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The North Ocean Clone, who was within the Broad Creed Mountain, raised his head and saw lights radiating everywhere by the skies.

The radiance slowly condensed and formed one rune after another.

Afterward, the runes gathered together.

One huge formation after another started connecting, forming a connection.

Afterward, an enormous formation in which size was unprecedented in the World beyond Worlds appeared.

It almost engulfed the entire World beyond Worlds.

The mortal citizens in the world were looking at the phenomenon in the sky.

Most of them were clueless as to what was happening.

Today, they had witnessed too many bizarre phenomena.

Most people wouldnt even live to see such wonders that happened continuously one after another.

They were unable to comprehend how grand of a commotion was happening.

They only felt that the entire world was experiencing a huge change.

It made numerous mortal citizens afraid.

As for the martial art practitioners within the World beyond Worlds, no matter which level of cultivation they were in, they only felt spirit qis flowing from the enormous World beyond Worlds, as if something would experience changes.

“Whats going on today…”

Everyone looked at each other and scattered around to contact others.

Previously, when the North Star Upper Palace Heavenly Sovereign Emperor made an appearance, and the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang had ascended the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm, they were undoubtedly great news for the Dao martial art practitioners.

However, after summing up all the changes that happened one after another, they started pondering what was happening.

As for the Myriad Emperor and the others that knew what was happening, they were now feeling worried.

After all, they couldnt predict how the situation would develop until an unexpected change happened at their fingertips.

A change suddenly occurred by the token plate that they had gotten from the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion.

On top of the token, radiances were also surging.

Afterward, the radiance shot through the skies and disappeared by the end of the void.

They traversed through the barrier of the World beyond Worlds and went towards the middle of the cosmos.

A ray of light shot out of each token plate; each ray beamed deep into the cosmos.

As if they were navigating the path for some sort of existence.

Then, light pillars appeared within the center of the radiating formations all around the World beyond Worlds and shot towards the sky.

Under the guidance of the rays of lights, the thick light pillars traversed through the boundaries of the World beyond Worlds and flew towards the middle of the dim dark void located deep within the Dao universe.

These thick light pillars were just like rope cables.

They seemed to be connecting the World beyond Worlds to a particular existence located deep within the cosmos.

The light pillars retracted as if they were rope cables that were being pulled.

Some sort of existence was slowly being dragged out from deep within the cosmos.

As the golden lights were flickering, purple fogs filled up the void.

A white jade palace that seemed so broad and was even larger than the World beyond Worlds slowly appeared from the cosmos depths!

This was the Heavenly Court Divine Palaces Pill Hall in the past.

The group of heretic Immortals were still by the outside of the Dao universe.

They were suppressing the discomfort brought upon them by the ripples of Suo Mingzhangs attack.

However, the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen had already returned to the Dao universe.

His expression turned pale.

However, his gaze still seemed as calm as ever.

Seeing the huge divine palace slowly materializing from the boundless cosmos, Jiang Shens expression became serious, “The Awakened Sky Hall in the myths…”

As his gaze traced the Pill Hall, he saw the light pillars that seemed to be acting as cables.

After seeing the Pill Hall that was connecting together with the World beyond Worlds, his gaze turned stern, “Such a huge move! Does he want to forcefully fuse the World beyond Worlds together with the Pill Hall”

“Its impossible.

As long as the Triratna Jade Scepter is still with the North Star Emperor, youre destined to fail…”

Jiang Shens expression suddenly changed, “Hold on… Does he want to split the World beyond Worlds in half”

He immediately rushed towards the Pill Hall.

However, a silhouette blocked his path.

He had a tall crown and wore vintage clothing.

His sword rampaged through the air.

He was the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei!

“You all want to split the World beyond Worlds” For the first time, Jiang Shen spoke in an angry tone, “Dont you all know the repercussions of a world crumbling and being torn apart”

He launched his fist that was so heavy it seemed like the entire World beyond Worlds was being thrown towards Yue Zhenbei.

