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HSSB131: An inspirational story that moves the entire Eight Extremities World


From their earlier consecutive defeats at the hands of Yan Zhaoge and Sikong Qing, the crowd of Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples had been left with no face.

Victory or defeat was one thing, but after having met a setback at the hands of Yan Zhaoge, still having to rely on him to restore their own Giant Spirit Magnetite vein would make things even more embarrassing for Ji Hanru and the others.

Even if they thought to find back their face in the future, there was also a little feeling of being unable to live up to it.

Although Zhao Hao was not at all likeable, it was at the very least an Infinite Boundless Mountain disciple having gained the upper hand, as everyone’s troubled hearts were instantly soothed.

“He said that he has two techniques; who knows that it was not blowing things out of proportion to increase the chips in Broad Creed Mountain’s hands, while there was actually only that one method”

An Infinite Boundless Mountain disciple said hatefully.

“Even if such wasn’t the case, even if he really has another method, it would also be useless,” Someone smiled from the side, “The method supplied by our clan’s disciple has already caused the vein to recover to more than eighty percent, even nearing ninety percent, not being inferior to his.”

“That being the case, why would we need to rely on an outside person”

The surrounding Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples all nodded, “That’s right, that is indeed the case; this time, Yan Zhaoge has barked up the wrong tree.”

Ji Hanru’s expression was solemn, not being too happy.

After all, he had truly been defeated by Yan Zhaoge, now having needed a new disciple of theirs to find face back for the clan.

But as one of the leading figures of Infinite Boundless Mountain, if he wanted to find back face, there was only the method of him personally defeating Yan Zhaoge in the future.

However, seeing that the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein could be restored, not even needing to rely on the help of others, as a disciple of Infinite Boundless Mountain, Ji Hanru too breathed a sigh of relief.

Not having the habit of concealing her emotions, Fu Enshu was currently frowning.

Zhao Ming, Jing Yunzhi and the others were all currently looking a little worriedly at Yan Zhaoge.

This time, having made a wasted trip, even having been defeated by another, would definitely come as a huge blow for the Yan Zhaoge for whom things all had been smooth recently.

Broad Creed Mountain would no longer hold an advantage in their upcoming interactions with Infinite Boundless Mountain; rather, they could even be slightly pressed.

Infinite Boundless Mountain was currently internally divided, but even the faction that leaned towards Broad Creed Mountain would not assist them without reservation.

After all, first and foremost in their minds would always be their own Infinite Boundless Mountain.

At the end of the day, while it was true that neither the teeth nor the lips could survive without the other, the one who faced the greatest threat from the Sacred Sun Clan was still Broad Creed Mountain; Infinite Boundless Mountain had a greater room for manoeuvring about.

Shan Shiweng was one of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s bigwigs who leaned towards Broad Creed Mountain.

However, for the problem of Cloud Portent Mountain’s Giant Spirit Magnetite vein, he was naturally happier to see it being solved by their clan’s own disciple.

As for Elder Zuo who had rejected Broad Creed Mountain from the start, he was naturally only even happier.

He glanced mildly at Yan Zhaoge, at this moment more concerned about him being superior to Ji Hanru in terms of strength.

As for the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein, the general situation had already been decided.

Elder Zuo even had some mixed emotions now, because in having achieved this, Zhao Hao had ascended into the heavens with a single step.

Thinking about how closely Zhao Hao guarded his tongue, never having been willing to give away his contribution, Elder Zuo felt a little unhappy.

Still, after all, he himself should also be able to receive some benefits from this.

He began carefully considering how he should operate in the clan.

Looking at the multitude of emotions in the crowd before him, Yan Zhaoge blinked.

He noted that Zhao Hao’s gaze still remained fixated on him.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge look over, Zhao Hao said mildly, “Seeing your Piercing Scouting technique, I improved my original plan, thus leading to it producing a better effect.

It was precisely yourself who led to this result now.”

