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“My peers pray sincerely, and we worship the Heavenly Lord with respect.

How can such a heretic monster like you discriminate against our peers like that”

Hearing Yan Zhaoges words, the ratan shoes Daoist and the Immortal Court experts were all refuting against Yan Zhaoge.

However, they didnt have any more confidence and certainty that they previously had when looking at Yan Zhaoge.

Although the teenager in front of them had yet to push open the Immortal Door, with the strength he had previously displayed, he would be a threat to their lives if he possessed an Immortal Artifact.

As he thought of it, the ratan shoes Daoist had the desire to retreat.

This time, the way the situation escalated had exceeded their imaginations by a vast amount.

Initially, they thought that they could keep the Pill Hall as their loot.

From the looks of it now, the truth was far from what they imagined.

The ratan shoes Daoist stared at Yan Zhaoge, while he was secretly making a move.

Although the jade slip was snatched away, he had a way to retrieve it.

He was secretly writing numerous runes.

They floated away without making any sounds and transformed into green smoke, which dispersed within the Purple Divine Pavilion.

The Purple Divine Pavilion trembled slightly, and the ancient pavilion started experiencing transformations.

Rays of radiance appeared and befell upon the ratan shoes Daoist and his companions.

Then, their figure slowly faded, and they were slowly disappearing from the pavilion.

Currently, the ratan shoes Daoists desire wasnt to take over the Purple Divine Pavilion and taking control of the Pill Halls controlling authority from Yan Zhaoges hands.

After all, his strength was too frightening.

He could only hope to leave the Pill Hall, and retreat from the Dao universe.

After returning to the Immortal Court, he would then slowly plot on the matters of revenge.

Seeing how the retreat was about to succeed, the group of Immortal Court experts secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Yan Zhaoge looked at their actions in amusement and did not stop them.

The ratan shoes Daoist and his companions came out of the Purple Divine Pavilion, and the vast cosmos reappeared in front of their eyes.

“Were still within the Awakened Sky Hall.

Well have to make our way out of the hall.” After the ratan shoes Daoist made out their current location, he then brought them along to traverse through the void.

Only, it wasnt as successful as them entering.

After walking around for a long time, the ratan shoes Daoist stopped his pace and displayed an ugly expression.

It was easy to enter but difficult to get out.

They were currently walking in a circle within the Pill Halls cosmos and werent making any progress.

No matter how much the ratan shoes Daoist tried to study the method that his master – Yu Hualong had taught him, it was still hard for him to make any progress within the Pill Hall.

“Curses, that little thief stole the treasure away.” Everyones hearts sank.

They were both angry and anxious.

The ratan shoes Daoist looked at his surroundings.

He saw rays of brilliance appearing one after another within the cosmic void.

The brilliances intertwined with each other, and slowly gathered into one spot.

The brilliance seemed close to them, and yet it seemed far away as well.

The ratan shoes Daoist could vaguely feel the presence of life force within.

“According to the master, although there were spirit grasses and spirit medicines within the hall, they were all collected from outside and had its storage.

There werent any medicine farms or spiritual farms.

How can there be such a dense life force” The ratan shoes Daoist thought, “Instead, it feels like a person And the numbers amounted to quite a lot as well.”

As he thought of something, the ratan shoes Daoist rushed towards the location where brilliances were gathering around.

The other Immortal Court martial art practitioners also had anger incited deep within their hearts and felt very daring.

They followed after the ratan shoes Daoist and got nearer to the field of brilliance.

The brilliances were the transformation of more than half of the World beyond Worlds that Yan Zhaoge had extracted using the Pill Hall.

Currently, the ritual had yet to stop completely.

The space within wasnt in a stable state.

The people who were absorbed into the Pill Hall could only see a brilliance field in front of their eyes.

They couldnt even differentiate any directions.

Every single kind of phenomenon had yet to return to normal.

The ordinary citizens and martial arts practitioners with a lower cultivation realm were mentally suppressed.

They were currently in a state of unawareness and had no sense of the changes happening to their body and their environment.

It was like a dream.

As such, their state of mind and action didnt have any ripples.

