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Chapter 1303: Who Will Wake Up From This Illusion First Im Aware Of It Myself

Its a pity you dont know who I am.

Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce looked carefree.

However, the shocking sentence he said made the Exalted Earth Luminarys heart shudder.

He stared tightly at Yang Ce, and his expression became grave after he thought of something.

Yang Ces expression was calm.

He smiled and said, “After so many years of not meeting each other, I could only chat with Daoist Jiang without using my original face after meeting each other again.

Please dont blame me for this.”

“Were all aware of how strong Suo Yanlong is.

If I wanted to use him as a catalyst for my goal, I would have to pay a huge price.

Besides, there was still the North Star Emperor around.

In order to make them not worry, I can only pay a huge price.”

“Fortunately, things went well.”

As he was talking, the transformations happened to the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce.

His face was the same as last time, with no outstanding features.

One would forget about his face even if they saw him.

His eyes were an exception.

His eyes that were glittering and peaceful previously were now radiating with rays of lights that were growing brighter and brighter, resembling the morning star.

Then, the star rose.

As if it was a rising sun, it quickly flew through the sky and hung by the top of the skies, just like the sun in the middle of the day!

Jiang Shen did not back down.

Instead, he stared at the glaring radiance and spoke his words slowly one by one.

“Gao! Han!”

Even Yue Zhenbeis actions slowed down.

He stared at the extremely familiar, and yet somewhat unfamiliar Exalted Concealed Luminary in surprise.

It wasnt accurate to say that he was unfamiliar.

Instead, the Exalted Concealed Sovereigns current looks made him feel unfamiliar.

Yue Zhenbei had seen the pair of eyes that resembled the huge sun before.

However, it didnt belong to the Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce.

Instead, it belonged to someone among the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries.

He was the Exalted Solar Luminary that had already left the World beyond Worlds a few thousand years ago, Gao Han!

Even Yan Zhaoge located in the Pill Halls Purple Divine Pavilion was surprised by this unexpected turn of events.

Through the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong, he already knew that the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce was secretly plotting something.

In fact, he even hid it from the Earthly Sovereign – Jiang Shen and even planned to frame the Astro Sovereign, attempting to kill him to conceal the information.

However, he never expected the Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce, who was one of the World beyond Worlds Three Sovereigns, to be a clone of someone else!

The Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Hans clone!

The Exalted Earth Luminary was aware of his secret plottings.

In fact, he knew many things like the back of his hand.

However, the shocking revelation was that Gao Han purposely enabled him to acquire these information for the purpose of making the North Star Emperor not worry.

He gave his weakness and secrets away to Jiang Shen and the others.

However, they were only able to acquire the ones that Gao Han intended on giving them.

As a result, the deeper level of secret became even more secretive.

Just like how his original body was outside of the Dao universe.

He was deeply wounded from Suo Mingzhangs attacks and was forced to retreat far away.

However, he had already hid the truth from everyone and secretly placed his own actual chess piece within the Dao universe.

After calmly waiting for the North Star Emperor and Suo Mingzhang to leave, only by then would he appear.

“Since when” asked Jiang Shen in a serious tone.

“Even if you could hide it from me, Daoist Chen and Zhenbei, how did you hide it from the North Star Emperor”

“Yang Ce” smiled slightly, “I was lucky to receive the help of a treasure I had randomly acquired.

After all, the North Star Emperor has to remain by the outskirts of the void most of the time.

Its rare for him to return.

“Actually, there were a few times where I was almost busted.

Luckily, nothing ended up happening.”

He raised the corners of his lips, “As for since when did this happen Yeah, it happened right from the start.”

A chilly feeling appeared in everyones heart.

“He wasnt replaced…” Yue Zhenbeis eyes narrowed, “Instead, there wasnt any Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce from the start.

There was only the Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Hans clone”

From the start, there were only eight people within the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries!

