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Chapter 1298: Heavenly Immortals Grand Physique, An Everlasting and Unbounded Existence

No matter if its the World beyond Worlds or the Roving Jade Heavens.

No matter which corner of the world, they would only see the blazing fiery radiance if one were to raise his head.

It enveloped the entire sky and had no edges to be seen.

As for the lower realms and foreign dimensions, they could only see a scene of fiery red.

After receiving the hints of that profound melody, most mortals and ordinary citizens were confused.

They felt fear in this miraculous change in the world and were all kneeling to pray.

No matter if their cultivations were high or low for martial art practitioners, they were all feeling joyous after the initial shock.

On this day, the legendary North Star Upper Palace Heavenly Sovereign Emperor of the Four Imperials of Daoism had shown himself.

Afterward, a new expert born after the Great Calamity had ascended to a Grand Heavenly Immortal realm.

How could one not be excited by this news

The miraculous divine phenomenon that filled the skies implied that this was no illusion.

As for those with a more in-depth understanding of the matter happening today, they felt even more shocked.

If an expert reached a certain level of cultivation, they would see the tall, short-haired man clearly within the fiery radiance that filled the skies if they were to look up.

The man was slowly piercing through the skies and ascended the Nine Heavens.

His figure gradually became hard to observe.

It was hard to guess and hard to describe its state.

“Congratulations to Exalted Fire for ascending the realm of a Grand Heavenly Immortal, and obtaining an everlasting and unbounded physique.”

In the Roving Jade Heavens, within the Green Duckweed Mountain, two cave manors that were sealed for a long time opened simultaneously.

One of them was a sixty-years old woman who had an appearance that showcased how much beauty she had when she was younger; another person was a thirty-year-old woman in green clothing.

Both appeared at the same time and stood upon the skies of the Green Duckweed Mountain.

When they came out of seclusion, the entire Green Duckweed Mountain shook.

One was a woman whose name had been passed around the Roving Jade Heavens for thousands of years.

No matter who saw her, they would have to address her as the old Grand Master, the Vine Sovereign.

The other person was the number one expert of the Roving Jade Heavens.

She was the number one sword cultivator within the Green Duckweed Mountains Prime Clear lineage.

She was the Profound Sovereign – Gao Qingxuan.

At this moment, the two of them bowed in a serious manner towards the fiery sea that was slowly advancing towards the Roving Jade Heavens skies.

Beside them, the Dragon Spring Emperor, the Ashen Spirit Valleys Cloud Conquest Emperor, and the Chun Jun Emperor – Long Xueji, who were in seclusion, came out and stood beside them along with the Tranquility Emperor and the Trueness Emperor, who were tending to their wounds.

Behind then, there was a group of Roving Jade Heavens Prime Clear lineage disciples.

Everyone saluted together towards the fiery sea along with the Profound Sovereign and the Vine Sovereign.

“Congratulations to Exalted Fire for ascending the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm, and becoming an everlasting and unbounded existence.”

Helplessness was mixed within the feelings of shock.

Within helplessness were also feelings of gratitude, which contained more fatigue.

Within the fatigue, feelings of worries were even deeper.

The Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen was feeling an extremely complex mix of emotions.

He stood under the protection of the North Star Emperor and was looking at the fiery radiances that were continuously getting closer.

In fact, starlights even started igniting from within.

With a long sigh, he also saluted to the fiery sea.

An intricate expression appeared on the Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce.

He also did the same action.

“Congratulations to Exalted Fire Luminary for ascending a Grand Heavenly Immortal realm, becoming an everlasting and unbounded existence.”

There were too many bigwig experts within the Dao universe, and it was tough to conceal the PIll Hall that was about to materialize.

Within the Pill Hall, a tall figure stood straight with his entire body blazing in flames.

Under the engulfment of the flames, his entire physique was interchanging with a huge heavenly halberd.

Due to the fiery radiance, it was hard to make out his appearance.

Suddenly, the fiery radiance dissipated, and the face of a tough man appeared.

He also bowed towards the fiery sea that filled up the entire cosmos.

Within the Pill Hall, the tree branches of the tall Canghua Tree suddenly shuddered rapidly.

Snowy white flowers were falling from the tree.

It was boundless and endless as if snow was falling.

The old flowers were falling continuously.

