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Chapter 1309: Take Away More Than Half of the World Beyond Worlds!

If someone were to observe the World beyond Worlds by the external cosmic void, they wouldnt notice any changes.

The size and shape of the territories were no different from last time.

However, everyone within the World beyond Worlds was stunned by the phenomena they were witnessing.

They were witnessing the skies of their own world changing.

A vast fragrance of medicine flooded the entire World beyond Worlds.

As the Pill Hall was constantly displaying its powers, the universe within the Pill Hall was connected with the World beyond Worlds.

A vast vortex appeared above the sky.

The vortex was continuously expanding and slowly enveloped the entire sky of the World beyond Worlds.

Within the World beyond Worlds, the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory was the first to undergo changes.

Rays of radiance shot upwards and disappeared within the vast vortex.

The Eastern Vast Heaven Territorys vast lands, rivers, seas, mountains, and fields were all slowly disappearing under the radiances influence.

No matter if they were humans or animals, the living beings all transformed into rays of lights and disappeared on the spot.

Every living being and things that possessed shape were becoming an ethereal existence.

After receiving the radiances influence, they disappeared from the World beyond Worlds lands along with the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

The entire World beyond Worlds seemed to have shrunk.

It wasnt forcefully torn apart.

Instead, it happened exceptionally naturally, as if the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory had never existed in the World beyond Worlds to begin with.

As if there were only eight territories in the World beyond Worlds since the dawn of time.

The few people with extremely high cultivation remained in the World beyond Worlds were all residing within the Kunlun Mountains.

They both looked towards the eastern side in shock.

“Such a grand action!” The Myriad Emperor looked at the phenomena with a complicated expression.

In his heart, he had various mixed feelings.

After the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory, changes occurred throughout the Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the Northeastern Sky Heaven Territory as well!

The three entire eastern territories of the World beyond Worlds had all transformed into streams of lights and were continuously rising upwards.

They entered the vast vortex that covered the whole sky and disappeared entirely from the World beyond Worlds.

“Had Northeast Liu and Southeastern Cao both made their choice” The Myriad Emperor muttered.

Every human being and objects from the Southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the Northeastern Sky Heaven Territory had all left with this.

Not everyone among them might be willing to do so.

However, considering how successful the process went, the Northeastern Exalt and the Southeastern Exalted must have given their support.

The authority that the Exalt of two territories had over the mid and lower tier martial arts practitioners and the mortal world were absolute.

After all, the preparations for the process requires time.

It wont just happen in an instant.

Shortly after the Eastern Three Territories, changes simultaneously occurred within the southern Blazing Heaven Territory and the southwestern Vermillion Heaven Territory!

Among the Nine Territories of the World beyond Worlds, five territories had disappeared from the lands of the World beyond Worlds at the same time! They were the Northeastern Territory, the Southeastern Territory, the Eastern Territory, the Southern Territory, and the Southwestern Territory.

Even the central Jun Heaven Territory that the Kunlun Mountain was located in started trembling as time passed.

As everyone looked up, they saw the northern part of the Kunlun Mountains that started transforming into streams of light with the Jade Capital Crag as its center and disappeared.

The Jade Capital Crag, the Jade Sky Peak, the Dragon Butterfly Valley, and even the abandoned residence of the former Bright Connection Emperor rose to the sky.

Some places of the central Jun Heaven Territory were also transforming into rainbow lights.

All the martial art practitioners looked at the token plate on their hands.

They suddenly realized, “Was this the true purpose of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilions token plate”

Some people were reluctant to leave just like that.

As that thought flashed across their mind, the radiance emitted from the token plate vanished.

After everyone realized this, they became even more hesitant.

Leave, or stay

They might not know of the Immortal Courts existence and were oblivious of the hostility between Suo Mingzhang and the North Star Emperor.

However, most of them knew of the battle between Yan Zhaoge, the Sword Sovereign, the Astro Sovereign against the Earthly Sovereign, and the Concealed Sovereign.

They had to make their decisions at this very moment.

Various streams of lights lit up and extinguished.

The streams of lights that were still flashing started rising towards the vortex in the sky.

Suddenly, the central Jun Heaven Territory felt as if it was being torn into pieces.

Beneath the Kunlun Mountain, radiances of three colors suddenly lit up.

Without releasing any sounds, they supported the Kunlun Mountain and started expanding outwards to stabilize all the remaining areas of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Thanks to this, the World beyond Worlds regained its stability and wasnt in a dangerous state anymore.

However, many people here had transformed into streams of lights and were silently pulled into the skys vortex.

The entire world took a warped form.

Its appearance unforgettable.

The Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen, who was currently in the Dao universe outside of the World beyond Worlds, wanted to stop it.

After all, Ling Qing was being blocked by Feng Yunsheng.

Gao Hans plans were going to fail.

For Jiang Shen, his top priority would naturally become Yan Zhaoge and the others.

However, the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei was keeping him company.

Yan Zhaoge also did not ignore Jiang Shen.

As he quickened the ritual process, he was still using the Pill Hall to attack Jiang Shen at random times.

It stopped him from advancing and interrupting the ritual.

As time progressed, the fiery formation laid down by Gao Han had thoroughly died down.

Within the World beyond Worlds, more than half of the entire world had disappeared, as if they had all evaporated.

Numerous streams of lights appeared within the Pill Halls cosmos and were surging non-stop.

At this moment, the Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing was looking at Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng calmly stared at her, “Sorry for offending you, senior.”

This was the first time that she was truly facing the legendary Exalted Lunar Luminary.

She was the creator of the Extreme Yin Crown, and its original owner.

At the same time, she was also the one to leave the Extreme Yin Crown in the Eight Extremities World.

Once upon a time, Feng Yunshengs goal in life was that crown.

Because of it, her life had experienced a rise and fluctuated greatly.

It was until she finally got the Extreme Yin Crown that she was finally relieved of her goal.

Now, although the Extreme Yin Crown was one of the most potent high-grade Sacred Artifacts, it wouldnt contribute much help to her.

However, it still held a unique position in her heart.

To a certain extent, she was able to enter the Broad Creed Mountain because of this Extreme Yin Crown, which resulted in many twists and turns.

However, she never expected to meet the original owner of this Sacred Artifact under such circumstances.

While Feng Yunsheng felt emotional, the hand holding onto the blade didnt budge one bit.

She had a much more important person to support.

Todays battle might be the best way to meet each other.

As if this was the proof of fate, as if she was going against fates decision.

Ling Qing looked at Feng Yunsheng and slowly said, “No need to be so formal.

I merely left the Extreme Yin Crown in the lower realm because I felt like it.

Since you possess the Extreme Yin Physique, acquiring the Extreme Yin Crown was merely because of your talents and fate.”

“If you were to consider the person that had a major influence over you, Jian Shunhua be placed way before me.”

She turned her head to look at the Pill Hall and the World beyond Worlds, “What Gao Han and the others say is correct indeed.

The younger generations truly astonish me.”

At this moment, Gao Hans ritual had thoroughly failed; Yan Zhaoges plan was about to succeed.

Ling Qing didnt plan on destroying the World beyond Worlds and didnt feel like helping Jiang Shen.

Naturally, she wouldnt help the heretics as well.

There was no more reason for her to remain.

After taking another glance at the Pill Hall, Ling Qing wasnt planning on remaining here to fight any longer.

She kept the Holy Radiance Banner and started retreating.

Yan Zhaoge and others did not let their guard down.

As the Dao universe shook, all the remaining group of Immortal Court experts that were pushed back by Suo Mingzhang had descended upon the World beyond Worlds again!

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