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Chapter 1340: The Calm Before the Storm

Hearing the words of the cave manors owner, the expression of the other two changed, “Oh”

“Have you both forgotten After the Investitures of the Gods era, various Prime clear bigwig experts held some grudges against the Incongruence Divine Mother,” the cave manors owner reminded them.

“Now that the Daoism had declined, the Incongruence Divine Mothers lineage had managed to become the orthodox Prime Clear lineage.

However, we have some people related to the Prime Clear lineage as well who are still hostile towards the Incongruence Divine Mother.”

The other two came to a revelation.

“Other than that, Daoist White Deer had been keeping a close eye on them for the past few years,” said the cave manors owner.

“The Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens might not take revenge for the White Deer.

However, if he managed to pique the interest of the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens towards the Pill Hall, wouldnt that be a different matter”

“I heard that that old White deer was the earliest one to locate the clues regarding the Pill Hall Only, he attempted to take it for himself, and yet wasnt strong enough to do so, which resulted in benefiting others instead.” The Daoist nodded his head, “However, itll be for the best if he could convince the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens.”

It would naturally be for the best if he could receive some benefits from the Pill Hall for the Daoist.

Even if he didnt receive any, luring Yan Zhaoge and the Pill Hall out would require intruding the Roving Jade Heavens.

At the very least, he could vent out his anger, and his journey there wouldnt be a waste.

The woman thought about various factors.

More and more Demon Races Great Sages were putting their attention on the Pill Hall.

Even if they managed to acquire the Pill Hall in the end, most of the benefits would fall into the possession of those Great Sages.

However, such a thing was unavoidable, as the Nine-headed Great Sage and other Great Sages were required to fend off the pressure of the Incongruence Divine Mother, as well as the other Daoism Heavenly Lords.

Otherwise, if she were to go along with her companions, it might not succeed at all.

At the very least, there were risks involved.

The best example would be the White Deer Demon, who intended to pocket the Pill Hall as his possession, resulting in him suffering a considerable loss.

With this previous lesson, one would naturally think of ways to safely acquire the loot before distributing the loot among themselves.

It would be hard to tell how much benefits she could get.

However, she wasnt greedy, either.

She merely desired some spiritual medicines stored within the Pill Hall.

If the Demon Race acquired the Pill Hall, it wouldnt be hard to acquire those medicines.

These spiritual medicines were essential for her and were extremely rare.

As such, it was worth fighting for the Pill Hall.

At the very least, even if the skies were to crumble down upon them, the Nine-headed Great Sage would handle it for them.

For her, the sky crumbling might be a huge calamity.

However, it was insignificant in the eyes of the Demon Races Great Sages.

“If thats the case, I have nothing else to ask,” said the woman.

“I never expected you to remember me blabbering about wanting some spiritual medicines from the Awakened Sky Hall.

Thanks for taking care of me so much.

Im truly grateful for it.”

The owner of the cave manor smiled and said, “What are you talking about Were merely taking care of each other.”

He said bluntly, “Weve been waiting for so many years.

Now, were finally able to appear within the world once more.

Of course, we still have to be careful and be wary of every single action we make.”

“In the past, the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall had an enormous amount of wealth.

Naturally, we have to make plans to acquire it.

Daoist White Deer was too greedy in the past and brought his disaster upon himself.

We have to avoid acting like him.”

While he was talking, the cave manors owner stood up, “Lets not delay any further.

Let us go meet the Nine-headed Great Sage now.”

The three exit the cave manor together and brought along a few disciples of theirs awaiting their orders.

Then, all of them flew out of this world.

After flying in the Astro Mountains Starry Seas for an unknown period, a world finally appeared in front of their eyes.

After traversing through the boundaries of space and entering that world, a vast and boundless azure sea appeared in front of their eyes.

Violent waves were gushing about, and the rampaging Demonic qi was flowing everywhere.

The three of them entered the bottom of the sea together.

After a while, they came out of the sea and went to a distant location.

It was a long journey.

After they left the Astro Mountains Starry Sea, they entered the voids boundless outskirts.

After entering the voids boundless outskirts, they traversed through the cracks left behind by the warping of countless layers of space.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, the three finally came to a halt.

The cave manors owner took out a talisman and set it ablaze.

The talisman was burnt into a cloud of green smoke and remained by the void for an extended amount of time.

Instead, it formed into a circle.

After a while, brilliance radiated from the circle and started flickering a few times.

Seeing this, the three Great Demons immediately changed their path and flew towards another direction.

After a long while, brilliance flickered from afar, and an old man came to greet them.

In the past, he was the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Longevity Gods mount – the White Deer Demon.

After the Great Calamity, he had joined the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.

“You came, Daoist Fuluo.

Sorry for not greeting you sooner.” The White Deer Demon cupped his hands after meeting them, “Youre also here, Daoist Hundred Eyes and Profound Rime Fairy.


Both Fuluo Zi and the Profound Rime Fairy said, “Youre too courteous, Daoist White Deer.”

On the other hand, Daoist Hundred Eyes seemed a little perfunctory.

The White Deer Demon noticed it and got a little annoyed.

Previously, after the matters that happened in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall were spread around, he became the laughing stock of the Demon Races internal sections.

At the same time, it aroused the dissatisfaction of countless Great Demons.

Thus, the White Deer Demon could only try his best to remedy the situation.

The wound inflicted by Suo Mingzhang in the past had yet to recover.

After he could move a little, he immediately rushed towards the Dao universe.

While he was searching, he was also waiting for the information to arrive, in hopes of locating the whereabouts of Yan Zhaoge and the Pill Hall.

There were a few times where he almost managed to block off the communication between the Pill Hall and the Roving Jade Heavens.

Unfortunately, he failed in the end.

After meeting Fuluo Zi and the others, and even being scorned by Daoist Hundred Eyes, the White Deer Demon would naturally feel terrible.

“Youre merely a brute!” The old White Deer was enraged but did not display his emotions.

He only said, “Daoist Ru Yi and Daoist Huan Chen arent far away.

Three of you, please follow me.

After all of us meet each other, let us discuss our big plan.”

“Daoist Ru Yi” The gaze of the three demons wavered a little, “The brother of the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens”

The three demons looked at each other and secretly nodded.

They became much more cautious.

The Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens – the Bull Demon King, was undoubtedly one of the most massive moguls within the Astro Mountains Starry Sea cosmos.

From the looks of it now, even if the old White Deer didnt manage to convince the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens to take action himself, the involvement of the Great Sage that Pacifies Heavens was quite deep.

There was even the possibility of him taking action himself.

The more moguls present, the higher the victory chances.

However, correspondingly, after the matters succeeded, the amount of distributed benefits would be even less.

There were various variables within this matter.

As for which side would get more benefits, it would depend on how the matters develop.

The three of them followed the White Deer Demon.

After a while, they saw a billow of colorful clouds.

The intents of mighty virtue emerged from the colorful clouds, causing a soul-stirring emotion in everyones hearts.

They almost couldnt stop themself from worshipping, as if they were facing a monarch.

That was due to the dragons pulse within it.

A middle-aged man was sitting on top of the colorful clouds.

Although he was in human form, one could tell that an actual dragon manifested his appearance.

Beside the majestic middle-aged man was a man with a Daoist appearance.

This man had a pair of phoenix-like eyes and a pair of vertical eyebrows.

His face looked ruthless, and he wore a Daoist hat.

He was clad in golden clothing.

The hair below his forehead was swaying like fire, while the crimson hair by his sides was volumized.

There were some demons by the surrounding of the colorful clouds, waiting to receive orders.

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