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Chapter 1313: Yan Zhaoges Fallen Deity Sword

Yan Zhaoge unleashed the four swords in a row.

The seemingly simple four swords contained various kinds of laws within its subtle Supreme Martial Art.

Other than the Jade Clear lineages Late Heaven Six Scriptures and the Prime Clear lineages Numinous Treasure Four Swords, there were also four other Supreme Martial Arts.

There was the Coiling Dragon Sleeve sword stance that his lineage had created, which fused in various other Supreme Martial Arts.

They disposed of all the impurities, and only kept the essence of other Supreme Martial Arts within.

Other than that, there was still the three Supreme Martial Arts recorded within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Martial Repository.

The Xuanwu Fist Scripture, the Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture, and the Seven Killings Extremities Scripture.

In the first attack, he used the Jade Clears Life Creation Heavenly Scripture to nurture the Coiling Dragon Sleeve, which unleashed the phenomena of an Azure Dragon.

After that, he used the Prime Clear Immortal Slaughtering Sword to slay the Azure Dragon.

The immeasurable amount of life force instantly turned into boundless killing intent and the aura of perishment.

In the second attack, he used the Jade Clear Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture to nurture the Xuanwu Fist Scripture and formed the Xuanwu phenomena, with the turtle and the snake coiling around each other.

Then, he used the Prime Clear Immortal Exterminating Sword to slay the Xuanwu and caused yin and yang to collapse.

He broke through various kinds of laws contained within.

In the third attack, he unleashed the phenomena of the Vermillion Bird by using both the Jade Clear Spatial Heavenly Scripture and the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.

Then, he used the Prime Clear Immortal Trapping Sword to slay the Vermillion Bird.

It caused space to collapse, and he broke through nothingness.

In his fourth attack, he used the Jade Clear Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture and the Hearts Will Heavenly Scripture to nurture the Seven Killings Extremities Scripture, which unleashed the phenomena of the White Tiger.

Then, it was slain using the Prime Clear Immortal Ending Sword.

When the transformation of the Hearts Will displayed the White Tigers mightiness, it was then killed to stop it from killing.

The world then returned to its peaceful state.

When the four attacks were unleashed together, the strength contained within each attack remained in the cosmos for a long time and did not disperse even after an extended amount of time had passed.

The sword intents were fused with each other.

The ruthless destructive aura was then dispersed and was merged into a profound and subtle aura.

There wasnt any differentiation of directions within the cosmos.

However, at this moment, the group of Immortal Court experts felt the existence directions within the cosmos.

Currently, Yan Zhaoge seemed like he was standing on a high platform, and was looking down on them.

A Martial Saint, a Human Immortal.

Even if it has the word “Immortal” in it, he still wasnt a true Immortal Realm expert.

Without truly challenging the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, he was still considered a moral.

As for the Immortal Realm experts that had pushed open the Immortal Door, they werent humans anymore.

They resided high up by the mortal skies and looked at mortal affairs with smiles on their faces.

Things should have been like this.

However, the two sides were now swapped over.

These True Immortal Emperors were now at the “bottom” part of the space.

One person was by the “upper” part of the space, looking down on them.

It made everyone feel disbelief.

It was something that was beyond their knowledge.

And yet, it was currently happening.

Not only were the people from the Immortal Court shocked, but even the people from the World beyond Worlds at the side were also currently in a daze.

Yan Zhaoge possessed peerless talents, able to go against True Immortal with a mortal human body.

Without mentioning someone from a faraway era, there was Chen Qianhua against the Myriad Emperor and Nie Jingshen against the Heavenly Emperor.

Yan Zhaoges strength was robust.

When he was still in the Martial Saint Ninth Level, he could contend against the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and the Earth Exalt – Wang Zhengcheng even with the two of them working together.

It truly made everyones eyes pop out due to shock.

However, the fight was ultimately based on strength.

It didnt give one the feeling of the highs and lows of the realms being distorted.

Today, everyone felt it.

At this moment, the world and history that they had all known of in the past became unreal.

After Yan Zhaoges sword-lights were fused into one, it appeared to be ethereal.

It stood at where Yan Zhaoge stood, “high” up within the cosmos.

Then, like a heavens river pouring down its waters, it started pouring down towards the ratan shoes Daoist below it!

“This sword of mine is called Fallen Deity.”

