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Chapter 1341: Battle Unfolding Amidst the War Drums

Fuluo Zi and the others accompanied the White Deer Demon and got closer to them.

Upon seeing their arrival, the two people upon the colorful clouds stood up as well, and cupped their hands, “The three of you finally arrived.”

“Daoist Ru Yi, Daoist Huanchen, sorry for making you two wait.” Fuluo Zi and the others greeted them.

The middle-aged man dominating over the colorful clouds was of the dragon race.

In fact, he belonged to the True Dragon Heritage.

His name was Ao Huanchen, and he was often referred to as the Dragon King Huanchen.

Since the Primitive Era, the Dragon Race had been flourishing for some time.

Within the Ancient Myriad Race, they were considered one of the few strongest races.

However, after entering the ancient Investitures of the Gods era, the Dragon Race started declining.

Although there was still an abundance of experts who managed to cultivate the Demon Immortal Realm, they lacked top-notch bigwigs.

During the mid Journey to the West era, their improvements were minimal as well.

However, after entering the new era, they had been in hiding, conditioning themselves.

Now, they finally had the momentum of returning to their prime.

Of course, it would be incomparable to how flourished they were during the ancient era.

However, within the current Astro Mountains Starry Sea, they would have a place of their own.

Ao Huanchen was considered much younger than most of the Great Demons present.

As such, he was keeping a low-profile.

He didnt say anything and quietly listened to the conversation between the White Deer Demon, Fuluo Zi, and the others.

However, the other golden-robed Daoist was different.

He was the younger brother of the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens – the Bull Demon King.

He was a Great Demon dominating over an area during the Journey to the West era.

Within some historical myths, he was referred to as “True Immortal Ru Yi.”

During this worlds history, when he had just pushed open the Immortal Door, his Demon Immortal title was already changed to the “Great Immortal Ru Yi.”

Sometimes, people refer to him as Daoist Ru Yi.

He was currently looking at Fuluo Zi and the other two, and said with an expressionless face, “Do the three of you want to share the spoils of war as well”

“May I know if the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens would make a move” Daoist Hundred Eyes stared at him frankly and answered his question with a question.

Daoist Ru Yi snorted, “My brother has his own plans.”

After that, he contemplated, “Which Great Sage sent the three of you here Daoist Fuluo, I remember that your father was the general of the war against the Western Buddhist Lands.

He shouldnt have any spare attention to be used here.

Could it be, hes already returned”

“The war has yet to come to an end.

Naturally, my father hasnt returned.” Fuluo Zi smiled slightly, “However, the Nine-headed Great Sage would take action this time.”

Daoist Ru Yi frowned slightly, “The Nine-headed Great Sage came out of seclusion”

Fuluo Zi nodded, “Thats right.”

The White Deer Demon and the Dragon King Huanchen both looked at each other with a complex gaze.

There were hints of happiness and worries within.

“If the Nine-headed Great Sage came out of seclusion, then we would have a higher chance of succeeding,” said Daoist Ru Yi in a plain manner as his frowned brows relaxed very quickly.

Fuluo Zi said, “Naturally.

With how the situation currently is, the few Daoist Heavenly Lord would become more carefree.

Who knows if someone might attack us.

The more Great Sages we have on our side, the higher our chances of success.”

“Although I dont intend on acting recklessly, it would be bad the longer the Pill Hall is in someone elses possession for too long.

Without mentioning the refinement over the Pill Halls control being deeper and deeper, even the treasured spiritual medicines and spiritual pills originally stored within the Pill Hall would be consumed.

We will be forced into a tight situation.”

Fu Luozi sighed, “According to the calculation of time for the Dao universe, more than twenty years had passed, right Its already been a long time.

The longer we drag, the lesser our spoils of war.”

The Profound Rime Fairy said, “Thats right.

The longer we delay, the more changes would occur.

Its better to act earlier than later.”

“Although the war between the heretics had involved our Demon Race and the Western Pure Lands within, the two heretics factions would be unable to pay much attention for this reason alone.

As such, we would have fewer opponents, and the situation wouldnt be such a mess.”

She said solemnly, “In contrast, dont forget about the Western Buddhist Lands.

Just like us, they have some remaining forces as well.”

“What the fairy said is true.

We arent planning to create another battlefield, fighting against the Western Buddhist Lands,” said Fuluo Zi.

“This was precisely why we came here.”

Daoist Ru Yi asked, “What plans do you have, Daoist Fuluo”

The White Deer Demon beside said, “Previously, Daoist Fuluo had mentioned the Jade Clear successor who had control over the Pill Hall – Yan Zhaoge.

He is related to the Prime Clear lineages successors, who are currently within the Dao universes Roving Jade Heavens.”

Daoist Ru Yi and the Dragon King Huanchen instantly understood, “You plan to invade the Roving Jade Heavens to lure out Yan Zhaoge and the Pill Hall”

“Exactly.” Fu Luozi explained.

“Dont target the entire Roving Jade Heavens.

You have to target a few people related to the Jade Clear lineages successor.”

“If our actions caught the attention of the Incongruence Divine Mother, we have the Nine-headed Great Sage and the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens to deal with her.”

Daoist Ru Yi started plotting in his mind.

The Dragon King Huanchen said slowly, “If we want to lure the Pill Hall out of the voids outskirts, we will have to give them enough time to arrive here.

The longer we drag on, the higher the chances of the Western Buddhist Lands reacting to the situation, which would result in them deploying troops over here.”

Fuluo Zi chuckled and looked at Daoist Hundred Eyes, “So, we shouldnt expose ourselves first, especially Daoist White Deer and Daoist Ru Yi.

Well let Daoist Hundred Eyes take the lead, while Daoist Huanchen will use the reasoning to assist him.”

Dragon King Huanchen looked at Daoist Hundred Eyes in surprise.

Although Daoist Hundred Eyes strength was outstanding, he was a wild brute demon in the past.

Initially, he was subdued to become someones pet.

Then, after transcending, he took over territory and proclaimed himself king.

The Dragon Race rarely came in contact.

Dragon King Huanchen was much more familiar with Fuluo Zi, the White Deer Demon, and the Profound Rime Fairy.

He wasnt even familiar with Daoist Ru Yi or the groups remaining members, not to mention Daoist Hundred Eyes.

Daoist Hundred Eyes also ignored his gaze.

“Before the Great Calamity, when Daoist Hundred Eyes had yet to join the Astro Mountains Starry Sea, one of the disciples he took pride in had died by the hands of a Prime Clear successor,” said Fuluo Zi with a smile.

“That person belonged to the Incongruence Divine Mothers lineage.”

“Currently, within the Dao universes Roving Jade Heavens, the person with the highest seniority seems to be called Practitioner Ziteng It seems like shes the Daoist Hundred Eyes mortal enemys disciple.”

Fuluo Zi said, “Daoist Hundred Eyes would reclaim justice for his disciple.

Of course, the Western Buddhist Lands would also think of this events possibilities luring out the Pill Hall.

If they were to dispatch their troops over, Ill think of ways to slow them down.”

After a short pause, he added, “I have some plans.

Maybe we can try it later.”

The demons looked at each other and nodded, “If thats the case, let us move.”

As he was speaking, a few rays of radiance flickered from afar.

After the flicker got closer, the figure of numerous mighty and majestic men clad in armor appeared.

The man in lead was just like the Dragon King Huanchen.

He was of the True Dragon heritage, and dragon pulse was leaking out of his body.

After he arrived, without greeting the White Deer Demon and the others, he first reported to the Dragon King Huanchen, “Father, there was a commotion, and we located the whereabouts of the Prime Clear successor – Chen Xuanzong.”

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