Elder Zuo cupped his hands towards Fu Enshu, “We have let you make a tiring trip all the way here for nothing, but our clan is still grateful towards you.”

“Although we will not use the method supplied by your clan’s Yan Zhaoge, in the entire process, he did indeed make some contributions.”

Hearing Elder Zuo purposely act gracious, Fu Enshu’s face turned even darker.

Still, she didn’t lose her temper towards Yan Zhaoge.

Instead, she stared at Elder Zuo in an increasingly unfriendly manner.

Seeing her like this, if not for the three bigwigs of Infinite Boundless Mountain being here, they were afraid that she might simply have directly torn down this entire Giant Spirit Magnetite vein.

Zhao Hao gazed at Yan Zhaoge, “Today, was only the beginning!”

“You, and Broad Creed Mountain behind you, will one day be destroyed in my hands, not the Sacred Sun Clan’s, not the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s, not Infinite Boundless Mountain’s, but mine!”

Although these words did not actually leave his mouth, paying attention to Zhao Hao’s gaze, Yan Zhaoge could vaguely sense these emotions of his.

“What hands you have left, just play them now.

Even if you keep them, you won’t birth a child.”

Now, Yan Zhaoge suddenly heard Feng Yunsheng send him a sound transmission from the side.

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth curved slightly.

“What hands could I have left Haven’t you seen how my face has now been slapped to the point of ringing with slapping sounds In having thrown my face away, I’ll be throwing it all the way from Cloud Portent Mountain back to Broad Creed Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Whereas this Junior Brother Zhao of Infinite Boundless Mountain, will be hailed as his clan’s hero.”

“You see: an outsider comes to their clan’s territory full of himself, pointing and commanding others as he likes, yet the other members of the clan are all unable to do anything about it, only able to watch that outsider showing off, being full of anger yet completely helpless within.”

“At this time, a young disciple rises up from nowhere, turning the tide with his own efforts, allowing the entire clan to lift its head up high, not just solving a major problem which had been plaguing the clan for a long time but also beating the face of the originally arrogant outsider to a pulp, causing his reputation to sweep the floor, only able to scram back in the dirt.”

“And this young disciple who turned the tides thereon walks to the peak, with the clan placing him highly and taking good care of him, giving him the best resources and assurances, gifting and educating him in the best martial arts that they possess.”

“En, and there would very possibly also be beautiful senior and junior apprentice-sisters who would have their hearts stolen by him as a result.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, “How about it; is this story inspirational or what Truly moving to the extreme.”

Feng Yunsheng looked at Yan Zhaoge, looking as though she was smiling whilst also not, “It sounds a little strange; how did you think up all this nonsensical stuff that’s all over the place ah”

She looked first at herself, then at Sikong Qing, “From what you say, why not let’s add a: The maidens who had originally arrived together with that outsider perhaps secretly fell for him, perhaps felt curious about him, or perhaps were just dissatisfied at their loss, but, whatever the case, all gave their hearts to this person at that very moment”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he looked at her, “Hey, how did you know”

“Following that strange path of thinking of yours, duh,” Feng Yunsheng said impatiently, “If you have the time to have all those strange notions in your head, why not think of how to solve this problem before your eyes Or do you really want to, like you said, have your face beaten to a pulp, your reputation sweeping the floor, only able to scram back in the dirt”

Yan Zhaoge said leisurely, “Some say that explosions are art, are justice, are faith.”

These words were said very softly, such that Feng Yunsheng didn’t really catch them, “What”

Before she had finished with her question, the quarry around them, suddenly began to quake intensely!

It was especially so for its pith area, which actually gave off the feeling of seas surging and rivers overturning, as though it was about to completely blow!

Greatly shocked, the Magnetite Elder broke off Zhao Hao’s Broken Vein Resuming Flow technique, suppressing the abnormalities in the vein with all his might.

Even so, the entire Giant Spirit Magnetite vein resembled a gigantic barrel of gunpowder that had been ignited!


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