Yan Zhaoges voice seemed to have resounded from the Nine Heavens.

The ethereal sword-lights also poured down a downpour, and first landed upon the ratan shoes Daoist.

The ratan shoes Daoists instincts told him that something was off.

Although Yan Zhaoge didnt possess any Immortal Artifacts, the ratan shoes Daoist still activated his martial arts to block Yan Zhaoges attacks instinctively.

He wasnt acting like how he was previously, ignoring a human martial art practitioners attacks with his True Immortal Leakless form.

However, when Yan Zhaoges Fallen Deity Swords sword-light flashed across him, the ratan shoes Daoist immediately felt something hanging across his body.

The Immortal qi that he had worked hard to cultivate for were still plentiful.

However, it didnt belong to him anymore.

They now seemed only to be stored within his body temporarily.

At this moment, his True Immortal form seemed to have reverted to the mortal form of a human, just like a mere outer shell that was filled with plenty of Immortal qi.

“This…” The ratan shoes Daoist was shocked.

All of a sudden, he froze in place.

Ever since he pushed open the Immortal Door, he had never experienced such creepy stuff!

Even if Yan Zhaoge unleashed the Immortal Exterminating Four Swords together and laid down the long lost Immortal Exterminating Formation, capable of killing a True Immortal without the assistance of external power, the ratan shoes Daoist wouldnt be surprised.

In fact, he would be surprised if Yan Zhaoge could do it by himself, even if the formation requires a group of Martial Saints to work together.

However, there was no need to mention the Immortal Exterminating Formation.

After all, this attack from Yan Zhaoge wasnt even a Prime Clear Sword Art!

There werent any hints of murderous intents contained within, and there werent any hints of cruelty.

It was so profound and subtle, yet so ethereal.

The sword-lights poured down from the skies, resembling the punishment of Heavenly Dao.

It struck the ratan shoes Daoist from the Immortal Realm all the way down to the mortal realm!

In an instant, numerous phenomena reappeared within the ratan shoes Daoists mind and were flashing by very quickly.

It was the flashbacks of him pushing open the Immortal Door with extreme enthusiasm.

It was engraved deep within his memories and was one of the most fantastic memories in his life.

Currently, he was reliving his old experiences within his mind.

However, the thing that shocked him was, everything was playing backward!

Everything was turned upside down.

The ratan shoes Daoist looked at himself being pushed out of the Immortal Door, and the illusory door closed right in front of his eyes!

This feeling didnt last for a long time.

It only happened in an instant.

However, the ratan shoes Daoist didnt have any moment to let out a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, another sword fell from the sky and reached in front of him!

Yan Zhaoges left hands index finger and middle finger were standing straight.

Then, the tip of his fingers pierced through the ratan shoes Daoists forehead.

His actions were straightforward, and there werent any hints of mundaneness.

As his finger retracted, the ratan shoes Daoist was still standing on the ground dumbfoundedly.

His expression was still changing, and something seemed to be flashing within his eyes.

In the next instant, Immortal qi surged from the ratan shoes Daoists body.

He seemed to have reverted to his original state, and he was still a Leakless True Immortal.

However, the bloody hole in his forehead remained.

Blood was gushing out from it.

A True Immortal had blood continuously gushing out from him as if he had the body of a mortal being.

Although he seemed to have reverted to his original state, only an empty shell was left.

His life force had already dissipated.

As his life force dissipated, his body was also corroding quickly.

No matter if it was the group of Immortal heretics, of the crowd of people from the World beyond Worlds, they were all silent.

Everyones mind went blank for a while.

Only a voice resounded.

“… Dead… Is he dead Hes really dead!”

“Without borrowing the advantage of terrain, without using an Immortal Artifact, and using his cultivation, a Martial Saint defeated a True Immortal Emperor with his bare hands”

Everyone stared at Yan Zhaoge in a daze, “…Fallen Deity”

In the past, this title was used to describe Yan Zhaoges unparalleled talents.

He was like a Heavenly Immortal that had descended upon the human realm.

Ultimately, he would have to return to the Immortal Realm.

Now, everyone thought of the other meaning these words contained.

One was an extremely old one, while the other was its initial meaning.

A Deity being cast down to the mortal realm!

Fallen Deity Sword.

Yan Zhaoges sword.

The sword that cast a True Immortal down to the mortal realm!

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