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HSSB132: A sincere Yan Zhaoge


The Magnetite Elder was currently suppressing the abnormalities in the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein with all his might, but at this moment, the entire quarry was as though it was about to collapse.

Luckily, Shan Shiweng and Elder Zuo were present as well.

With the three Infinite Boundless Mountain bigwigs working in unison, they were finally able to stabilise the vein.

What made those of Infinite Boundless Mountain want to cry yet not have the tears to do so was the fact that Yan Zhaoge’s and Zhao Hao’s earlier work had all gone down the drain.

Elder Zuo sucked in a deep breath, controlling his own emotions as he looked towards Zhao Hao, asking in a deep tone, “How did this happen”

Zhao Hao’s brows were tightly knit as he was completely fixated on the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein before him which suddenly seemed completely foreign to him.

Not even answering Elder Zuo’s question, not even waiting for the abnormalities within the quarry to be completely quelled, bearing the quaking of the surrounding land, he quickly went forward to stroke the pith of the quarry.

After a moment, Zhao Hao’s face abruptly sunk, “It’s completely changed…the Broken Vein Resuming Flow technique is no longer usable; if it were used, it would only damage the vein further!”

“Just what…” Zhao Hao suddenly swivelled his head to look at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge noticed that Zhao Hao was staring at him, yet treated it like it was nothing.

Also looking stunned, he too appraised the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein, carefully checking the pith of the quarry.

After a moment, he shook his head, “My Piercing Scouting technique is also no longer usable.”

Elder Zuo stared at Zhao Hao, “Was it an accident in the operation, with the method still being able to be used, or was it a problem with the method itself”

At Elder Zuo’s question, Zhao Hao was silent, as he only stared at Yan Zhaoge.

While his knowledge of Giant Spirit Magnetite veins was inferior to Yan Zhaoge’s, it was also not low, and he could vaguely feel now that, he had been set up by Yan Zhaoge!

He had previously believed that Yan Zhaoge’s Piercing Scouting technique, while not having caused any visible changes, had instead boosted the effects of his Broken Vein Resuming Flow technique.

But actually, perhaps it was because Yan Zhaoge had silently altered the state of the vein before performing the Piercing Scouting technique that his Broken Vein Resuming Flow technique had not just failed, but had even caused the whole place to almost blow to the high heavens.

At Zhao Hao’s enraged gaze, Yan Zhaoge pretended completely not to see it, as he instead checked the pith of the quarry with a puzzled look on his face, “Such a change was really out of my expectations; this way, this matter will be somewhat harder to handle.”

The Magnetite Elder had a bitter look on his face, as Shan Shiweng was also frowning.

Both of them as well as Elder Zuo looked somewhat suspiciously between Yan Zhaoge and Zhao Hao.

Because the abnormalities caused by the Broken Vein Resuming Flow technique earlier had caused a large change in the flow of spiritual qi in the vein itself as well as the surrounding environment.

Although they had reacted quickly enough, joining hands to suppress the abnormalities, all the earlier details had been completely wiped out, rendering it hard for them to identify what exactly had led to the scene currently before their eyes.

They also vaguely suspected that Yan Zhaoge had perhaps tampered with things, but lacked any actual evidence.

And what was most significant was the fact that as compared to Zhao Hao who was already completely out of ideas, the restoration of the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein currently still depended on Yan Zhaoge.

Still having to rely on this junior of Broad Creed Mountain at the end of the day-this caused Shi Weng and the others to feel somewhat dejected.

Shan Shiweng let out a dry cough, “Just now, you mentioned that there is still a technique that can allow the vein to recover to ninety percent”

Belonging to the faction of Infinite Boundless Mountain that leaned towards Broad Creed Mountain, he had not opened his mouth to mock Yan Zhaoge just now.

Now, he could finally at least ease the atmosphere a bit.

Meanwhile, Elder Zuo and the Magnetite Elder both felt awkward to the point of not uttering a sound.

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “There is indeed still a method.

However, it was targeted at the previous state of the vein.

I will have to survey the area once more to check whether it is currently still usable.”

Shan Shiweng let out a bitter laugh as he nodded, “Experienced and steady; having such a son, Yan Di should be happy.”

Hearing Shan Shiweng’s evaluation of Yan Zhaoge, the crowd of Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples nearly spat out blood, wanting to rebut, yet unable to do so.

His face livid, Zhao Hao stood rooted to the spot.

How could he not understand that whilst complimenting Yan Zhaoge, Shan Shiweng had also been reprimanding him!

Lacking in abilities, yet still advancing recklessly!

While he had not expressly said these words, Zhao Hao could feel everyone’s gazes currently on him, obviously all reprimanding him this way.

A short while ago, he had still been a hero who had suddenly risen up from nowhere; now, he had already fallen from the heavens to the bottom of the lowest pit.

