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Chapter 1304: Radiance of Sun and Moon

As Gao Hans clone was talking, Jiang Shen and Yue Zhenbei stopped their attacks against each other.

Then, the two of them attacked “Yang Ce” together!

Although this “Yang Ce” posed no threat to them, they understood the Exalted Solar Luminary well enough to know that he had made sufficient preparations.

Since he dared to take action in front of Jiang Shen and Yue Zhenbei, it implied that he had the confidence to suppress everyone on the spot!

Under such circumstances, Gao Han might be the one at the upperhand.

As the weaker side, Jiang Shen and Yue Zhenbei naturally teamed up with each other without communication.

The Yan Zhaoge within the Pill Hall also activated a golden light ray and shot it towards “Yang Ce.”

However, before their attacks could reach him, fiery lights surged from the surface of “Yang Ce”s body, and his body ignited.

The raging fiery lights turned into a huge formation that enveloped the entire World beyond Worlds.

One of “Yang Ce”s eye sockets turned dim radiant, and rays of frigid cool white moonlights continuously shot out from within.

Within the white lights, a figure appeared.

Wherever the mellow moonlights radiance reached, it blocked Jiang Shen, Yue Zhenbei, and the Pill Halls attacks.

Seeing the womans figure within the mellow moonlight, Jiang Shens expression became even more serious, “Daoist Ling!”

Yan Zhaoge wasnt that surprised when he saw that woman.

To make this clone into the Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce, this clone of Gao Han would require lots of secret arts, opportunities, and accomplishments.

However, it would still be tough to hide it from people like the North Star Emperor or the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

Other than Gao Hans own efforts, one more person was able to provide him assistance.

The Exalted Lunar Luminary, Ling Qing!

The Concealed Ketu Star was the opposing star of the Moon Star of the Extreme Yin.

The power of lunar eclipse was a nemesis to the power of extreme yin.

If Gao Han could acquire her help, things would turn out to be much more effective for him.

During that time, the North Star Emperor and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor had always been hiding by the faraway void.

However, the New Kunlun Nine Luminaries had been interacting a lot with each other during that era.

Among those martial art practitioners of the same realm as him, the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing was the person with the highest possibility of noticing the abnormalities of the Exalted Concealed Luminary – Yang Ce.

The woman within the moonlight was once an owner of the Extreme Yin Crown.

She was the one that left the Extreme Yin Crown within the lower realm of the Eight Extremities Worlds.

The pillars of the Divine Palace acquired from the Eight Extremities Worlds Great Western Desert had also engraved the recording of her descending upon the Eight Extremities Worlds.

However, her face was completely covered within a clear layer of light.

During that time, Yan Zhaoge couldnt see through it, as his cultivation was still shallow.

Now, Yan Zhaoge could naturally see her appearance.

Her facial structures were above average.

She wasnt as pretty as the Exalted Wood Luminary – Shao Huangjun, but she had this divine aura around her.

She looked cold and quiet, and anyone that gazed at her would hardly ever forget her looks.

She was someone that would attract the attention of the mass.

Of course, the most attention-grabbing part of her right now was the great Daos sonorous voice that made ones reflexes slower and made ones soul feel empty.

As she appeared, it resounded within the Dao universe again.

After thousands of years of not returning to the World beyond Worlds, the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing had also passed through the Profound Origin Tribulation and ascended the Grand Virtual Immortal Realm with Five Qis Unifications.

Ling Qings figure hopped out of “Yang Ce”s right eye, and her dim frigid gaze swept around.

As for “Yang Ce”s body, it thoroughly transformed into a flare and fell towards the World beyond Worlds.

The huge formation formed by the fiery lights circulated within the cosmic void outside of the World beyond Worlds.

Rays of spiritual lights shot out towards the sky from the Kunlun Mountain that was within the World beyond Worlds after feeling its pulling force.

They combined with the huge fiery formation that was beyond the world.

All of a sudden, the entire Kunlun Mountain shook.

Brilliance flickered continuously everywhere throughout the World beyond Worlds.

It was the Area Latitude Formation that Yan Zhaoge and Xue Chuqing had laid down previously.

The Area Latitude Formation that almost covered the entire World beyond Worlds started circulating, assisting the fiery light huge formation beyond the World beyond Worlds.

It formed a tremendous huge pulling force, and seemed like it was plucking out the entire Kunlun Mountain!

