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Chapter 1327: Development of the Era

“Just one thing resolved numerous questions you had” Ling Qing looked at Gao Han

Gao Han smiled and said, “I dont know many things.

Isnt it normal for me to have some questions”

Ling Qing glanced at him, shook her head, and remained silent.

Although she was a little surprised, she didnt seem to be interested.

“Does the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor plan to come in contact with Yan Zhaoge, or Daoist Chen, or the others” she asked.

The way Yan Zhaoges side viewed the heretics was different from the North Star Emperor, the Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shen, and the others.

Yan Zhaoges grandfather – Yan Xintang, and his mother – Xue Chuqings Grand Master – Shao Junhuang was more biased to the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperors side.

For the heretics, especially for the Immortal Court, was someone they were willing to dispose of.

Although Gao Han and Ling Qing had previously went up against Yan Zhaoge and the others in the Dao universe for the matters of the world beyond Worlds, it was merely because each of them had their plans.

The clash only happened because of their own needs.

To a certain extent, it was a battle for benefits.

In the general direction, the two sides werent conflicting against each other.

Yan Zhaoges side had managed to win the previous battle and did not suffer from any losses.

As a result, he wouldnt mind it.

On the contrary, Gao Hans clone – Yang Ce, had previously plotted against Chen Xuanzong, which left a crack between their relationship.

“Lets wait for them to appear once more.” Gao Han smiled, “Theyre floating around the voids boundless outskirts, and the number of clues we hold is limited.

Theyre too difficult to locate.”

Ling Qing said, “Lets not mention how Daoist Suo and Daoist Chen views you.

With this matter, their impression of you wont be any good.

Your existence would only make them suspicious.”

Gao Han said indifferently, “What about me”

“You should ask Daoist Jiang this question,” answered Ling Qing in a straightforward manner.

“Daoist Chen would be able to give you an answer as well.”

Gao Hans expression remained unchanged, “The way things had developed for Daoist Chen exceeded my expectations.

After everything had happened, I put in efforts to locate Little Friend Chu and Little Friend Xie and see if I would have any gains.”

He lowered his head and chuckled, “Besides, the Fallen Deity from the Yan Family is very slick.

Im not even certain whos the one being demanding.”

Ling Qing did not say anything and lowered her head to look at Gao Han.

“Your situation… Ill just let you tend to your wounds first,” said Ling Qing plainly.

“Daoist Suo had caused such huge havoc this time.

Even if those fake Buddhas wanted to attack the Immortal Court, they might hold back for a while, and allow those fake Daoists to have the time to hunt Daoist Suo down.”

“Daoist Suo is way too vigorous.

No matter which side of the heretic, they wouldnt be willing to see someone like him alive.”

“The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord is busy chasing after Daoist Suo, while the Immortal Court heretics are busy searching for Yan Zhaoge and the Pill Hall,” said Ling Qing.

“You and I are being targeted by them as well.”

Contrary to Suo Mingzhang, who had always remained silent in search of Shao Junhuangs whereabouts, and only caused a huge commotion recently, she and Gao Han were already being wanted by the Immortal Court and Blessed Lands for thousands of years.

“Although the Maitreya Buddha will purposely grant the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord a little more time, he definitely wouldnt act too generously.” Gao Han forcefully stood up, “Very quickly, another war between the heretics would start.”

Ling Qing waved her hand, and rays of clear lights shone down.

They enveloped Gao Han and brought him along to continue their journey through the boundless void.

“The fight between heretics is a good opportunity for us, but we have to be wary of others taking advantage of the situation as well,” said Ling Qing while cruising.

“The Demon Race and the orthodox Buddhism that were previously conditioning themselves in a low-key manner had both started to make their moves quietly.”

“The Immortal Courts heretics had suffered a huge blow this time.

To prevent the fake Buddhists from attacking, they will find someone to help them.

When that happens, the fake Buddhists will search for assistance as well.” Gao Han smiled, “The Demon Race is already on the verge of taking action.

With this, they can officially reappear within the world and intervene in their matters righteously.”

“On the other hand, the Western Pure Lands might not be willing to take action so early.

Only, they are forced to do so.”

He looked at Ling Qing, “This injury of mine will take a long time to recover.

Guess Ill have to trouble you with the future matters.”

Ling Qing replied, “Theres not enough time for you to recover.”

“Then, I guess Ill just go to battle while being wounded,” said Gao Han indifferently and pretended to let out a sigh.

“For now, just help me deliver this item to someone.”

Ling Qing looked back and took over the item.

After looking at it, she nodded, “Alright.”


Within the Dao universe, far away from the turbulence of the World beyond Worlds, there existed a foreign space.

Its scenery was beautiful and magnificent within that space, and even resembled the World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountain.

As if someone had transported the scenery of the Kunlun Mountain here.

A tall mountain stands in the center of the space.

If someone familiar with the scenery of the World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountain saw this mountain, they would recognize this place, as it was a famous Sacred Grounds in the World beyond Worlds.

Qianhua Peak.

The head of the World beyond Worlds Exalts of Ten Territories in the past, the Upper Exalt – Chen Qianhuas cave manor.

The real Qianhua Peak was still in the World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountain.

The mountain here was merely crafted by someone else.

Currently, the intimidator was standing awkwardly in front of a purple-shirt teenager, “Big brother…”

The purple-clothed teenagers expression was slothful, but his tone seemed annoyed, “You should know that I hate repeating things.”

Without making any movements, the mountain that resembled the Qianhua Peak vanished into thin air within this foreign space, and not even a speck of dust remained.

Chen Kunhuas face was filled with helplessness.

He didnt have Chen Qianhuas weird personality.

Instead, he felt that the World beyond Worlds Qianhua Peak was comfortable and peaceful enough, and even the scenery was a sight to behold.

As a result, he moved everything here.

Usually, Chen Qianhua wouldnt come here, so there werent any problems.

And yet, his big brother came back today.

After seeing the scenery, the outcome was already predictable.

The mountain peaks disappeared, and only the dense forest remained.

The vast foreign space now seemed empty.

Chen Qianhua wasnt feeling the slightest bit of discomfort at all and reverted to his slothful appearance, indifferent to matters around him.

He carried a huge armchair out from the forest and sat on it.

Chen Kunhua asked, “Big brother, why did you come here today”

“I want to give you something,” said Chen Qianhua in a slothful manner.

“Oh, right.

How confident are you in ascending the Exalt Realm”

Chen Kunhua was surprised for a moment, “I still havent accumulated enough cultivation yet.

Although breaking through to the Exalt Realm isnt as dangerous as pushing open the Immortal Door, I still want to polish myself more…”

“You take care of your matters,” said Chen Qianhua indifferently.

He threw something over to Chen Kunhua, “Only after reaching the Martial Saint Tenth Level, would you be able to operate this thing somewhat.”

It was an ancient bronze ruler.

After Chen Qianhua threw it, it didnt fall onto the ground.

Instead, it remained floating in the air.

Chen Kunhua stared at the ancient ruler in shock and was in a daze for a while.

After he came back to his senses, he began breathing rapidly.

It was an Immortal Artifact – the Heavenly Heart Ruler.

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