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Chapter 1318: The Hidden Dangers Of The Pill Hall

Yan Zhaoge looked at Feng Yunsheng and said with a soft voice, “Other than a small number of us, no one else knew about the Shadow Devils visit here this time.”

“The Shadow Devil knew what had happened.

However, everyone knows that a Devils words cant be trusted.”

“Besides, even without your plan, the Nine Underworlds would use the World beyond Worlds havoc to gain their advantage.”

Feng Yunsheng smiled slightly and shook her head slightly.

“Fine…” Yan Zhaoge let out a sigh, “Ill send you over.”

He clapped his palms together, and rays of golden lights flickered from within the Purple Divine Pavilion.

They surrounded Feng Yunsheng, and Feng Yunshengs silhouette slowly disappeared.

Seeing her disappearing silhouette, worry appeared in the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbeis eyes, “Misfortune lies in blessings, and vice versa.

Its hard to say if its a misfortune or a blessing…”

Yan Zhaoge nodded silently, “Looking at it from a different perspective, its the same as the matters within the World beyond Worlds this time.

Its the battle of bigwigs in a much higher realm.

However, its merely starting now.

It has yet to explode.”

His eyes shrank slightly, “We have a chance as well.”

Yue Zhenbei looked at Yan Zhaoge.

After a long while, he smiled lightly and praised Yan Zhaoge, “Its great that you have such thoughts.”

“As long as its affairs that involve humans, we shouldnt just rely on fate.

We should try our best to fight for it,” said Yan Zhaoge with a smile.

“Now, although our first plan has succeeded, we have to be more cautious in the future.

Otherwise, we might lose everything as well.”

Yue Zhenbei looked around the Purple Divine Pavilion, “You want to thoroughly open up the Pill Halls internal cosmos, and turn it into an independent and stable cosmos thats able to reside by the voids outskirts, just like the Dao universe.

How are your preparations going”

Extracting the territories from the World beyond Worlds, and combining them with the most core area of the Pill Hall to form a whole new world.

Then, the lower realms like the Eight Extremities Worlds would establish a stable connection with the new world, just like they had previously with the World beyond Worlds.

The Pill Halls outer appearance would appear blurry, while its internal cosmos would expand outwards to form a shapeless “wall” once more, which serves to separate the world from the voids outskirts.

With this, the entire Pill Hall would turn into a brand new universe.

While the size of its territories wouldnt be as large as the Nine Underworlds, the Astro Mountains Starry Sea, the Blessed Lands, the Immortal Court, or the Dao universe, it was still a new independent space.

The various worlds within were in order and would form its system.

Some original functions of the Pill Hall might weaken, but many others would remain, which would then display its usefulness.

With that, the new world that Yan Zhaoge had created for his Three Clear Lineages successors with the Pill Halls assistance would stabilize.

Of course, the primary condition was that they would have to avoid being sighted by other massive forces like the Immortal Court.

Since the cosmos was using the Pill Hall as its foundation, it wasnt fixed in a specific spot.

It would float around the boundless void and would be hard to lock on.

However, they still had to be cautious and prevent other top-notch bigwigs from locating them through the traces they left behind.

“After the medicinal qi accumulated within the Pill Hall disperses, we should be able to continue with the plan.

However, the less residue that remains, the longer the time needed to disperse them.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “To calm down the hearts of the unease, it would naturally be better if it were done faster.

However, we cant rush it.”

When the halls cosmos expands outwards, the residue of pill qi and medicinal qi would also be spread around, exposing its location.

These were the residues contained within the Pill Hall for eons.

In fact, it was filled with shapeless auras of staleness and vintages, as if they were marks engraved within history and space.

One could only slowly disperse the aura.

However, everyone within the Pill Halls cosmos was breathing in the pill qi and medicinal qi every second.

While it would quicken the process of dispersing the pill qi residues, it also granted them insurmountable benefits.

Numerous realms were successfully extracted from the World beyond Worlds and were able to revert to its original appearance within a short amount of time.

