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Chapter 1299: Fight Everyone Thats Unresigned!

The fiery lights slowly dissipated within the Dao universe.

The starlights and the treasured lights imbued with faith power also slowly went further away.

In the World beyond Worlds and the Roving Jade Heavens, the fiery sea that engulfed the skies slowly retreated as well.

In the World beyond Worlds northern Profound Heaven Territory, at the Extreme Northern Lands, the “Northern Exalt” raised his head to look at the fiery lights disappearing from the skies and complimented, “Would one have such strength when they just ascended the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm”

Just as he was spectating, his expression changed a little.

He said, “As expected, Ive been found out.”

With a flicker within the void, the “Northern Exalt” disappeared.

In the next instant, a ray of starlight and fiery light appeared out of nowhere, and almost struck the fake Northern Exalt.

The “Northern Exalt”s silhouette flickered throughout the World beyond Worlds.

However, without waiting for him to come to a complete halt, starlights and fiery lights would always be chasing after him.

“Wood Devil, where do you think youre going!”

“So persistent.” The impersonator let out a long sigh.

After that, his aura surged fanatically!

“Do you think Im like those of the Immortal Court that likes to take advantage of others”

As his Devilish Qi surged, not only did it shake the entire World beyond Worlds.

It even shook the entire Dao universe.

Such a momentum wasnt comparable to that of a Grand Heavenly Immortal heretic.

It was not even far off from the North Star Upper Palace Heavenly Sovereign Emperor!

Because, he was one of the oldest Peerless Devil Lords within the Nine Underworlds.

The Wood Devil among the Twelve Devilish Gods, and the Six Extinct Devils.

Shadow Devil!

The positions of the Six Extinct Devils had been changed many times.

After perishing and being reborned, and being killed by someone again, they continued to seek a chance to be reborn.

There were only two exceptions, with them being the Heart Devil and the Shadow Devil!

Ever since he was born, the Shadow Devil had existed in the world far longer than the North Star Upper Palace Heavenly Sovereign Emperor, and was even older than the Heavenly Lord Zhao and other bigwig experts that had lived through the Investitures of the Gods!

However, he was now facing the attacks of two Heavenly Lords of the orthodox Daoism.

The two of them were outstanding Grand Heavenly Immortals even among the Three Clear lineage.

The starlights and fiery lights never came to a halt.

They both struck at the same time, dissipating the layers of Devilish qi.

The Shadow Devil suddenly changed his appearance, and did not resemble the Northern Exalts appearance anymore.

His figure suddenly became taller, and his hair became shorter.

On his body, the aura of a fiery solar star was surging.

He transformed into the appearance of Suo Mingzhang.

The most horrifying thing was that he didnt just transform into Suo Mingzhang.

Even his cultivation was similar to the actual Suo Mingzhang!

Only, there were some specific examples that couldnt be changed.


As a weird melody resounded from Suo Mingzhangs mouth, the Shadow Devils transformation came to a halt!

The only person that remained was a middle-aged man that resembled the looks of the Northern Exalt and Suo Mingzhang.

His figure wasnt as tall as Suo Mingzhang, and he wasnt as short and hunched as the Northern Exalt.

His hair was neither long nor short, and was of a flowery white colour.

It wasnt white like an old persons hair, nor was it as black as a teenagers hair.

His appearance was also stuck between a teenager and an old man.

He had some resemblance to Suo Mingzhang and the Northern Exalt in terms of appearance.

Even his cultivation and strength was stuck in between them.

Everything seemed to have come to a halt halfway.

There werent any signs of it breaching to the other side, as if it was forcefully severed in half.

“Is it like this Its an unprecedented profundity which I have yet to witness.” The Shadow Devils expression became serious, “Learned the Three Clear lineages supreme arts in reverse No, its already an art on its own.

It seems to have surpassed even the Primordial Early Heaven Three Scriptures and the Numinous Treasure Immortal Exterminating Four Swords…”

Such an unexpected change caught the Shadow Devil off guard.

The starlights and fire lights which still had its own momentum struck his body.

All of a sudden, black gas leaked uncontrollably, like a whirlpool of blood.

