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Chapter 1315: In the Wider World, There are More Talented People

“Supreme Exalt…”

Everyone silently thought back to what had just happened and were all in a daze.

“Without a doubt, hes the strongest Martial Saint in history and is the highest existence among humans.

Even if someone from the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm came, they would still be impressed,” said the Northeastern Exalt – Liu Zhenggu in a seemingly praiseful manner, “Supreme Exalt.

He deserves the title, as he truly lives up to it.

Wang Pu sighed and said, “Someone like junior apprentice-brother Yan has never appeared in history before.

I dont think there would be anyone in the future that is capable of similar feats, right”

“Even since the world was created, numerous centuries had passed, and only one appeared,” said Liu Zhenggu with a straight face.

“Its not that easy to nurture another one in this caliber.”

Qiu Jiahai muttered to himself, which seemed to contain both praise and irony, “Were witnessing history!”

Everyone nodded upon hearing his statement.

As for the Southeastern Swordmistress and the others that originated from the Southeastern Yang Heavenly Territory, they were feeling overly emotional.

In the past, Yan Zhaoge had almost risen from their watch.

At that time, Yan Zhaoge and his father and the entire world werent aware of their own identity.

However, they were already creating one legend after another since then.

Until they become a living legend.

Although Yan Zhaoge had yet to push open the Immortal Door, he would engrave an indelible mark of his own in history.

“I was born too late and didnt get to witness the establishment of the World beyond Worlds in the past.

However, I witnessed the Exalted Fire ascending the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm and managed to witness the World beyond Worlds being divided.

Ive witnessed some historical events now.”

Liu Zhenggu lightly stroked his beard, “I never expected things to go on still.

Today, I even witnessed the incredible feat done by Supreme Yan.”

The hale and hearty tall old man sighed and said, “Our orthodox Daoism will have the chance to reach its prime.

I wouldnt have any more regrets in this life.

Everyone had an emotional expression on their faces upon hearing his words.

Only the Broad Creed Mountains old Chief – Yuan Zhengfengs expression was still calm.

He had much more qualifications to speak of personally witnessing the rise of Yan Zhaoge than the Southeastern Yang Heavenly Territory people.

The old Chief wasnt as surprised and praiseful and the others, He was only filled with joy.

He had always believed that Yan Zhaoge was going to radiate with a peerless radiance.

The things that happened today were merely testifying his thoughts.

The Pill Halls internal cosmos finally returned to silence.

Every Immortal Court martial art practitioners within were all killed by Yan Zhaoge!

Yan Zhaoge seemed to have done something insignificant.

His figure disappeared from the cosmos and reappeared within the Pill Halls core hub – the Purple Divine Pavilion.

He formed seals with his hands and pressed them together on the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace at the same time.

As the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace trembled, the ritual started operating.

With the Purple Divine Pavilion as the center, a circle of halo after another started expanding within the halls cosmos.

The entire Pill Hall trembled as well and started exerting more force.

The purple mist surrounding the White Jade Immortal Palace turned into a sea of clouds and continuously expanded to its surroundings.

The heart of the Immortal Court experts fighting against Feng Yunsheng and Yue Zhenbei sank, “They failed!”

The rolling sea of clouds held hostility towards the Immortal Court experts.

Rays of golden lights shone down.

The group of heretic experts was already facing difficulty in dealing with their opponents.

Now, it made it harder to endure.

The situation they worked so hard to maintain was instantly reversed.

Feng Yunsheng and Yue Zhenbei immediately switched from defense to offense.

Yue Zhenbeis sword-light surged explosively, and immediately sliced an Immortal Courts Immortal Sovereign into two!

Simultaneously, the Heavenly Monarch of the Immortal Court frowned after feeling the surge of Feng Yunshengs ruthless blade intent, which she had retracted previously, “Retreat first.

Dont fight against the odds.

Well take revenge against them later.”

He first helped the group of Immortal Courts Profound Immortal Sovereigns fend off Yue Zhenbeis attack and dodged the attacks from Feng Yunsheng Pill Hall.