However, the rays of spiritual lights that rose from the Area Latitude Formation withered very quickly.

Although they werent sure of Gao Hans train of thought works, they guessed that he had his plans.

As such, Yan Zhaoge and his mother had no interest in being used by others.

Naturally, they wouldnt do everything according to Gao Hans tempo.

After all, they didnt need this formation to contact and locate the Exalted Fire Luminary – Suo Mingzhang.

With the strength from the Area Latitude Formation being drained, the Kunlun Mountains shaking weakened slightly.

Only the momentum weakened a little.

It didnt stop.

The trembling of the Kunlun Mountain was still ongoing.

Obviously, Gao Han didnt plan to use others assistance as the core part of his plan.

The Area Latitude Formation was used as a catalyst to speed up the process of the ritual.

Now that he couldnt use the Area Latitude Formation, Gao Hans ritual conducting speed became much slower.

However, it was still continually displaying its effectiveness.

The Kunlun Mountains shaking was still ongoing.

Yan Zhaoges ritual was also still ongoing as well.

After receiving the effects from both sides, the spatial boundaries of the World beyond Worlds started becoming unstable!

If one were to look at this vast world of creation from the cosmos, they would see the worlds shapeless boundaries slowly materializing.

As for the border of the world, they were slowly warped, with cracks vaguely appearing.

If things were to go on like this, it would result in the world being torn apart, and ultimately crumble!

After the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing appeared, she didnt say anything.

She just extended her palm and chopped it down in the air.

With this chop, the light pillars connecting the Pill Hall with the World beyond Worlds suddenly became unstable.

The connection between the Pill Hall and the World beyond Worlds was also weakening.

Within the World beyond Worlds, the radiance emitted by the runes laid down by Yan Zhaoge started to become dim.

With one of the two influences of the World beyond Worlds weakening, the World beyond Worlds started becoming stable again.

Although the circulation of the spiritual qi was in constant change, it managed to maintain its stability.

The Evil Qi didnt rise to a level that would be too hard to balance, which would ultimately end up destroying the world.

With this, Gao Hans plan would go on just as he had planned.

However, Yan Zhaoges plan would be forced to come to a halt.

To ensure that the World beyond Worlds wouldnt be destroyed, only one of their plans could succeed.

If one side succeeded, it meant that the other side had failed.

In this situation, the stronger side would decide the victory of this situation.

The loser wouldnt even have the chance to forcefully put his plan to action and force the opponent to stop his plan with the risk of the World beyond Worlds exploding.

The Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei took in a deep breath, and his sword-light rose again.

He also attacked the huge fiery formation by sacrificing the Concealed Sovereigns body.

No matter which side succeeded, the result wouldnt be what the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen was willing to see.

Due to that, he launched his attack as well.

Ling Qings silhouette seemed to be within the center of the cosmos.

Two rays of white moonlight shot out without moving and blocked both Yue Zhenbei and Jiang Shen.

Then, the third ray of white light shot out and went against the golden light shot out by the Pill Hall.

Without wavering her gaze, the cool and quiet white moonlight around her expanded and shone through the entire universe.

A golden-red radiating luster lit up between her brows.

As if it was a huge sun that was rising from within the moonlights!

When the sunlight and moonlight both appeared, Ling Qings aura suddenly surged fanatically.

It was much more frightening compared to Jiang Shen even when he was a Virtual Immortal.

A long banner that was golden in color flew out from the middle of Ling Qings brows and swept around on top of her head.

Seeing that long banner, Yan Zhaoge, Jiang Shen, and Yue Zhenbeis hearts sank.

It was a Grand Virtual level Immortal Artifact!

With the long banner in her hands, she would oppress everyone on the spot even if the Profound Sovereign and the Vine Sovereign were to arrive from the Roving Jade Heavens.

Even if Jiang Shen were to ascend back to the Virtual Immortal Realm immediately, he wouldnt be able to materialize a Grand Virtual level Immortal Artifact in time.

Ling Qing didnt ascend to the Virtual Immortal Realm much earlier compared to Jiang Shen.

However, this Immortal Artifact wasnt hers.

Instead, it was crafted by Gao Han when he had ascended the Virtual Immortal Realm.

Suo Mingzhang gravely wounded Gao Hans original body.

However, he had never planned to use this Holy Radiance Banner himself.

Instead, he passed it to Ling Qing to suppress the current Dao universe!

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