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HSSB130: Holding their heads high


Looking towards Zhao Hao, Yan Zhaoge thought, “You are proficient in alchemy and medicine; have you researched into spirit ore quarries too”

Shan Shiweng also looked towards Zhao Hao, “Your plan, has already reached completion”

Zhao Hao said, “At the very least, it can allow this Giant Spirit Magnetite vein to be restored to seventy percent of its peak state.”

As these words left his mouth, the Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioners all had their spirits greatly lifted.

This Giant Spirit Magnetite vein before them was only at forty percent of its peak state in terms of production capabilities.

For stability’s sake, Infinite Boundless Mountain had limited the mining here; with that, it had fallen to twenty to thirty percent.

From this, it could be seen how pressing the problem of the Giant Spirit Magnetite was to Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Zhao Hao was confident that he could restore the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein to seventy percent of its former peak.

While this still seemed far from a full hundred percent, it was actually already nearly double of what they currently had.

How could this not cause Shan Shiweng and the others to be so moved

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “I have two methods.

One can restore it to seventy percent, the other to ninety percent.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, Zhao Hao knit his brows slightly as he looked towards him.

The crowd instantly fell silent as Shan Shiweng, Elder Zuo and the Magnetite Elder stared at one another.

The problem that had been plaguing Infinite Boundless Mountain for many years, when brought to Yan Zhaoge, could not only be solved, but also had more than just a single solution

That seventy percent restoration method aside, if it could really be restored to ninety percent, close to its peak state, that would really be too terrifying, to the point where it had completely surpassed all of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s earlier predictions.

And the twenty percent advantage over Zhao Hao, also just nicely surpassed Infinite Boundless Mountain’s bottom line.

If Yan Zhaoge’s method was only at around eighty percent, it was more likely that Infinite Boundless Mountain would still have chosen Zhao Hao.

After all, he was their disciple.

Choosing to believe in Yan Zhaoge’s words presented the possibility of being indebted to others.

However, ninety percent against seventy percent-this caused Infinite Boundless Mountain’s side to hesitate.

Especially because with the huge fire just now, Yan Zhaoge had accurately deduced the reason the vein was ailing; this was something that Zhao Hao had not done before.

The reason those of Infinite Boundless Mountain had doubts on Zhao Hao’s method was that even though he had been the one to propose it, he still gave off the feeling of not really understanding it.

Before having left Infinite Boundless Mountain and come here earlier, Shan Shiweng had been discussing various possibilities regarding this along with the higher echelons of their clan, their Clan Chief included, suggesting different methods for dealing with the problem.

Therefore, the situation before him was not something that he could not himself deal with; it also didn’t require him to specifically seek instructions from the clan.

“Plans that remain on paper are not sufficient proof; concrete results still have to be seen,” Shan Shiweng said in a deep tone, “Is it convenient for the two of you to disclose some specifics”

Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, “Putting it to test beats saying empty words; I also agree with that.”

“My method can see immediate effects.

We can definitely use it now and see immediate results.”

“Although the predicted effects cannot be achieved immediately, from watching the recovery process, it would already be possible to make a general estimate.”

“As for the specific eventual results, they can be proven with the passing of time.

Over this period of time, I will also be staying here at Cloud Portent Mountain, viewing these further effects.”

Shan Shiweng and the others were slightly stunned, as Zhao Hao now said coldly from the other side, “My method, will also take speedy effect.”

Looking towards Yan Zhaoge, there was evidently some doubt within his gaze.

For the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein restoration method, he had just coincidentally come by some remnant traces of the Giant Spirit Clan of before the Great Calamity, thereby coming to know it.

Before this, he had treated it like nothing at all-what did Infinite Boundless Mountain’s survival have to do with him

Now that he wanted to help Infinite Boundless Mountain, it was just perfect for him to put to use.

However, helping the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein to be ninety percent restored was something that he had no confidence in doing.

Following the matter of the Golden Needle Liberating Pill technique as well as the matter of the Heaven Thwarting Mantra dispelling the miasma in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, Zhao Hao would no longer underestimate Yan Zhaoge’s abilities.

When Yan Zhaoge claimed to be able to restore the vein to ninety percent, even Zhao Hao who had continuously eaten losses at his hands indeed believed it somewhat.

However, this also made his inner hatred towards Yan Zhaoge grow, “In the Eastern Tang, it was you who continuously wrecked my plans.

Now that you have arrived at Infinite Boundless Mountain, it is you again who is obstructing my rise to power!”

“Yan Zhaoge, Broad Creed Mountain-it is indeed still better for you to be destroyed.”

Zhao Hao had all along been arrogant, without holding anybody in his eyes.

As a result, he had met setbacks at the hands of Yan Zhaoge time and time again.