One of them was the Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Hans True Immortal Realm clone that managed to push open the Immortal Door!

“Theres no need to be so surprised, right The Daoist Gao of the Roving Jade Heavens had the title of the “Profound Sovereign” for some specific reasons.

First of all, her strength is outstanding indeed.

Second of all, she also harbored one soul within two bodies.

She also has a clone that had the same cultivation as her original self, right”

“Yang Ce” smiled and said, “My clone is much worse compared to hers.

The amount of accomplishments I acquired from this clone all depends on how hard I cultivated.”

Jiang Shen remained silent as if he was a statue.

The Profound Sovereigns clone wasnt capable of hiding its original identity, and deceive others into thinking that it was an independent entity.

To be precise, while some people like “Yang Ce” existed in the world, they were sporadic.

Not only did Jiang Shen not see through his acts, even the North Star Emperor was deceived.

While he wasnt sure of how it was now, the Northern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the others were also deceived when they were establishing the World beyond Worlds!

“Yang Ce” smiled and said, “In the past, Ive never plotted this far ahead.

I merely wanted to fill up the nine member slots to conduct the ritual.

Since the talents my clone possessed was quite decent, I decided to use him to fill up the slot.

Yan Zhaoge retorted, “Indeed.

The only problem was that you never told anyone about your clone, and how he wasnt an assistant you found.”

“Since then, its been that way up until now.

It should be considered a surprise.” As “Yang Ce” was talking, he raised his head to look at the faraway World beyond Worlds.

Jiang Shen finally moved.

He stared at him, “As expected, youre here for the Triratna Jade Scepter.

You wanted to activate its mark within the World beyond Worlds in order to waver the North Star Emperors control towards it, and allow the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor to acquire it, right”

“Yang Ce” nodded naturally, “Since its been left there for so many years, it should naturally display its uses.

Now, theres finally a chance to do so.”

His gaze fell upon the light pillars connecting the World beyond Worlds and the Pill Hall.

While Yan Zhaoge was shocked at the sudden change of situation, he didnt slow down his actions.

He continued to activate the ritual he had laid down.

The Pill Halls door opened, and layers of purple mists expanded outwards.

They turned into a boundless sea of clouds, and engulfed the World beyond Worlds.

“The younger generation is truly frightening.” Gao Han praised.

His gaze became slightly ethereal as he looked at the Pill Hall, “Previously, Ive never expected things to reach such a caliber.”

Jiang Shen wasnt attacking the Pill Hall anymore.

Instead, he was cautiously looking at Gao Han.

In the current situation, if Yan Zhaoges plan was successfully executed, Gao Han wouldnt be able to touch the Triratna Jade Scepters mark buried beneath the Kunlun Mountain.

Otherwise, the World beyond Worlds wouldnt be able to maintain itself, and would ultimately crumble.

Similarly, if Gao Han were to activate the mark, Yan Zhaoges plan would have to stop.

Otherwise, the World beyond Worlds would be welcoming destruction.

Although Gao Han had also personally attended the World beyond Worlds establishment, his train of thought had always been unpredictable.

Jiang Shen wasnt able to predict what he was going to do.

Gao Hans original body was deeply wounded by Suo Mingzhang, and had no more strength to interfere with todays matters personally.

As for this clone, his cultivation had already dropped to the True Immortal Realm.

Even if he were still a Profound Immortal, he wouldnt be able to control the situation and oppress Yan Zhaoge and the others.

However, since Gao Han dared to appear, how could he not have any plans

“After today, I cant look at such beautiful scenery through this body anymore.” The man with a mundane appearance smiled.

Then, fiery lights started surging from his entire body.

Numerous flames fell towards the World beyond Worlds, and formed a huge formation that engulfed the entire world.

At the same time, “Yang Ce”s right eye socket became pitch black.

Within the darkness, a dim frigid radiance suddenly appeared.

Within the white mellow moonlight, a figure slowly appeared from within.

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