He had wanted to create a name for himself in Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Originally, he would have done so in a more brilliant way than any of the other Infinite Boundless Mountain younger generation disciples, but now, in a feat that had never been seen before from the dawn of history, after having taken that one great step into the heavens, he had been, instantly and directly, stomped into the ground!

Much less rising, he had instead ended up in a pit full of mud.

Although the Magnetite Elder had quelled the abnormalities in the vein in a timely manner, and there had not truly been any irreversible losses, he could predict that his, Zhao Hao’s following days in Infinite Boundless Mountain might not pass so smoothly.

As the one who had referred Zhao Hao, Elder Zuo similarly heard that meaning in Shan Shiweng’s words as he could only feel a hot, burning pain on his face.

As he carefully checked the pith of the quarry, Yan Zhaoge heard Feng Yunsheng’s voice sound by his ears, “Was this all part of your plan”

“When I heard Zhao Hao say that his method could restore the vein to seventy percent, I then knew for certain,” Yan Zhaoge said, “The method which could restore the vein to seventy percent is the Broken Vein Resuming Flow technique, while the Piercing Scouting technique can actually restore it to eighty percent.

I deliberately suppressed the effects a little, whilst these two techniques, regardless of order of execution, would definitely come into conflict.”

“I need to thank Zhao Hao; otherwise, I also wouldn’t have been able to easily make Infinite Boundless Mountain accept the other Thunder Element Revival Art.”

Hearing his words, Feng Yunsheng asked, “What if Zhao Hao went first Wouldn’t the one to damage the vein be you then”

“In that case, I definitely wouldn’t be so foolish as to go on with the original plan, directly moving on to the backup plan, although it would be slightly more troublesome,” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “However, personality dictates destiny-this Junior Brother Zhao didn’t let me down.”

Yan Zhaoge went through the motions of carefully surveying the pith of the quarry, next closing his eyes as though pondering for a time, before he finally looked at Shan Shiweng, “My second method is still usable.”

“It’s just that there is a small problem with this technique, which your clan might not be able to accept so easily,” Yan Zhaoge paused slightly, “The effects would obviously be better, but I still didn’t employ it earlier-this was the reason for that.”

Shan Shiweng asked, “Now, only this method remains, is it”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “At the very least, other than it, I have no other solutions for the time being.”

Glancing at the silent, unspeaking Zhao Hao, Shan Shiweng made a decision, “Just say it!”

If a new, large Giant Spirit Magnetite vein suddenly appeared outside the Mountain Domain, Infinite Boundless Mountain would do everything to obtain it whatever the costs.

If the situation so forced it, they even wouldn’t mind going to the war with the other Sacred Grounds!

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s current need for Giant Spirit Magnetite veins was already an extremely urgent one.

Yan Zhaoge answered, “The name of this technique, is the Thunder Element Revival Art.”

“Thunder Element…Revival Art” Hearing this name, Shan Shiweng, Elder Zuo, the Magnetite Elder and the others all had their hearts jump involuntarily, as a bad feeling vaguely welled up within their hearts.

Yan Zhaoge continued, “This technique, requires the use of an item.”

As he lightly clapped his hands, Ah Hu walked up beside him, a box within his hands.

He opened the box, within which was placed a purplish-blue piece of jade.

Within the piece of jade, faint blue lights of thunder was shining, rumbling noises even being emitted from within as they seemed to reveal a human silhouette.

“Thunderbolt Soul Jade!”

Seeing this item, the faces of Shan Shiweng and the others all darkened.

At this point, Elder Zuo also couldn’t be concerned with his face anymore as he raised his head to stare at Yan Zhaoge, “Your method, definitely requires the use of this”

Thunderbolt Soul Jade, a supreme treasure unique to the Thunder Domain, rare beyond compare, of great use to the Heavenly Thunder Hall!

The importance of Thunderbolt Soul Jade in the eyes of Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners was in no way inferior to the importance of Giant Spirit Magnetite in the eyes of Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Because of its rarity, its demand completely couldn’t be met at all, leading to an extreme shortage of it.

It was rare to the point that even if Infinite Boundless Mountain wanted to trade for it with the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Heavenly Thunder Hall would also adamantly reject their offer.

If the Sacred Sun Clan wanted to try to make use of this to team up with the Heavenly Thunder Hall in forcing Infinite Boundless Mountain into an alliance, it would instead aggravate the Heavenly Thunder Hall first.

In the eyes of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, none of the other resources of the Eight Extremities World were the equal of the Thunderbolt Soul Jade.

Looking at how these Infinite Boundless Mountain bigwigs had the look of wanting to gobble people up, Yan Zhaoge said innocently, “So, from the start, I completely hadn’t intended to bring this method up.”

“In coming here, my clan’s intentions are to help your clan, enhancing the collaborative relationship between our two sides, hoping that the both of us can form an alliance and face the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall together.

We did not deliberately instigate any trouble on purpose.”

As he said thus, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze brimmed with sincerity.


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