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“To the Three Clear Ancestors, please forgive me for being so rude,” said Yan Zhaoge slowly.

“Vine Sovereign, youve personally experienced the Great Calamity.

I want to inquire about something from you.”

The Vine Sovereigns expression was calm.

Based on Yan Zhaoges previous statements, she could already guess what Yan Zhaoge wanted to say.

Yan Zhaoge didnt hide it either.

He just gazed at the Vine Sovereign, someone who had survived the Great Calamity.

“Is the Elder Lord still alive”

Such a short sentence made everyone in the room silent.

Everyones breathing seemed to have paused for a moment.

The two words, “Elder Lord,” seemed irrelevant and out of place.

However, as a member of the Three Clear Lineage, everyone present knew who Yan Zhaoge referred to.

The “Elder Lord” was referring to the Supreme Elder Lord, which was the Daoisms Three Clear Grand Masters Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue Grand Master!

“Are you asking if the Elder Lord had taken any action during the process of the Great Calamity” The Vine Sovereigns expression remained unfazed, and her tone seemed ethereal.

Yan Zhaoge replied frankly, “Yes.”

When the Great Calamity had just descended, his consciousness had faded along with the destruction of the Heavenly Court Divine Palaces Martial Repository.

When he finally woke up in the Eight Extremities Worlds, countless years had already passed.

Yan Zhaoge had no memories regarding the process and details of the Great Calamity.

At that time, the Vine Sovereigns cultivation realm wasnt that high.

The information that she knew would be limited.

However, the Vine Sovereigns current identity was unique.

During the past few years, she had been in contact with the Incongruence Divine Mother more than once.

Maybe, she might have a better understanding of what happened in the past.

In fact, she might even hold a much deeper understanding than those born after the Great Calamity, namely Gao Qingxuan, Suo Mingzhang, Chen Xuanzong, and the others.

Yan Zhaoge looked towards the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi beside him, “The origins of your master dates back to a fairly long time.

The Grand Master that established his forces had attended the lecture within the Elder Lords Tu**a Palace.

However, since he left the Tu**a Palace for too long, he wasnt aware of the Tu**a Palaces condition, and was oblivious of the Elder Lords condition during the Great Calamity.”

“After the Great Calamity, all the successive Grand Masters had attempted to locate the path leading towards the Tu**a Palace, but their efforts were to no avail.” Fu Yunchi shook his head.

The Vine Sovereign quietly looked at Yan Zhaoge and Fu Yunchi.

After a while, she said, “During that time, my cultivation was still very weak.

I was only able to escape from the disaster, thanks to Incongruence Divine Mothers protection.

Naturally, I wasnt aware of what happened in the outside world during that time.”

“However, after the Great Calamity, Ive heard the Incongruence Divine Mother mentioning that the Elder Lord did not take any action during the Great Calamity.”

She said word by word, “But, according to the Incongruence Divine Mother, the Elder Lord is still alive!”

Yan Zhaoge nodded and started contemplating.

The Vine Sovereign said slowly, “No ones able to guess the thoughts of the Elder Lord correctly.

We arent able to do so, the devils and heretics arent able to do so as well.”

Yan Zhaoge said softly, “If the Lord of Dao and Virtue had truly transcended, that might explain the situation.”

For the Lord of Dao and Virtue, he could choose to have the heart of a saint, abiding by the will of the great Dao, and view everyone in an equal perspective.

At the same time, he could choose to be like a human, filled with emotions and desires.

He could choose to be either of them with just a mere thought in his mind.

He would help others if he felt like it, and would ignore it if he wasnt willing to.

Everything was based on his own emotions alone.

There wasnt any need for a reason, nor could his emotions be guessed based on logic alone.

There was practically no difference between doing nothing or doing everything.

If he wished to be heartless and remain unbiased like the Heavenly Dao, there was no difference between the Three Clear Lineages, the heretics, and the Buddhists in his perspective.

However, no one could accurately judge what was going on in his mind.

What was even harder to judge was whether he would change his mind all of a sudden.

Compared to this old man, Chen Qianhuas unpredictability paled in comparison.

“If he had truly transcended, why is he still in this world I dont see the Primordial Heavenly Lord Grand Master or the Lord of Numinous Treasure Grand Master either.”

A long time ago, Yan Zhaoge had been curious about this.

After the Great Calamity, when the orthodox Daoism was awaiting its thrive, that was the period where both the heretics – no matter if it was the Immortal Court or the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, were both at their prime.

Under such a situation, the World Beyond Worlds Earthly Sovereigns soft attitude might be forgivable.

However, for such a radical faction like the Roving Jade Heavens, who had always acted aggressively, why didnt the heretics annihilate them

After being informed that the Daoisms Grand Heavenly Immortals like the North Star Emperor, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, and the Incongruence Divine Mother were still alive, he thought he had found his answer.

After all, while it was uncertain, three Grand Heavenly Immortals might threaten the foundations governed by the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

If the three Grand Heavenly Immortals succeeded, they would bring about a large-scale massacre towards the heretics sided with the Future Buddha and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Even if the Future Buddha and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord were to take revenge, their losses were practically impossible to be recuperated.

Such a massive amount of loss would naturally allow the other party to take advantage of the situation.

After all, the two of them were already mortal enemies, to begin with.

The impact of Suo Mingzhang ascending to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm twenty years ago, and the war that lasted until now proved this point.

If the situation didnt force them to do so, the heretics wouldnt massacre everyone within the Dao universe.

The best choice would be to limit the orthodox Daoisms strength to a certain degree, similar to rearing sheep to shave their wool.

This should be the case…

However, after learning of the Demon Race concealing themselves from the world to condition themselves, and the Western Pure Lands still existing, Yan Zhaoge felt that something was off.

Although the Demon Race and the orthodox Buddhism hadnt appeared within the world, they were merely making preparations, choosing the right time to make an appearance.

With them present, the Incongruence Divine Mothers threat and the Southern Longevity Emperors threat to the heretics would weaken by a considerable margin.

The matter of Suo Mingzhang passing the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and ascending the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm was something beyond their expectations, which was why the impact caused lasted even up until now.

If that was the case before Suo Mingzhang managed to ascend to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm, how did the Dao universe manage to remain so peaceful

Yan Zhaoge had always been thinking about this.

Then, he related his thoughts to before the Great Calamity and the rumors he had heard within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

The Great Calamity was something that had been engraved deep within his heart.

Other than that, there were a few other things as well.

These rumors werent secrets before the Great Calamity.

Instead, they were merely some unsolvable mysteries.

Everyone was curious, but no one had the precise answer.

Maybe, only the most top-notch existence within the universe might know the truth behind those mysteries.

After all, many of the mysteries were created because of them.

Other rumors were negligible, but Yan Zhaoge was very conscious of it because it was directly related to the Great Calamity and the decline of the orthodox Daoism.

Is the Supreme Elder Lord still alive

This question might seem inexplicable at first.

Everyone knew that the Three Clear had fused into one and transcended together.

With the Daoism Three Clear Grand Masters transcendence as a symbol, the ancient Investitures of the Gods era had ended, and the era shifted to the Journey to the West era.

However, there was something that made everyone puzzled.

After transcending during the ancient Investitures of the Gods era, the Jade Clear Primordial Heavenly Lord and the Lord of Prime Clear Numinous Treasure had never appeared within the world once more.

However, the Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue, which was also the Supreme Elder Lord, had made an appearance during the mid-ancient Journey to the West era!

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