Initially, he had disliked Yan Zhaoge due to him hailing from Broad Creed Mountain.

Now, however, his personal hatred towards Yan Zhaoge had already exceeded his hatred of Broad Creed Mountain as a whole.

Shan Shiweng and Elder Zuo both looked towards Elder Magnetite, who, after pondering for a bit, nodded, “With this old man looking over it, they can have a try; it will not affect the entire vein.”

“Since that is so, we’ll see the methods of you two then,” Shan Shiweng’s gaze swept over Yan Zhaoge and Zhao Hao, “Who’ll go first”

While Zhao Hao had become more vigilant and wary of Yan Zhaoge, his own arrogance had not decreased in the slightest, as he said calmly, “Those who come from afar are guests; he can go first.”

“That’s why I say that, personality dictates destiny.” Glancing at Zhao Hao, Yan Zhaoge also didn’t refuse, as he smiled and nodded, “I’m fine with anything; since you say that, then I’ll go first.”

This part of the mountain would have people taking charge and cleaning up after the matter.

In the meantime, Yan Zhaoge and the others returned to where the Giant Spirit Magnetite quarry was.

Most of them remained outside the quarry, with only a few given the permission to accompany them into its depths.

Yan Zhaoge came to where the pith of the quarry was, accompanied by the Magnetite Elder.

As the other party’s fist-intent spread out everywhere, it was as though the quarry was enveloped by formless currents of qi, yet not influencing Yan Zhaoge’s movements.

Carefully feeling the state of the pith of the quarry as well the changes in the spiritual qi of the surrounding earth vein once more, Yan Zhaoge felt even more certain within his heart, “He predicted that his method could restore the vein to seventy percent, yet is unclear of the specific reason for its current condition.

That means that his method, should be the Broken Vein Resuming Flow technique…”

After pondering for a moment, Yan Zhaoge immediately began.

Not knowing exactly what was happening within, the people guarding outside inevitably felt much anxiety.

After who knows how long, everyone felt the earth beneath their feet seemingly shudder slightly.

Gazing upwards, they saw winds rising and clouds surging in the air above Cloud Portent Mountain.

Streaks of spiritual light shot out from the pit of the quarry, as a dense and heavy spiritual qi vigorously erupted.

Joyful expressions were revealed on the faces of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s martial practitioners.

They could not be more familiar with this spiritual qi, which was precisely that which was contained within Giant Spirit Magnetite.

Within the quarry, carefully feeling the changes in the spiritual qi, Zhao Hao instead gradually began smiling.

On the other side, after glancing back and forth with Shan Shiweng and the Magnetite Elder, Elder Zuo slowly said, “…you still held back”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “Not for this method; we only need to continue with it all the way.”

Elder Zuo said indifferently, “Continuing with it all the way, the vein will only be restored to at most seventy percent.”

Fu Enshu also swivelled her head to look at Yan Zhaoge, who smiled calmly, “The ninety percent restoration method might be a little too difficult for your clan to accept.”

“Thus, I first used the seventy percent restoration method, a technique known as the Piercing Scouting technique.”

Yan Zhaoge glanced at Zhao Hao, “If your clan’s disciple’s method can’t work, we should then just use this method that you have just seen.”

Zhao Hao looked at the pith of the quarry before him, seemingly in a sort of trance.

Seeing this, Shan Shiweng and the others all frowned.

Just as they were beginning to feel a little impatient, Zhao Hao suddenly smiled, “It’s my turn.”

Having said thus, he began.

Because his cultivation was still low, there was also the Magnetite Elder coordinating with him by the side.

The vein shuddered once more, as a joyful expression gradually began appearing on the Magnetite Elder’s face, “This trend…this trend…”

Hearing his words, Shan Shiweng, Elder Zuo and the others all had their expressions change as they began examining it carefully.

Although Zhao Hao’s actions had still yet to conclude, joyful expressions were revealed on all of their faces, “There is a rise, and it is not just limited to seventy percent!”

“The efficiency has overshadowed that of the earlier Piercing Scouting technique.

By this trend, it will very possibly reach over eighty percent; even if not ninety, also close to that!”

Hearing their words, Yan Zhaoge raised the tips of his brows.

Fu Enshu frowned.

The other Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioners were all overjoyed.

Zhao Hao suddenly swivelled his head to look at Yan Zhaoge, as he said quietly, “There is no need for you to take out that ninety percent technique of yours.”

With the effects of both methods similar, Infinite Boundless Mountain being able to solve the problem themselves, why would they need to seek Broad Creed Mountain’s help

Also, as Yan Zhaoge had said, that ninety percent vein restoration technique of his also contained some other hidden dangers.

The crowd of Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples all let out a long breath.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, they now finally had the feeling of being able to hold their heads high.


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