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Chapter 1336: Taking Away Even the Roving Jade Heavens!

If the Grand Clears Lord of Dao and Virtue had transcended, why was he still in this world

Such contradicting events would naturally arouse the suspicion of others,

This was one of the worlds biggest mysteries of all time.

Was the Supreme Elder Lord that made an appearance and resided in the No Hatred Heavens Tu**a Palace, the actual Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue It was so strange that one couldnt help but doubt it.

Of course, facing such a grand figure, everyone could only bury their doubts deep within their hearts.

No one dared to say anything.

However, after the Journey to the West era, the Elder Lord had disappeared from the world upon entering the New era.

Thus, some rumors started being spread around.

As a result, everyone became even more uncertain.

Before the Great Calamity, Yan Zhaoge contacted this information within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

There was once a bigwig expert who went to the Tu**a Palace, searching for the Elder Lord.

His motive was to prove that the Elder Lord was still alive even before the Great Calamity.

However, a Great Calamity caused the entire orthodox Daoism to fall into a sorry state.

More and more people questioned whether the Elder Lord was still in the world or not.

Yan Zhaoge was suspicious of it as well.

Of course, he was more biased to the statement that the Elder Lord wasnt in the world anymore.

There were many kinds of historical myths in this world, and they were all hard to verify.

If one believed everything without any doubts, they would only be digging a grave for themselves.

Yan Zhaoge had always reminded himself to only use the various legends of his previous lifes memories as a reference.

They absolutely couldnt be forcefully utilized as a source of information here.

Otherwise, his empiricism would only cause everyone to suffer.

Yan Zhaoge had even doubted that the Elder Lord wasnt present throughout the Journey to the West era for a certain period.

Instead, he believed that someone had intimidated his appearance.

However, someone like the Elder Lord couldnt be judged based on typical logical theories alone.

Now, based on the actions of the Immortal Court, the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, and even the Pure Lands and the Astro Mountains Starry Seas, one could vaguely tell that if they didnt have any special intentions, they were remaining cautious to their plan in thoroughly annihilating the entire orthodox Daoism lineages.

Yan Zhaoge only could think of one person, which would make them so cautious.

The Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue!

The Supreme Elder Lord!

“The internal disorder within the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace in the past might not be so simple after all.” Yan Zhaoge thought gloomily.

The mind of the Elder Lord was too unpredictable.

He would most of the time present an unbiased attitude, not lending a helping hand to anyone in need.

However, if someone were to oppress the declining orthodox Daoism, would the Elder Lord have a stance change

If an internal disorder happened within the Daoism faction, the possibility of the Elder Lord taking action would be much lower.

Only, for whatever reason, the matter expanded to such a vast scale and even caused the great thousand worlds to shatter.

As Yan Zhaoge started organizing the clues he had acquired, many thoughts flashed across his mind, allowing him to generate various kinds of guesses.

However, he decided to suppress these thoughts first.

He peacefully faced the Vine Sovereign, who was currently in front of him, “Its hard for us to predict the Elder Lords thoughts.

Now that the Western Pure Lands and the Demon Race have resurfaced within the world, we arent sure if the Amitabha Buddha is still within the world, and how many bigwig experts are managing the situation within the Demon Race.

We still have to be… vigilant.”

The Vine Sovereigns gaze was calm and remained unfazed.

Naturally, she could tell that Yan Zhaoges so-called “vigilant” was unrelated to the World beyond Worlds Exalted Earth Luminary – Jiang Shens old-fashioned prudent point of view.

The main reason for Jiang Shens forbearance, awaiting the appropriate opportunity, was because of the Elder Lord.

He was aware of the changes in the situation.

This was the foundation and pillar of his kindness and stoic attitude.

Some people had a more initiative and radical attitude, mainly because the Elder Lords stance was still hard to be determined.

During the Great Calamity, the fact that the Elder Lord did not take any action makes it hard for anyone to have any form of confidence in him.

If the Elder Lord kept his aloof attitude and viewed the Three Clear Lineage, the Buddhists, the heretics, the Demon Race, and even the Nine Underworlds Devils in equal terms, it would be a nightmare for the orthodox Daoisms successor.

Even if the Elder Lords stance might suddenly change.