However, they were only temporarily pieced together.

It wasnt truly forming its world, and the spirit qis circulation structure wasnt stabilized as well.

While it didnt affect average citizens, the influence it held towards martial art practitioners were huge.

When they breathe in the residue of the pill qi and medicinal qi within the Pill Hall, it would help them cultivate and allow them to pull through the period before the new world was truly being established.

The two sides would obtain what they both wished for.

It was practically killing two birds in one stone.

“How about junior apprentice-brother Yan and Jingshen” asked Yue Zhenbei.

Yan Di and Nie Jingshen were both within the Pill Halls cosmos, breathing in the pill qi while cultivating in seclusion.

When the hall spirit – Awakened Skys artificial body created by various kinds of pills, spirit grasses, and other treasures was dispersed, they had gained benefits from it.

While they were absorbing the benefits received, they would also have to refine and condition it wholeheartedly.

“Although the two of them are still in seclusion, the preparations are already sufficient.

They can break through anytime,” answered Yan Zhaoge.

“Theres no need for them to come out of seclusion with the way things are now.

As such, I did not disturb them.”

Although the preparations were already sufficient, they still needed to condition themselves, which would allow their preparations to be even more complete.

Yue Zhenbei nodded, “Are there any lower realms in the same condition as the northern Profound Heaven Territory”

“There were some.

I had no choice but to leave them.” Yan Zhaoge answered.

Some were similar to the Eight Extremities Worlds as well.

Although they were connected to the Nine Underworlds boundaries, their connection could only be cut off temporarily after being sealed.

Places like the northern Profound Heaven Territory connected with the land of tranquil streams were hard to be thoroughly sealed.

Due to the distortion in space, it wasnt able to be brought away.

“Lets not talk about Linong Mountains Lang Qing.

Its a pity that Northwestern Lian chose to stay at the World beyond Worlds.

Otherwise, I would bring the northwestern Dim Heaven Territory along,” said Yan Zhaoge with a few hints of pity.

Long-term preparation was required to bring away such a vast territory like the Eastern Vast Heaven Territory or the northwestern Dim Heaven Territory.

The Southeastern, Southwestern and Northeastern territories were brought away with Cao Jie and the others assistance.

The mark left behind by the exalts of The Eastern Vast Heaven Territory, and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory were all cleared away by the Broad Creed Mountain, which allowed Yan Zhaoge to do whatever he wanted to.

Removing it required time and stamina as well.

As such, the temporal escape of the Western Exalt – Lang Qing didnt allow Yan Zhaoge to bring the western Turtle Heaven Territory along with him.

The Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin was still in World beyond Worlds.

The treasure that Xue Chuqing had acquired from the northwestern Red Sea had been returned through the Jade Capital Crag.

With the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbeis presence, the two had settled down their grudge against each other.

However, Lian Zulin and the Red Sea lineage still decided to remain in the World beyond Worlds.

“For so many years, the northwestern Red Sea lineage had held deep gratitude towards Jiang Shen.

Little Friend Lians decision was within my expectations,” said Yue Zhenbei in a calm tone.

Although he held gratitude towards Lian Zulin, Lian Zulin had to think for other people within her sect and her ancestors.

No matter what choice she made, Yue Zhenbei would understand.

He turned around, and asked Yan Zhaoge, “About Little Friend Fu and Little Friend He from the Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff, do you have anything prepared for them”

Following the separation of the World beyond Worlds, a division also happened in the Grand Clear lineages Ingenious Flying Peak lineage.

Calling it a division might not be accurate enough.

Maybe, it was for the consideration of the sects lineage.

They didnt want to focus everyone in one particular spot alone.

As such, a part of the cave manors successors within the Ingenious Flying Peak chose to remain by the World beyond Worlds.

Some people had also entered the Pill Hall, with the Red Lotus Cliff as their lead.

They left the World beyond Worlds, and they left the Dao universe.

Among them, Fu Ting and He Xixing were included.

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