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Chapter 1296: Bigger Havoc

Within the cosmos, layers of majestic treasured lights filled the skies.

While the four Grand Heavenly Immortal heretics had yet to materialize, their demeanor had already engulfed the surrounding space of the World beyond Worlds.

Some parts of the treasured light imbued with faith power slowly condensed into the appearance of a Tai E Sword [1] that hung high up in the sky.

At the sword edge, brilliances were linking together to form a formation, which surrounded the world.

The large formation was contained and was on the verge of activation.

It complied with the various Dao of the earth.

In the middle, there was a condensed and thick figure which was ethereal and was constantly transforming.

Within it, an ethereal red halberd appeared.

Whenever it swings, thunder bombarded from above, and fire rose from below.

This was the Heavenly Lord Zhao – Zhao Jiangs technique.

Besides the Seven Stars Tai E Sword, three other rays of treasured light imbued with faith power started displaying their abilities as well.

The three treasured lights transformed into different forms.

One transformed into a ray of golden light, another transformed into dusky clouds, while the sound of bees buzzing resounded from the third treasured light.

As if it was a huge disaster befalling upon the world, it swept away the creation of every living being.

The four Heavenly Lord heretics both had their own area of expertise.

One was proficient in formation arts, another in utilizing shady poisonous beasts, another being proficient in shady evil arts, and another skilled in countering the enemys treasures transformation.

Their cultivations were already of a Grand Heavenly Immortal, to begin with.

Now that they were working together, they besieged the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang tightly.

Beneath the four great Heavenly Lords, other Immortal Realm heretic experts started descending one by one.

Those with a high enough cultivation assisted in laying the formation to prevent Suo Mingzhang from escaping.

As for those that were weaker in comparison, they surrounded the North Ocean Clone and Yue Zhenbei.

Even if their strength were weaker in comparison, there were quite an amount of Grand Virtual Immortal Realm heretic bigwigs within.

With any sort of movements, the sonorous sound of great Dao resounded throughout the skies.

Layers and layers of powerful intents oscillated throughout the entire Dao universe in an attempt to locate the whereabouts of the hidden Pill Hall.

Beyond the Nine Heavens, the six rays of starlights were still radiating.

However, the radiance could only engulf the World beyond Worlds and the space of the myriad of lower realms connected to it.

Currently, the starlights were extremely quiet.

They didnt target Suo Mingzhang, nor did they target the heretics.

The Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen and the Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce had retreated to the area, closer to where the starlights shone.

The tide in front of them seemed impossible to overcome.

“Since when was there room for your atrocities”

Suddenly, a peaceful voice resounded.

The one who spoke was the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang!

A horrifying ember lit up, which transformed into a star undergoing supernova.

The hefty star befell upon the Immortal Court heretics.

Due to the power formed by the star collapsing from within, it dragged numerous heretic Immortals with lower cultivation towards it.

They couldnt control their body and were dragged into it like a moth diving into flame.

“You still dare to refute… Such arrogance…” The Sinister Black Star Lord – Gao Jineng raged.

Layers of jet-black starlights condensed and formed a black-light spear capable of piercing through the cosmos.

It appeared near the star that was on the verge of collapsing without any warnings.

The jet-black spear pierced through the star, and the star exploded.

As the star exploded, the jet-black spear also broke.

“Quickly surrender… Stop giving us so much troubles… You wont have the chance to bring anyone down with you with your strugglings…”

Heavenly Lord Zhao – Zhao Jiangs boundless voice resounded throughout the void.

As the formation was circulating, thunder and fire shot out together, which engulfed Suo Mingzhangs entire physique.

The other Heavenly Lord heretics also started making their moves.

Suo Mingzhang extended his hand and drew a circle atop his head.

Wherever the outline reached, an impregnable barrier seemed to have appeared.

All the horrifying power that got near it ceased to exist.

Previously, the militant attacks resembling a thunderstorm had all disappeared.

Everything came to a halt; the skies became clear.

There wasnt any transformation of the forces weakening from its overbearing state, just like a thunderstorm slowly calming down.