As for the martial art practitioners with a higher level of cultivation, they could still maintain their awareness.

Everyone was forcefully calming themselves down, and were waiting for the moment the truth would be revealed.

However, uncertainty was written clearly on their faces.

At this moment, the scene in front of them changed.

The flow of light became unstable.

The brilliance became ethereal, just like a fine gauze.

The figure of the ratan shoes Daoist and the other Immortal Court experts appeared in front of them.

The bright scene in the Immortal Courts martial art practitioners eyes did not change.

However, their figures were seen by those from the World beyond Worlds.

Only, the two sides were unable to communicate.

Looking at the strange and unfamiliar group of experts, the people from the World beyond Worlds felt curious.

“People from the Roving Jade Heavens Or did they come from other parts of the cosmic void” Everyone was guessing.

Although their origins were unknown, the prosperous aura emitted from the ratan shoes Daoist and the others shocked their mind.

“Why does it feel like… Theyre all Immortal Realm experts that had pushed open the Immortal Door”

“I was once lucky enough to witness the great battle between the Brocade Emperor and the Mars Halberd.

The auras ripples do seem similar…”

“However, where did so many True Immortal Emperors come from The Roving Jade Heavens doesnt have so many True Immortal experts!”

Hearing other peoples discussions, the Southeastern Exalt – Cao Jie, the Northeastern Exalt – Liu Zheng, and the Southwestern Exalt – Bai Tao were looking at each other.

None of them said anything.

They knew clearly who the group of people in front of them were.

Immortal Court!

While the other World beyond Worlds martial art practitioners werent aware of their origins, they could sense the hostility from the ratan shoes Daoist and Immortal Court experts.

The group of Immortal Court experts was closing in on them.

Although they werent comparable to the orthodox Daoism people, like the Brocade Emperor or the Mars Halberd, they were ultimately still True Immortals For regular martial art practitioners.

They were considered a huge mountain which they would never get to reach.

When a True Immortal Emperor descends upon the mortal realm, it would already be like a Heavenly Tribulation.

Currently, numerous True Immortals were striding forward together.

The insurmountable aura caused everyone from the World beyond Worlds to be out of breath!

Just as everyone was in a state of panic, they realized that a shapeless barrier exists between the two sides.

On their opposite, the ratan shoes Daoist and the others werent able to get close to the sea of brilliance formed by the light streams condensation.

After discovering this, the group of Immortal Court experts feeling of unease got even stronger.

“Why are all of you so anxious to leave” Yan Zhaoges figure appeared within the cosmos as if he was the monarch of this domain.

The group of Immortal Court experts could neither retreat nor advance.

Rage incited within their blood, and they all lunged themselves towards Yan Zhaoge together!

The people of the World beyond Worlds who were now within the sea of brilliance were all holding their breath.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, and his right hands index finger and middle finger stood up like a sword.

He then pointed it in the air.

The sword resembled an Azure Dragon and looked extremely outstanding.

As it was flying, its boundless sinister aura shot towards the skies.

A sharp brilliance shot out from the body of the Azure Dragon.

It caused the skies to shine with a bloody red, and it transformed into an extremely ruthless sword splendor filled with killing intent.

After unleashing this sword attack, Yan Zhaoge immediately released another attack.

The air currents rose, and yin and yang were intermingled.

A turtle and a snake were coiled around each other.

One was tough, and the other was subtle.

The divine essence of the Xuanwu appeared and suppressed everything around it.

Immediately afterward, the Xuanwu followed after the Azure Dragons footsteps.

Rays of sharp brilliances shot out from within its body and were gushing out like blood.

Then, Yan Zhaoge unleashed his third and fourth attacks!

The ethereal and enchanting Vermillion Bird extended its wings and flew high up the skies while the ferocious White Tiger filled with killing intent let out a low growl.

Immediately after, the Vermillion Bird and the White Tiger were both slain by Yan Zhaoge!

The four swords were unleashed together, and rays of sinister sword lights intertwined within the cosmos.

Then, they formed into a profound spiritual light, and came pouring downwards!

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