But what is his current stance

Under what circumstances will he change his stance

If there is a change, how will it change

These were all unpredictable.

Yan Zhaoge suspected that not only his side was guessing the Elder Lords current condition and attitude.

Even the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Future Buddha should be guessing it as well.

Under such a situation, they would naturally have to be careful.

Firmly believing that the Elder Lord would take action, and thus maintaining ones forbearance, or do anything without any worries.

No matter which side was right or wrong, they would have to think twice before acting.

“Whether the Elder Lord has a bottom line or not, and where the bottom line is located, no one knows.” Yan Zhaoge considered his wordings.

He then slowly said, “However, from the past few years of experience, our enemies wouldnt have to worry whether one of us or a group of us perishes.

The Vine Sovereign looked at the people present within the cave manor.

Gao Qingxuan, Long Xingquan and his wife, Gao Xuebo, Long Xueji, and his brothers expression remained calm.

They were facing this situation head-on.

The Cloud Conquest Emperor became mildly serious.

However, his gaze remained tranquil as he looked towards the Vine Sovereigns eyes.

The Heng Emperor – Kong Qingxi, who had died by Yue Zhenbeis sword, was the Cloud Conquest Emperors close friend.

As such, he had always remained hostile towards the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei and held a tense relationship along with the World beyond Worlds.

However, the Cloud Conquest Emperor still supported moving the Roving Jade Heavens to the Pill Halls cosmos.

After all, the entire Roving Jade Heavens would face fewer risks.

As far as Sword Sovereign was concerned, while their hostility against each other remained unchanged, they would still be separated from each other, existing in entirely different worlds.

There were practically no changes to the situation.

Just like during the past.

When the Three Clear Lineage faced the heretics, they would temporarily disregard all sorts of previous grudges.

The Vine Sovereign looked around, and her expression remained unchanged.

Then, her gaze reverted to Yan Zhaoge.

“This is indeed beneficial for the entire Roving Jade Heavens, especially in the grand scheme of things.

I hold no objections to it,” said the Vine Sovereign slowly.

Upon hearing the Vine Sovereigns words, the Prime Clear crowd let out a sigh of relief.

Very quickly, the Vine Sovereign continued saying, “Qing Xuan shall handle this matter.

Theres no need to care about me.

Just act with discretion.”

Hearing this, everyone felt that something was off.

All of them were shocked.

“Master, you…” The Profound Sovereign looked at her master with a worried look.

The Vine Sovereign nodded, “Follow the Fallen Deity to the Pill Hall.

I wont be going.

Of course, theres no need to worry about me.

After the Roving Jade Heavens leaves the Dao universe, I wont remain here either.

I would venture towards the voids outskirts by myself.”

The Cloud Conquest Emperor persuaded, “Vine Sovereign, the heretics and devils are still our common enemies.”

“Youre right.

Thats why Im not objecting all of you from leaving.

In fact, I support it,” said the Vine Sovereign plainly.

“However, this old woman would not accept the kindness of Yan Xintangs offspring.”

After that, she stood up, “Everyone, prepare to leave.

No need to care about me.”

Looking at the Vine Sovereigns back view leaving the cave manor, the Profound Sovereign, the Cloud Conquest Emperor, and the other Prime Clear experts looked at each other.

Helplessness was written all over their faces.

Although the Vine Sovereigns tone was plain, there was no room for wavering.

It was apparent that her stance would remain unfazed.

Yan Zhaoge could also feel it, and thus did not say anything else.

In the past, the Vine Sovereigns closed-door disciple – Kong Qingxis insult towards the deceased Yan Xintang had angered Yue Zhenbei.

The two of them fought a battle to the death and resulted in Kong Qingxi perishing by Yue Zhenbeis sword.

Initially, the Vine Sovereign was already holding a deep grudge against the Jade Capital Crag for the death of Di Qinglian.

After this incident, there was no way of settling the grudge any longer.

However, without any doubt, Yan Zhaoge was standing on his senior apprentice-uncles side.

Although the Vine Sovereign still could not let go of the past, she had allowed the Roving Jade Heavens migration.

As a result, Gao Qingxuan and the others wouldnt be stuck in an awkward position.

Yan Zhaoge could also do whatever he desired.

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