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“So you’re the disciple of the Main Smallpox Emerald Cloud Origin Lord.” Yan Zhaoge nodded.

His focus was still on the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace in front of him.

On the other side, the Earthly Sovereign – Jiang Shen had already returned to the World beyond Worlds.

He was handling the Kunlun Mountain again.

While he was stabilizing the Kunlun Mountain condition, he was attempting to reverse Yan Zhaoge’s ritual that had yet to be completed.

He hoped to turn everything back.

The former Concealed Sovereign – “Yang Ce” had always been remaining in the World beyond Worlds, and was the person that had gained the most profound insights of the Triratna Jade Scepter that existed beneath the Kunlun Mountain.

However, as the head of the Three Sovereigns in the past, the Earthly Sovereign – Jiang Shen was almost the strongest person in the World beyond Worlds.

His control over the World beyond Worlds was unparalleled.

After so many years of control, even if he didn’t personally involve himself in taking control, the amount of power he possessed was too astonishing.

However, Jiang Shen felt powerless when facing Yan Zhaoge, who used the Pill Hall to conduct the ceremony.

As time flew by, he felt more and more powerless.

Within the Pill Hall’s cosmos, Yan Zhaoge’s actions incited rage within heretic Immortals.

As martial art practitioners originated from the Immortal court, they were aware of the disparity in combat prowess between them and the Three Clear lineage when fighting someone of the same realm.

Although not everyone had experienced it before, there were successors from the Three Clear lineage that were merely in the Martial Saint Realm Tenth Level, and could even fight against the Immortal Court experts that had already pushed open the Immortal Door.

In fact, they were even able to oppress the Immortal Court experts.

Looking at the recent examples, many people knew that someone powerful like Long Xueji had appeared in the Roving Jade Heaven’s Prime Clear lineage.

Using a way to describe that would increase the enemy’s prestige while lowering theirs, it was ultimately still one against one.

Now, there were so many of them present, and yet Yan Zhaoge looked like he didn’t care about them.

It naturally made them angrier.

Previously, they had almost died by Suo Mingzhang’s hands and already harbored a stomach full of anger within them.

Now, they weren’t able to suppress it anymore.

“I don’t care if the heretics in the World beyond Worlds are powerless to take you down, or they are working together to protect you,” said the ratan shoes Daoist coldly.

“Everything ends today.

I shall end you personally, and send you to meet Yi Tianxia!”

“All of you, as well as those White Lotus Devils and the Nine Underworlds Devils, I deliberately wish to wipe out all of you from this world.”

The Immortal Court experts beside the ratan shoes Daoist also harbored a cold gaze when staring at Yan Zhaoge, “Devils and heretics are merely people that have no more place of belongings.

Previously, we were a little careless and allowed you all to grow stronger.

However, nothing has changed.

You’re all destined to perish.”

Yan Zhaoge was not angry after hearing his comment.

He merely raised his head a little, and thought, “You’ve all utilized the treasured light imbued with faith power to drill through the hole of the world’s great Dao, and managed to push open the Immortal Door.

As expected, it has its limits as well.”

“If you yearn to achieve a higher realm, you’ll have to meet the requirements as well.

Otherwise, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord would have the feeling of making bricks without straws, right”

As the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace in front of him was operating, layers of purple qi were transpiring and were becoming thicker and thicker.

Upon seeing this, Yan Zhaoge let out a long sigh, as if the last bit of weight held within his heart was finally gone.

The ratan shoes Daoist and the other Immortal court experts were initially preparing to move and charge towards him.

Suddenly, Yan Zhaoge finally turned his head and looked at them.

“Previously, I met a female Emperor in the Original Nebula.

She was an Immortal Court heretic, and she cultivated the Underworld Thunder Scripture.

She was considered outstanding, and her talents were extraordinary.” Yan Zhaoge touched his lips, “After that, I heard someone calling her Ruan Mingyan.

It seems like her emperor title was Frigid Thunder”

The ratan shoes Daoist said coldly, “Ruan Mingyan had received the worship of the Five Realms Incense.

Naturally, she would be outstanding.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded his head and said, “It’s a pity for her talents.

She was held back by the heretics.

Otherwise, if she were cultivating in our Three Clear lineage, her future accomplishment would be much higher.”

“However, she might be extremely precious to all of you.

If she didn’t perish so early, while I’m not certain if she could become a Heavenly Immortal, she could reach the Virtual Immortal Realm under the shine of the treasured lights imbued with faith power.”

The ratan shoes Daoist snorted, “And yet, Suo Mingzhang had killed her!”

Thinking about his master lofty and omnipotent perishing by Suo Mingzhang’s hands right in front of him, the ratan shoes Daoist couldn’t help but quiver in fear.

His hidden fear turned into rage, and he directed all his anger towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge ignored the ice-cold blazing rage.

He extended one of his fingers and shook it in front of him.

“Sorry to interrupt you.

You have made a mistake with your statement.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Daoist Ruan’s death is unrelated to Senior Suo.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was surprised at first.

Very quickly, they thought of something.

A hint of disbelief flashed across deep in their eyes.

The ratan shoes Daoist’s anger was instantly gone and his eyes recovered its clearness.

He couldn’t stop himself from analyzing Yan Zhaoge seriously once more.

“What do you mean by that” he asked in a deep tone while staring at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged indifferently.

Suddenly, he waved his palm towards the ratan shoes Daoist.

Daoist knew that something was off the ratan shoes and wanted to use his powers to defend against Yan Zhaoge’s attack.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s target wasn’t him.

The jade slip that he kept after opening the Purple Divine Pavilion’s door flew out uncontrollably, and flew towards Yan Zhaoge’s hands!

The ratan shoes Daoist was shocked.

He didn’t care about anything else and immediately unleashed his attack.

Five clouds of smoke with different colors appeared from his five fingers continuously and enveloped Yan Zhaoge.

The five smoke colors were respectively green, yellow, crimson, white, and black.

“It’ll be bad to come in contact with the Smallpox department’s supreme martial art.” Yan Zhaoge flipped his palm and used his martial arts to push the smoke away from him.

Then, the smokes started going back towards the ratan shoes Daoist!

The ratan shoes Daoist was surprised and quickly retracted back his martial art.

The other Immortal Court heretics beside him were also avoiding the smokes at all costs.

After a short delay, the jade slip fell into the hands of Yan Zhaoge.

He fiddled it in his hands, and was in a daze, “The item’s still here, but the owner is long gone!”

Seeing this scene, the ratan shoes Daoist’s expression turned pale.

Relating everything Yan Zhaoge had previously said, the ratan shoes Daoist was in disbelief, “You mean that you killed Frigid Thunder Ruan You have an Immortal Artifact with you”

“How should I put it” Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “She died because of me.

She did die because of an Immortal Artifact, but that Immortal Artifact doesn’t belong to me.”

His words caused the ratan shoes Daoist and the other Immortal Court experts to feel unease.

They wanted to refute Yan Zhaoge by saying how much nonsense he was spewing out.

However, after seeing Yan Zhaoge’s capabilities of easily stealing away the jade slip, they didn’t dare to say anything else.

“Actually, all of you don’t have to worry about the condition of Daoist Ruan.

Be more worried about yourselves first.” Yan Zhaoge kept the jade slip and smiled with his teeth showing.

The group of heretic experts all became serious.

“The reason why you’re all able to push open the Immortal Door is because the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord had brought all of you to drill through the loopholes of the laws of heavens and earth.” The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth raised.

He strode forward, “Today, I also decided to use the loopholes of other laws.”

“Welcome! Coincidentally, I’m lacking some experimental subjects!


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