The Shadow Devil wasnt persistent anymore.

He shook his head, and knocked his head against the northern side of the World beyond Worlds.

He duck into the cracks of the void.

He continued striding forward and kept flying away to escape from the World beyond Worlds, and escaped from the Dao universe.

He returned to the land of tranquil stream, and returned back to the Nine Underworlds.

The fire lights and starlights were still chasing after him.

However, a surge of power shot out from the Nine Underworlds, and fend off the fire lights and starlights together with the Shadow Devil.

After chasing away the Shadow Devil, the starlight and fiery light did not continue chasing after him.

Instead, they tore through the fabrics of space, and left the Dao universe.

At the same time, they clashed with each other!

The fiery lights targets were Jiang Shen and Yang Ce!

The North Star Emperor casted his starlights to protect Jiang Shen and Yang Ce, and sent them to a deeper part of the outskirts of the void.

As for the group of Immortal heretics that were chased out of the Dao universe, they were feeling unresigned.

After seeing Suo Mingzhang and the North Star Emperor clashing against each other, they immediately rushed forward to attack Suo Mingzhang together.

Yan Zhaoge and the others were within the Dao universe.

They tried to observe what was happening by the outskirts of the voids, but were to no avail.

They could only see the fiery sea resembling an abyss.

As rays of treasured lights fell within, they immediately disappeared.

When the treasured lights imbued with faith power disappeared, the Immortal Splendour, Immortal Essence and Immortal Aura also disappeared together.

As if nothing had happened, and nothing had ever existed before.

Yan Zhaoge knew that they truly existed.

Suo Mingzhang did not cultivate the Peerless Heavenly Scripture or the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

However, the things that had existed before came to an end, and disappeared within the boundless outskirts of the void.

The only thing that could block a little of the fiery sea were the six starlights which were hung up high within the skies.

However, despite existing since the dawn of time, their circulations became slower after being affected by the fiery sea.

The vast fiery sea forcefully withstood the oppression from the starlights, and continued chasing deep into the outskirts of the void.

The Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen and the Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce werent able to escape in the end, and were stopped by Suo Mingzhang.

Two fiery lights struck both Jiang Shen and Yang Ce.

The Five Qis Unification within Jiang Shens chest had shattered, while Yang Ces Four Qis Fused Aura was also destroyed!

After heavily wounding Jiang Shen and Yang Ce, the fiery sea did not do anything worse.

It retracted, and started enveloping towards the rays of treasured lights imbued with faith power!

Heavenly Lord Zhao and the others did not retreat.

While the Grand Heavenly Immortal – Suo Mingzhang was strong, this also meant that the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was going to descend soon!

Just a little bit more time…

Just as this thought flashed across their mind, a palm seemed to have extended from the fiery sea.

The palm formed a circle, and formed a cage within the void, which resulted in a fiery net.

All of a sudden, it engulfed the few strongest rays of treasured lights imbued with faith power.

Those that were engulfed were feeling shocked, while those that werent engulfed were retreating subconsciously.

After that, another palm extended from the fiery seas, and grabbed the air.

With this grab motion, within the boundless outskirts of the void, many stars started flickering among the starry skies.

These stars disappeared from the cosmos they were originally located in, and appeared within the fiery sea.

After that, it slowly gathered around the palms centre which grabbed the air.

One actual star after another.

Every single star contained a horrifying power capable of destroying the world, and every single star was so huge that a world wouldnt be able to contain it.

However, they were now gathered around Suo Mingzhangs hand.

They continuously gathered and were compressed, and transformed into a shining huge halberd!

The force of a supernova made even an Immortal shudder.

At this moment, the various stars were collapsing within the middle of the fiery sea.

The weight it contained was extremely horrifying.

Even if it was happening within the voids outskirts, it caused the Dao universe nearby to tremble!

After that, the halberd struck towards the fiery net!

Within the fiery net, the four Heavenly Immortals of the Immortal Court were working together to break the fiery net apart.

However, the horrifying supernova halberd already struck them!

Without any sound, the treasured lights were all demolished.

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