person.”

“Its all thanks to my masters teachings,” said Yue Zhenbei peacefully.

“Even if I were to perish here, Im just returning the favor to my master.”

Upon seeing this, Jiang Shen let out another sigh and remained silent.

“Other than Treasure Confinement Heavenly Monarch and the Main Smallpox Emerald Cloud Origin Monarch, how should I refer to you two” Suo Mingzhans expression was calm when looking at the treasured light imbued with faith power, which filled the skies.

Previously, he had already met up with two of the Heavenly Immortal heretics when he was causing havoc within the Immortal Court.

Despite being born only after the Great Calamity, Suo Mingzhangs opponents were legendary figures inhabiting the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace before the Great Calamity.

After fighting against each other, he would naturally be aware of the identity of his opponent.

“Not only three, but four came…” Jiang Shen knitted his brows together with a grim expression on his face.

Without accounting, the experts below the Heavenly Monarch Realm, four Heavenly Lord heretics of the Immortal Court, had descended upon the Dao universe.

Yan Zhaoges eyes flickered slightly.

Previously, he had just mentioned that other than those divinities within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, those bigwigs of the Investiture of the Gods era and the Journey to the West era rarely appeared in the current era.

Now, two had appeared.

The Treasure Confinement Heavenly Monarch – Cao Bao was just a lone Immortal venturing around during the Investiture of the Gods era.

He was a free man who had nothing to do with the battle going on within the world.

After he was dragged into the investitures battle and entered the list of Investured God, he joined the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

He was appointed as the Treasure Confinement Heavenly Monarch, one of the four Righteous Gods working under the Profound Altar.

In some legends, they referred to him as the Treasure Confinement Heavenly Lord.

However, in this worlds history, the Treasure Confinement Heavenly Monarch was the correct way to address him.

The outrageous thing was that the Treasure Confinement Heavenly Lord was worthy of his monarch title.

As for the Main Smallpox Emerald Cloud Origin Monarch, he was also a Prime Clear expert of the Investitures of the Gods era – Yu Hualong.

After being investitured, his title, after entering the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, was still the Smallpox Righteous God.

His name couldnt be referred to in a simplified manner.

After all, there was another Emerald Cloud Origin Monarch – the Mother Taishan.

Her full name was Heavenly Immortal Jade Woman Taishan Emerald Cloud Origin Monarch.

Now, this Main Smallpox Emerald Cloud Origin Monarch could be referred to as the Main Smallpox Emerald Cloud Origin Lord.

“These two had survived the Great Calamity and joined the heretics…” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, “Then, the other two…”

The profound sound resounded throughout the entire universe.

Yan Zhaoge concentrated on listening to it.

“Your strength is outstanding… You have the qualification to know our name…”

Despite joining the heretics, the one speaking wasnt ashamed of it.

He also didnt feel anything wrong with sharing his name.

Yan Zhaoge frowned after hearing his words, “Zhao Jiang… Gao Jineng…”

Heavenly Monarch Zhao – Zhao Jiang.

He was an active bigwig of the Prime Clear lineage during the Investitures of the Gods era.

He was defeated by the bigwigs from the Jade Clear lineage – Ju Liusun and was investitured.

After entering the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, he became one of the Twenty-Four Heavenly Monarchs of the Thunder Agency, Protectors of Clouds and Winds Activation.

Sinister Black Star Lord – Gao Jineng was also an active expert during the Investiture of the Gods era.

He had killed the outstanding disciple in the third-generation of the Jade Clear lineage, the Splendid Mystical Lord of the Three Mountains Gods – Huang Tianhua.

After that, he was killed by Huang Tianhuas Father, Huang Feihu.

He then entered the list of Investiture Gods and was named the Sinister Black Star Lord.

They didnt perish by the Great Calamity and had joined the heretics.

Now, they both had the cultivation of a Grand Heavenly Immortal.

Heavenly Immortal heretics were still Heavenly Immortals.

When the realm of cultivation is deep enough, there would be no such thing as fighting against someone with a higher realm.

Suo Mingzhang was an exception, seeing how he was able to kill the enemys Heavenly Monarch despite having to endure the attacks of two other Heavenly Immortals.

Precisely because of this, the four Heavenly Immortal heretics quickly rushed here.

They wanted to prevent such a shameful thing from happening again.

The four Heavenly Lords were Heavenly Monarchs that originated from the orthodox Daoism, and their strength was even more outstanding.

Compared to the Heavenly Monarch Zhao in the past, the current Heavenly Lord Zhao – Zhao Jiang was even more proficient in formation arts.

Besides, there were numerous Immortal Court experts within the treasured light imbued with faith power other than them.

They all gathered here to prevent Suo Mingzhang from escaping anymore.

While they besieged the entire World beyond Worlds, they were wary of the North Star Emperor.

If the North Star Emperor were to assist Suo Mingzhang, they wouldnt be able to succeed.

However, the ones attacking wouldnt only be the four of them.

This time, the Immortal Court had even taken a defensive stance against the Blessed Lands.

They wanted to exert a suitable amount of manpower to prevent the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang from escaping!

“The Awakened Sky Hall… Someone from here took it.

They must also hand it over…”

The voice resounded.

Other than the four great Heavenly Immortals and a part of the Heavenly Monarchs looking at Suo Mingzhang tightly, other Immortal Court experts had the intention to take action.

“Where is the descendant of Yin Tianxia and Bright Connection Hu” Within the void, a bright shadow shook.

A Heavenly Monarch heretic slowly appeared.

While he wasnt as overbearing as Suo Mingzhang and Jiang Shen, the sonorous sound of great Dao resounded as he spoke.

He suppressed the mind and physique of all martial art practitioners below the Profound Immortal Realm.

Behind him, more and more Immortal Court experts materialized from the treasured light imbued with faith power and descended upon this part of the cosmic void.

Despite being a splendid radiance, it seemed like the phenomenon of a calamity descending.

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