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Chapter 1338: Making Preparations

After hearing the words of the Profound Sovereign – Gao Qingxuan, Yan Zhaoges North Ocean clone bowed to her, “Youre too courteous, Profound Sovereign.

My father and I also hope to meet you and senior apprentice-uncle Long.”

Gao Qingxuan nodded, and Yan Zhaoge and others left the cave manor.

They all knew that Gao Qingxuan and the Vine Sovereign would be having a conversation.

Though, Yan Zhaoge didnt have any hopes of the Vine Sovereign changing her mind.

After exiting the cave manor, Yan Zhaoge did not remain by here any longer.

He bid farewell to Long Xingquan, Long Xueji, and the Cloud Conquest Emperor, and left together with Gao Xuebo.

Since he had already made up his mind, there was no need to delay any further.

He instantly started taking action.

From the surface, Gao Xuebo merely looked like he was guiding the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi to walk around leisurely within the Roving Jade Heavens as if they appreciated the view.

Although the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi had left the World beyond Worlds together with Yan Zhaoge, he was still of the Grand Clear lineage.

He was much more independent.

Walking around the Roving Jade Heavens wouldnt be so attention-grabbing under the guidance of Gao Xuebo.

No one could tell if Fu Yunchi decided to join the Roving Jade Heavens instead.

As for Yan Zhaoge, he was currently hiding within a dark spot.

Just like what he did in the World beyond Worlds, he was methodically laying down his preparations.

He was currently hiding within Gao Xuebos sleeves, writing sheets after sheets of radiating talismans.

Then, the talisman turned ethereal within the void and flew out on its own, landing upon the Roving Jade Heavens territories that spanned billions of miles.

“So subtle.

Now that Im looking at it myself, its truly extraordinary.” While Gao Xuebo was casually conversing with Fu Yunchi, he was also observing Yan Zhaoges actions and was amazed by it.

He was also a sword cultivator.

However, unlike his brother – Long Xueji, he wasnt as devoted to cultivating the sword.

Gao Xuebo had involved himself in other martial arts, like the formation arts or pill techniques.

In fact, he was quite proficient in them as well.

However, he still couldnt catch up to watching Yan Zhaoge writing all sorts of runes.

He could only tell that Yan Zhaoges runes were quite profound, but couldnt fully interpret it.

“You praise me too much, senior apprentice-uncle Gao.” Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

“Oh, right.

I havent congratulated you for successfully pushing open the Immortal Door, and passing the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, ascending to the Leakless True Immortal Realm.”

Gao Xuebo smiled slightly, “Im already old, so I had no choice but to do so.

Theres nothing to congratulate about.

Im merely someone laughable in front of you guys.”

The Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi could also hear the sound transmission between the two.

He immediately said, “What are you saying, Daoist Gao Youve successfully nurtured your sword.

Your performance skyrocketed after successfully nurturing your sword.

Now, you might even be closer to the Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm than I.

If you say it like that, itll only make me feel bad.”

A few years ago, the Roving Jade Heavens finally had the addition of a True Immortal Emperor.

That person was the Profound Sovereign – Gao Qingxuan and the Dragon Spring Emperor – Long Xingquans eldest son, Gao Xuebo.

It has been more than a thousand years since he ascended to the Exalt Realm.

Even if he wasnt as old as Wang Zhengcheng and Yue Zhenbei, he was much older than Fu Yunchi.

Compared to his younger brother – Long Xueji, he was much older.

The reason why he had remained by the Exalt Realm was that he was cultivating the Prime Clear lineages secret art – the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword.

A thousand years were like a day to him.

While this art caused this Prime Clear Sword Cultivator to remain in his current realm, it also continuously polished his sharpness.

When his divine sword was finally unsealed and reappeared in the world once more, he would have a higher chance of breaking through his current realm.

Moreover, such a positive effect could even last until the next realm, allowing him to rush towards an even further realm.

As such, when the conditions permit it, some Prime Clear experts would be cultivating this particular art.

