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Chapter 1339: Group of Demons Making Plans

After the cave manors owner welcomed the Daoist, he didnt remain courteous.

Instead, he went straight to the point, “Indeed, Ive invited you here to discuss something.”

“What do you want to talk about” The Daoist appearance middle-aged man took the wine goblet on the table and drank it.

The cave manors owner wasnt in a rush to the main point.

Instead, he first asked, “Previously, you have been busy refining pills.

How much do you know of whats happening in the outside world”

The Daoist said frankly, “After coming out of seclusion, he had heard of some of the huge matters that happened.”

“Finally, we can leave this place.

We wont have to hide within the Astro Mountains Starry Sea any longer.”

For the entire Demon Race that lived and bred by the Astro Mountains Starry Sea, this was a grand matter worthy of showing solicitude, especially for the top-notch Demon Race bigwig experts.

“I heard that the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall had also resurfaced within the world.” Speaking until here, a few hints of greed were leaking out from his eyes.

“Oh, right.

It seems like a new Grand Heavenly Immortal had appeared within the Daoisms Three Clear Lineage” More hints of envy appeared beneath his eyes.

The owner of the cave manor nodded, “Thats right.”

The Daoist returned to his senses and looked at the cave manors owner, “Why did you invite me here for”

“Havent you always been wanting to cause troubles to the Incongruence Divine Mothers successors” said the cane manors owner, “Theres an opportunity for you to do so now.”

The Daoist showed a face of doubt, “Ive never heard anything about the Incongruence Divine Mothers perishment.”

“Indeed, the Incongruence Divine Mother had yet to perish.

However, the chance is still here.” The cave manors owner shrugged, “The Nine-headed Great Sage had come out of seclusion recently.”

“The Nine-headed Great Sage doesnt even hold any grudges against the Incongruence Divine Mother.” The Daoist slanted his eyes, the suspicion on his face growing thicker.

The owner of the cave manor sneered, “But, the Nine-headed Great Sage had suffered a huge loss by the hands of the Jade Clear lineages successor.”

Upon mentioning this, the Daoists eyes moved, and the suspicion on his face faded.

A look of contemplation slowly appeared on his face, “Do you mean…”

“You might have known that the Nine-headed Great Sage had suffered a huge loss against the Jade Clears Primordial Heavenly Lords successor – the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys disciple,” said the cave manors owner.

“What you didnt know is that theres a continuation of the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys lineage within the Jade Clear successors.”

The Daoist was now interested.

He looked at the cave manors owner, waiting for him to continue talking.

“After the Great Calamity, an extraordinary person appeared within the Jade Clear lineage.

His name was Yan Xintang, as hes a disciple of the Jade Cauldrons lineage.” The cave manor did not disappoint him.

“While Yan Xintang himself had already perished, he has some descendants left behind.”

“If what I heard is true, the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall had fallen into the hands of Yan Xintangs grandson, Yan Zhaoge.”

As he spoke, he looked at that Daoist, “That Yan Xintang had also wed a Prime Clear martial art practitioner as his wife.

She is also an extremely talented person that appeared within the Prime Clear lineage after the Great Calamity.”

“In other words, the current Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall had fallen into the hands of the descendants of the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity and the Incongruence Divine Mother.”

The owner of the cave manor chuckled and said, “What kind of reaction do you think that the Nine-headed Great Sage would give While its hard to locate the Pill Hall now, the Prime Clear successors are still within the Dao universe.

In fact, Ive heard that their relationship is quite close.

In fact, they had been in contact during the past few years.

Only, they had been cautious, and we werent able to expose it.”

“Thats smart!” The Daoist touched his beard and smiled, “Using the Incongruence Divine Mothers successor to locate the Pill Hall.”

Very quickly, his smile subsided, “Wait, that so-called Yan Xintang or Yan Zhaoge is merely a successor of the Jade Cauldrons lineage.

Would the Nine-headed even vent his anger on them”

The owner of the cave manor smiled, “Not to mention whether they know the whereabouts of that person, they have the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall.

If the Nine-headed Great Sage were to take action, it would be two birds with one stone.”

He looked at that Daoist, “About the Pill Hall, we better not be too greedy.

Naturally, itll be great if we can receive some benefits.

Even if there are none, cant you find an opportunity to vent your anger towards the Incongruence Divine Mothers descendent”

“However, the person that killed your disciples isnt alive anymore.

Now, only her disciples remain in the world.

You dont have to care too much about them.”

The Daoist snorted, “That filthy woman killed my disciples, and deserves to die.

Now, I shall take revenge against her disciples and grant them the fate they deserve.”

If someone could hold back the Incongruence Divine Mother, he would naturally have to worry less.

“Erm… Wait.

Didnt a new Grand Heavenly Immortal appear in the Jade Clear lineage Other than that, the North Star Emperor and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor are still alive.” The Daoist suddenly remembered.

The owner of the cave manor nodded, “Thats right.

Although they might not be able to take any action, just like the Incongruence Divine Mother, theres still a possibility.”

“But dont worry.

Although were still fighting against the Western Pure Lands and the Immortal Court heretics, there are still other Great Sages here that have yet to make a move.”

The Daoist nodded, “If thats the case, let us meet the Nine-headed Great Sage.”

“No need to rush.

Were not in a rush at the moment.” The cave manors owner halted him.

“Within the Daoisms Three Clear Lineage, other than those few Heavenly Lords, the others shouldnt be underestimated as well.

Besides, the Roving Jade Heavens is presided over by the Prime Clear lineage for a long amount of time, and therefore shouldnt be underestimated.”

“Let us find more assistance, as that would increase our chances of success.” The cave manors owner looked outside, “Its about time.”

The Daoists eyes flickered and started contemplating within his heart.

Sure enough, after a short while, another servant brought someone inside.

The person that came in was shrouded in a layer of white moonlight.

When the moonlight dissipated, a figure of a woman appeared.

“Brother, what did you call me here for” After the woman greeted the cave manors owner, she looked at the Daoist in surprise, “Isnt this Daoist Hundred Eyes”

The Daoist nodded, “Youve become much more elegant.”

The cave manors owner said, “Indeed, I have something to discuss with you, which was why I invited you here.”

After explaining the matters, the woman frowned, “Indeed, the Awakened Sky Hall can only be lured out using this way.


“Currently, were still fighting against the Western Buddhist Lands and the Immortal Court.

Although we still have some remaining forces, this would increase the chances of the few Daoism Heavenly Lords to take action.

Wouldnt this spoil His Highnesss plan” She asked with hesitation.

“Moreover, theres a problem.” The woman looked at the Daoist, and said after hesitating for a while, “Is it wise to drag the Prime Clear successor into this Some of our Great Sages had listened to the Prime Clear successors lectures.”

“Although the Nine-headed Great Sage might take action, shouldnt we consider these points as well”

The Daoists expression turned dark and displayed a few hints of displeasure.

However, he didnt voice out any refutation.

Instead, the cave manor owner smiled, “No need to worry.

At least, this wouldnt be a huge problem.”

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