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Chapter 1300: The Time is Ripe

The heretic Immortals know that the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord wouldnt ignore the matter of Suo Mingzhang ascending to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Suo Mingzhang himself was aware of it as well.

As such, he had no intention of getting entangled further with Heavenly Lord Zhao, the Treasure Confinement Heavenly Lord, and the others.

Instead, he decided just to grant his opponent a destructive attack with all his might.

After this attack, Suo Mingzhang didnt bother seeing the aftermath.

He immediately disappeared on the spot.

The endless and boundless fiery sea instantly disappeared within the boundless void, its trace being non-existent.

At the same time, the North Star Emperors majestic starlights faded within the void without any trace remaining as if it had never appeared before.

Within the fiery sea that was slowly disappearing, a tall figure seemed to be standing within.

He turned around and looked at the Dao universe.

His gaze found the Pill Hall, and he stared at the Canghua Heavenly Tree.

Within the Pill Halls universe, the Canghua Heavenly Trees tree branches were swaying lightly.

The ringing of wind chimes resounded as if it was bidding someone farewell.

Within the fiery sea, the short-haired man smiled lightly and turned around to leave.

The fiery sea followed him and disappeared entirely.

Although there werent any signs of warnings, nor were there any changes, Yan Zhaoge and the others within the Dao universe were aware that the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord had arrived.

There seemed to be no hints of him coming because they were all at an entirely different level.

As a result, they werent able to perceive and notice the Immeasurable Heavenly Lords existence.

However, Suo Mingzhang and the North Star Emperor could.

For Suo Mingzhang, this was the moment that would truly endanger him.

His real battle had just started.

As for the group of heretic Immortals that had previously descended upon the Dao universe, they were now like victims that had just experienced a disaster.

Previously, when the fiery net had surrounded them, the strongest few Immortal Court experts were all captured within.

Other than the four great Heavenly Immortals, namely Heavenly Lord Zhao, Treasure Confinement Heavenly Lord, Main Smallpox Emerald Cloud Origin Lord, and the Sinister Black Heavenly Lord, almost all the Heavenly Monarchs that have descended on the Dao universe were captured within.

Among them, there were even some Profound Immortal Realm Immortal Court sovereigns.

Following the halberd attack of Suo Mingzhang, which was capable of annihilating the galaxy, the group of heretic Immortals trapped within had perished.

The four great Heavenly Lords of the Immortal Court were the first to receive the attack.

They perished completely, which explained Suo Mingzhangs previous statement very clearly.

In front of him, the Immortal Court heretics beneath the Heavenly Lord were all nothing to him.

The Heavenly Lord referred to the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Since Suo Mingzhang concentrated his attacks on his opponents with a higher level of cultivation, the heretic Immortals with comparatively lower cultivation could escape from the disaster.

The fiery net didnt engulf them, nor did they receive the attack capable of destroying the world.

However, the power ripples leaking out from the impact was sufficient to make them lose their footing.

The unlucky ones that were too close to the attack were killed by the shockwave released!

For those lucky enough to survive, their souls were currently trembling, and the Immortal qi within their bodies was writhing.

Even if Suo Mingzhang and the North Star Emperor had already left, they were still feeling afraid.

It was evident that they left because of the arrival of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

They had also thought of the possibility of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord hunting down the two Heavenly Immortals of the orthodox Daoism.

However, the group of Immortal court experts who managed to survive couldnt ignite any feelings of satisfaction.

While Yan Zhaoge was praising Suo Mingzhangs accomplishments within the Dao universe, he hadnt lost his composure.

He immediately alerted the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei, “Senior apprentice-uncle, its time for us to take action!”

While the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord came here for Suo Mingzhang, the North Star Emperor was also forced to back away.

While the North Star Emperors attitude wasnt as aggressive as the Incongruence Divine Mother and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor towards the Immortal Court, he held a sufficient vigilance.

Naturally, he wouldnt trust the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Immortal Court.

As a result, he would also have to back off and mask his presence.