However, after being shone by the fiery lights, more new flowers bloomed as if the tree was being dyed in light gold.

“Congratulations to Exalted Fire Luminary for ascending the realm of a Grand Heavenly Immortal, becoming an everlasting and unbounded existence.”

Within the boundless void beyond the Dao universe, the white-shirt teenager smiled within radiances small speck.

He saluted towards the fiery light that filled the entire Dao universe.

“As expected, its a huge havoc.

Suo Mingzhang, you really never disappoint me.” The white-shirt teenager seemed to be complimenting, “Its really thanks to you.

With this, the North Star Emperors attention would surely be distracted by you, and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord would descend here very quickly.

The two of you would be forced to retreat.”

Within the Dao universe, the fiery skies that filled the skies engulfed the Eight Desolaces.

It engulfed the North Star Emperors starlights and the heretics treasured lights imbued with faith power together, and lifted them up slowly.

The experts that descended upon the Dao universe were being swept away by the fiery lights.

“Before the North Star Emperor diverts his attention back to the World beyond Worlds, I would have a sufficient amount of time.”

The white-clothed teenager clapped his hands and smiled, “Preparations complete, and the opportunity has arrived…”

Just as he was feeling joyous, his expression suddenly changed.

Within the Dao universe, a fiery light shot out, and was shooting itself straight towards the radiance which the white-shirt teenager was located at!

“Gao Han, you used Junhuangs descendant to force me to assist you in your killings.

Youve succeeded.” It was Suo Mingzhangs voice, “However, since you borrowed my assistance, you would definitely have to pay a price.”

The white-shirt teenager was the Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han that were listed together as a member of the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries along with Suo Mingzhang and Jiang Shen.

After that, he left the World beyond Worlds, and left the Dao universe.

The fiery lights shot towards the radiance where Gao Han was located without any hindrance.

“Si…” Gao Hans figure transformed into a stream of light as he retreated.

He raised his speed to the maximum.

On top of Gao Hans head, two brilliance also appeared!

This old expert had survived the Great Calamity alongside Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen, the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing, and the Exalted Rahu Luminary – Jian Shunuha.

He had achieved the Grand Virtual Immortal Realm with Five Qis Unifications and converged two crowns, reaching the pinnacle of a Virtual Immortal.

In the end, he had surpassed Jiang Shen in terms of cultivation!

However, even when facing the fiery light, Gao Han had no intention of blocking it at all.

Among the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries, Suo Mingzhang was unparalleled among those with the same cultivation as him.

There was no need to mention those who were weaker than him.

The fiery lights chased after Gao Han and shot against the top of his head.

There wasnt any phenomenon of the sun rising, nor was there any sun descending phenomenon.

There werent any signs of the sun almost descending, nor were there any signs of evening.

As if the sun had disappeared in an instant, and the long night had arrived!

Without any hints of warning, severed without any process.

The brilliant sunlight disappeared without a trace.

A flower was severed on top of Gao Hans head!

This wasnt just a temporary dissipation.

Instead, it was thoroughly destroyed! If he wanted to regain it back, he would have to cultivate again with more time and effort!

Suo Mingzhang severed Gao Hans cultivation that had reached the pinnacle of a Virtual Immortal!

The fiery lights momentum still resided within.

It continued shooting itself towards the other flower on top of Gao Han!

“Suo Yanlong, your temper never really changed at all,” said Gao Han in a lengthy tone.

He kept the remaining brilliance within his Spirit Yin Centre.

After that, he spun his body around and withstood Suo Mingzhangs attack with his own body.

Despite attacking, Suo Mingzhang did not attack with the intent to kill, as Gao Han was also someone of the Three Clear lineage.

He only prepared to sever the two flowers above Gao Hans head and shatter all five Qis contained within his chest.

Gao Han forcefully withstood this attack.

Although he had managed to protect his cultivation, the injury he received made him hang by the thread of life.

He quickly ran far away and didnt dare to linger around any longer.

After one attack, Suo Mingzhang did not persist any further.

As the blazing fiery seas rose, it pushed the rays of treasured lights imbued with faith power out of the Dao universe.

No matter how fast the continual barrage of attacks was launched towards him, he didnt care about it under the Heaven Severing.

As if it was a dam that could move forward, it forcefully pushed back the wave of waters!

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