After Suo Mingzhang destroyed his Five Qis Unifications, Jiang Shens cultivation strength had temporarily declined to the Profound Immortal Realm.

He still had the possibility of raising his cultivation again.

Only, it would require more effort.

However, even if he had fallen from the Five Qis Unifications Realm, Jiang Shens strength was still solid.

In the past, The Earthly Sovereign was the head of the World beyond Worlds Three Sovereigns.

One reason for it was his seniority, and another part of it was the Concealed Sovereigns support.

However, the most important reason was because the Earthly Sovereign was much stronger than the other two sovereigns!

Wherever his iron fist reached, the void would collapse and pressurized by an extremely heavy power.

“Indeed, Zhaoge is planning on separating the World beyond Worlds.” Yue Zhenbeis expression remained stagnant.

He raised his sword to receive the attack, “Separate, not split.”

“Without touching the mark left by the Triratna Jade Scepter in the Kunlun Mountain, the World beyond Worlds wouldnt crumble.”

“With the Pill Halls assistance, its still possible to separate the world into two, and form two worlds out of one.”

Yue Zhenbei said with a serious expression, “Please understand, Elder Jiang.

Its just like the North Star Emperor and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor in the past.

Since ice and fire cant coexist, we might as well walk our separate paths.”

Now that the North Star Emperor was temporarily unable to take care of matters happening in the Dao universe, it was an opportunity.

The position of the Dao universe and the World beyond Worlds was already known to the Immortal Court heretics.

Besides, the World beyond Worlds would be under the North Star Emperors surveillance at any time.

Although the Immortal Court had tasted defeat, and the North Star Emperor had left all because of Suo Mingzhang, one cant run away from its foundations.

As long as they still remain in the World beyond Worlds; as long as they were still within the Dao universe, the threat it harbored would always remain.

After understanding how things turned out to be, Yan Zhaoge started to plot an incredibly daring plan.

Separate from the World beyond Worlds, and establish his own world!

It was simple for him to leave alone.

It wasnt hard to bring the Broad Creed Mountains disciples together with him either.

However, in the World beyond Worlds, there was Yue Zhenbeis Jade Capital Crag and Chen Xuanzongs Jade Sky Peak.

There were also those that had close relations with his family members, like those of the southeastern Golden Court Mountain.

Since he wanted to establish his own world, he decided to make a huge move.

He couldnt fuse the entire World beyond Worlds together with the Pill Hall because of the Triratna Jade Scepter.

However, after his preparations were completed, he would bring away half of the World beyond Worlds!

The World beyond Worlds were the efforts of Yan Xintang, Shao Junhuang, Suo Mingzhang and the others.

Other than the numerous Dao martial art practitioners that originated from the Three Clear lineage, billions of mortal citizens were living within it.

Yan Zhaoges sense of morals was minimal.

No matter what reason it was, he still wasnt willing to cause the living beings in the World beyond Worlds to perish.

However, it was only limited to this.

He didnt plan on giving the North Star Emperor, Jiang Shen and the others any benefits.

As a result, he didnt plan on taking away just the World beyond Worlds.

Utilizing the laws of transformations in space, he connected numerous lower realms together with the World beyond Worlds.

He planned to take away more than half of the lower realms as well.

He wanted to take away these populations and resources as much as possible.

Establishing another world was establishing another world.

Yan Zhaoge didnt plan on starting everything from zero.

Obviously, he would pick something that was ready-made.

Previously, the Broad Creed Mountains influence was slowly expanding within the World beyond Worlds.

It wasnt just limited to the Eastern area alone.

It vaguely stood at the same position together with the Kunlun Mountain, and became one of the two central figures within the World beyond Worlds.

From today onwards, it would be the time where the middle Kunlun and the Eastern Broad Creed become true leaders of their worlds.

You remain in your Kunluns – World beyond Worlds, Ill stay in my Broad Creeds – Sky beyond Skies!

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