As a result, the North Star Emperor wouldnt interfere with the World beyond Worlds within a short time period.

In the past, when the North Star Emperor and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor were fighting for influence against each other, the North Star Emperor with a warmer attitude naturally won over the Immortal Court.

As for the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the others, they had escaped the World beyond World, and went somewhere far away.

The North Star Emperor was hiding within the outskirts of the void as well.

He wouldnt bother with whatever was happening within the World beyond Worlds.

However, if there were a huge commotion happening, he would notice it immediately.

Whether he would personally take action to settle down the matters, it all would depend on the situation.

As such, no matter if it were Yan Zhaoge and the others, or the Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Hans group, they could still carry out some minor operations.

As for actions that would result in a huge ruckus, it definitely wouldnt succeed.

Only under such a situation would the North Star Emperor be forced to escape to somewhere far away.

Even if something huge happened within the World beyond Worlds, he wouldnt get wind of it in time.

Even if he somehow knew about it, he wouldnt be able to do anything within a short amount of time, as he had to be wary of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

If one wanted to plot something, this would be the only chance.

The Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han hoped to witness such a situation, which would allow him to complete his goal.

For Yan Zhaoge, this was an opportunity as well!

As the fiery sea was disappearing, the North Ocean Clone immediately descended after it saluted to the faraway fiery light.

He tore through the fabric of space to locate the skys wound and returned to the World beyond Worlds.

After descending upon the World beyond Worlds, he first went to find the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong, who was guarding the area.

However, to his surprise, the Astro Sovereign wasnt at where he previously was.

After contacting him, Yan Zhaoge realized that he had gone to the Eastern Vast Heaven Territorys Broad Creed Mountain.

Although the Shadow Devil was chased away by Suo Mingzhang and the North Star Emperor, his appearance would still have a bad influence.

He was a top-notch Great Devil that was on par with the Grand Heavenly Immortal.

In fact, he was among one of the most ancient and strongest Twelve Devilish Gods.

As long as the Shadow Devil doesnt purposely suppress his own Devilish qi, and displays his aura, he would be able to allure many people into becoming devils.

Luckily, the North Star Emperor had been protecting the World beyond Worlds, which prevented the Shadow Devil from harming others.

However, those that were originally being affected by devils would receive an inevitable influence.

In addition to the Astro Sovereign, there were also Shi Jun and his mother.

When Suo Mingzhang was still in the Virtual Immortal Realm, he had made three protective talismans and distributed them evenly to Chen Xuanzong, Shi Jun, and Ying Yuzhen.

Thanks to the three protective talisman, the trio werent taken over by the devil within them.

The Astro Sovereign had a higher level of cultivation, which allowed him to suppress it forcefully.

However, Shi Jun and his mothers condition were worse.

While Chen Xuanzong wasnt sure how such a strong Devil like the Shadow Devil was able to infiltrate the World beyond Worlds, he immediately rushed towards the Broad Creed Mountain the instant he discovered the Shadow Devils presence.

Under the support of the Astro Sovereign, Shi Jun and his mothers conditions were stabilized.

Only, after being influenced by this, the Astro Sovereign wasnt able to divert his attention to other matters.

After knowing that nothing terrible had happened to them, Yan Zhaoge let out a sigh of relief.

The North Ocean Clone also returned to the Eastern Vast Heaven Territorys Broad Creed Mountain.

He went towards the back of the mountain and stepped on it!

At the same time, outside of the World beyond Worlds within the Dao universe, Yan Zhaoge, who was in the Pill Hall, did the same hand sign.

He yelled softly, “Rise!”

In the cosmos within the Pill Hall, multiple talisman spirit patterns appeared.

They intersected within the dark void.

Within the World beyond Worlds, numerous spirit patterns rose.

With the Broad Creed Mountains back mountain as its center, it instantly transformed into a huge formation which engulfed the entire Broad Creed Mountain.

After that, it started expanding outwards.

Within the World beyond Worlds, every single mountains and rivers which spans over billions of miles started radiating!

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