Among them, even the Dragon Spring Emperor of the Jade Clear lineage was cultivating it.

However, this art was extremely hard to cultivate.

The number of people able to successfully cultivate this art was extremely little.

In fact, a majority of them had even received a backlash from it.

Basically, those who were able to safely cultivate the secret art – Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword, would have the potential and capabilities to push open the Immortal Door by themselves.

Part of the reason for them Sheathing their Edge and Nurturing their Sword was in consideration for actual combat.

During the day that their sword becomes unsealed, they would surprise their enemies, becoming a trump card during a battle between life and death.

On the other hand, it was much more beneficial for them to ascend to a higher realm.

Since the conditions were so harsh, there were naturally minimal people who chose to cultivate it.

Gao Xuebo was among one of those who had succeeded in cultivating the technique.

Theoretically, the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword could continue infinitely.

However, they had to put a problem into consideration as well, which was their lifespan.

The reason why Gao Xuebo finally unsealed his blade a few years ago, taking that step forward, was because his natural lifespan had already entered old age.

Simultaneously, the appearance of the Western Pure Lands and the Demon Race made the situation more unpredictable for the entire Roving Jade Heavens, and Gao Xuebo himself.

So, after careful consideration, Gao Xuebo finally decided not to nurture his sword any longer.

Instead, he unsealed it by himself and took the final step forward, pushing open the Immortal Door.

When Gao Xuebo stepped into the True Immortal Realm, while he could increase the Roving Jade Heavens overall strength, he could also decrease the burden of his parents, the Profound Sovereign and the Spring Emperor.

Compared to an Exalt Martial Saint, a True Immortal handling matter would naturally become much more convenient.

With this, the Profound Sovereign and the others could become more relaxed and spend more time and effort on their cultivation.

“Youre too humble.” Fu Yunchi smiled softly.

Due to how much he had accumulated during the Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword period, Gao Xuebo was now much closer to the Profound Immortal Realm than the Brocade Emperor.

The previous time that he had accumulated wouldnt go to waste.

However, Fu Yunchi didnt mind it either.

After all, he had a clear understanding of his current condition.

During the past two decades, after he received Yan Zhaoges reminder, he had been continuously studying the Severing Feelings Parasitism art.

Although he had yet to succeed, he had received some rewards.

Only, he didnt know what emotions he should feel when he was continually exchanging information with Yan Zhaoge.

This teenagers understanding of the various Grand Clear secret arts was much more profound than him, someone of the Grand Clear lineage living for thousands of years.

Even if Yan Zhaoge was walking the path of the Three Clear together, it still amazed him.

Although Fu Yunchi couldnt see the Yan Zhaoge that was hiding within Gao Xuebos sleeves, his mind still drifted away to the myriad of thoughts surfacing within his head.

The three of them walked for a while and took some pauses, leaving down shapeless marks all over the Roving Jade Heavens Nine Regions.


Within the Astro Mountains Starry Sea, various stars in the sky were floating up and down, with countless worlds being filled with stars.

Suddenly, a yellow cloud flew out from one of the worlds.

The yellow cloud was thin and long, like a snake.

The cloud was slithering within the skies, traversing through the vast Astro Mountains Starry Seas cosmos.

The yellow cloud traversed through the fabrics of space and finally reached the Astro Mountains Starry Seas central core location.

Over there, it was a vast, majestic world as pretty as a divine realm.

When the yellow cloud descended upon this world, the cloud dissipated, and a man with a Daoist appearance appeared, with a group of his disciples and servants along.

The Daoist brought his group along, traversed through countless divine mountains, and finally stopped at a cave manors door.

As soon as he stabilized his footing, the voice of the cave manors owner resounded, “Daoist Hundred Eyes, congratulations on successfully refining the divine pill.”

“Thanks, thanks.” When the Daoist entered the cave manor, a male servant guided him to meet up with the cave manors owner, “Why did you invite me over”

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