Instead, it just halted midway, and everything turned into nothingness.

The various Immortal Court experts werent a stranger to Suo Mingzhangs techniques.

The four great Heavenly Immortals didnt have any fluctuations in their emotions.

They also didnt have any pauses within their attacks.

They werent feeling angry, discouraged, defeated, nor did they feel like their efforts were all in vain because Suo Mingzhang was interrupting their attacks.

Instead, they continued their barrage of continuous attacks!

The attacks were getting intense, continuously launching towards Suo Mingzhang.

Just like the waves of the river continuously bombarding a water dam, they wanted to oppress Suo Mingzhang with all four of their attacks combined together!

No matter how strong or how much of a prodigy he was, he was still a Grand Virtual Immortal.

Under the boundless attacks that existed in every nook and cranny, they didnt believe that Suo Mingzhang wouldnt make a blunder.

Its fine if they made a mistake.

After all, a Grand Virtual Immortal wouldnt be able to harm someone of the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

However, if Suo Mingzhang made a tiny mistake, there wouldnt be any room for recovery.

This was an unfair battle.

Currently, within the boundless void of the orthodox Daoism, a spiritual light flickered.

It was circulating the chaotic space, hesitating to move forward.

The spiritual light carefully concealed itself to prevent the orthodox Daoism experts from noticing it.

Within the brilliance was a white-shirt teenager.

He was sitting in a lotus position with his eyes closed.

“The Area Latitude Formation had been established, and every other preparation had been completed.

Its a pity that the North Star Emperor is still here.

Its hard for me to do anything.” The white-shirt teenager opened his eyes and smiled lightly, “Preparations have all been completed.

Now, I just have to wait for the opportunity.”

The white-shirt teenager lowered his eyelids, and his gaze wasnt venturing within the orthodox Daoism.

“I never expected the Awakened Sky Hall to appear as well.

Only, I might not have the chance to acquire it…”

“…Haha, avarice would never content the heart.

Even I would make such a mistake.” The white-shirt teenager shook his head with a laugh.

“Lets just do everything step-by-step.

I better not cause any unnecessary troubles.

There arent many chances to help the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor retrieve the Triratna Jade Scepter.

Ill just consider the Awakened Sky Hall next time.”

It was hard to tell whether it was sarcasm or words of praise within his voice, “Suo Yanlong, youre already the pinnacle of a martial art practitioner.”

“However, after so many twists and turns, only did I manage to lure you into causing such a ruckus.

You better make sure that the havoc is bigger than ever.”

The white-shirt teenager let out a soft sigh, “You wouldnt disappoint me, right”

All the Immortal Court experts halted by Suo Mingzhangs attack continued their actions after seeing Suo Mingzhang being besieged by the four Immortal Court Heavenly Lords.

The tall, short-haired man suddenly laughed.

The surface of his skin started turning crimson red as if flames were burning within.

As the flames spread, pieces of dragon scales appeared.

On Suo Mingzhangs forehead, dragon horns appeared in an ethereal form.

He was initially tall to begin with.

At this moment, he immediately looked even taller in comparison.

He originated from the Flame Dragon World in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.

His blood was the mix of a human and of a dragon, and he was half-dragon half-human.

As one of the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries, the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhangs origins were no secrets.

If a Demon Race were to transform into a human, they might get beaten back to their original form.

For someone like Suo Mingzhang that was a half-human half-dragon, he might gain back his appearance of a half-dragon and display the Dragon Race characteristics if he were to be heavily wounded.

However, currently, his strength was extremely vigorous.

He wasnt forcefully putting up a strong front, nor does he have a hidden wound within his body.

However, he was slowly transforming into the shape of a dragon.

It made everyone on the spot shudder.

Suo Mingzhangs expression was peaceful.

However, tenderness seemed to appear within his gaze as he swept his gaze at the surrounding universe and swept across the World beyond Worlds.

He turned his head to look at Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone and the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei, “I might only have a short moment of leisure time.

Afterward, everything depends on you all.”

[1] The second sword in the list


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