Then, he took the lead to break out.

Yan Zhaoge gave commands to the Pill Hall.

Rays of golden lights resembling chains surged out and trapped the opponent.

Feng Yunshengs blade came descending.

The Immortal Courts Heavenly Monarch let out a tragic groan and forcefully took the hit.

The brilliance around him became a mess.

He did not think of counter-attacking and did not remain any further.

He took the others and quickly ran away.

In such an instant, another Immortal Court Sovereign died by Yue Zhenbeis blade.

After the group of heretic Immortals left the World beyond Worlds, they didnt dare to remain by the Dao universe.

They retreated to the voids outskirts.

Yan Zhaoge did not chase after them.

Instead, he shifted his focus towards the connection of his ritual with the World beyond Worlds.

As Yan Zhaoge was slightly distracted, the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen had made significant progress.

Not only did he manage to stabilize the remaining lands of the World beyond Worlds, but he was also even attempting to pull back the World beyond Worlds territory dragged away by the Pill Hall.

Yan Zhaoges plottings were limited by time, and could only make his preparations within the World beyond Worlds.

He wasnt able to clear away the marks left by other bigwig experts previously.

Even if the Western Exalt – Lang Qing werent in the western Turtle Heaven Territory, Yan Zhaoge wouldnt have the time to modify that area completely.

The northern Profound Heaven Territory was related to the land of tranquil streams by the outskirts.

Even if he wanted to, he wouldnt be able to take it away.

Jiang Shen was currently relying on the Northwestern, Northern, and Western Territory to fight against Yan Zhaoge with brute force in the central Jun Heaven Territory.

As long as Yan Zhaoges ritual failed, Jiang Shen would succeed.

Making preparations for the ritual once more consumes way too much time, energy, and resources.

When that happens, without mentioning the actions of the Immortal Court, the North Star Emperors attention might have already shifted back to the World beyond Worlds.

Even if there were Feng Yunsheng and Yue Zhenbei present, Jiang Shen still wanted to risk it.

Unfortunately, Yan Zhaoge wouldnt give him the chance to do so.

Yan Zhaoge was walking around the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace within the Purple Divine Pavilion.

He took Aura Steps, stepping it in the placement of the Nine Palace formation of the Lo Shu Square.

He struck his palm nine times in the air, and all of them landed upon the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

Rays of radiance flickered from the surface of the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

They formed into nine chains of lights and sunk into each part of the pavilion.

Then, the nine chains of lights started twitching in reverse!

The White Jade Immortal Palace released an unprecedented radiance and shone thoroughly throughout the entire World beyond Worlds and the void around it.

The powers of the boundaries distorted and formed overlapping pathways that resembled trials.

They appeared within the cosmos and were connecting the worlds within the World beyond Worlds.

Numerous wounds of the skies were connecting the World beyond Worlds together with various other lower realms!

Currently, the pathway of the boundaries was transferred to the White Jade Palace.

The White Jade Palace released the roar of the Great Dao and caused Jiang Shen to retreat.

Then, the majestic Immortal Palace dragged the various lower realms with the lights rays and pulled them into the halls door!

Eight Extremities World.

Vast Ocean World.

Floating Life World.

Floating Gate World…

Hundreds of thousands of lower realms were surging one after another into the purple sea of clouds, just like hundreds of rivers flowing into a sea, into the White Jade Palace!

Jiang Shen, who was within the World beyond Worlds, could only watch this scene unfolding.

He was powerless to do anything.

“In the wider world, there are more talented people…” The Myriad Emperor and the others were standing by the Kunlun Mountains, witnessing everything happening by the void with complicated emotion.

Feng Yunsheng and Yue Zhenbei also entered the Pill Hall together.

As the White Jade Palace trembled, its doors closed.

It transformed into streams of lights and traversed through the vast space of the universe.

It shot out of the Dao universe, and went straight into the voids outskirts!

With this departure, they werent people of the World beyond Worlds anymore.

They had now established their new world!

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