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Long Xingquan seemed to have transformed into a sword-light.

He flashed out from the Roving Jade Heavens and reached the Dao universes void.

In front of him, Prince Xuan Cang was attacking the streams of lights connecting the Roving Jade Heavens with the Pill Hall along with his subordinates.

Long Xingquan held his sword sheath one on hand, and the swords hilt on the other hand.

He slowly pulled out his sword.

As he pulled his sword, his entire aura changed.

He still had a leisure expression on.

However, an incredibly eerie aura surged out!

Prince Xuan Cangs gaze grew increasingly focused.

He stopped attacking the light streams and turned around to look at Long Xingquan.

Long Xingquan slowly pulled out his sword.

Although his action was seemingly slow, it caused the demons to feel a sense of fear in their hearts.

“Tranquil Profound Immortal… A Tranquil level Immortal Sword” Prince Xuan Cang studied in his heart.

This sword was referred to as the Speeding Abyss.

This wasnt Long Xingquans sword.

His own Young Dragon Spring was still a Leakless level Immortal Artifact.

Due to having insufficient time, he couldnt collect materials in time to craft his Tranquil level Immortal Sword.

This Speeding Abyss Sword was his wife, the Profound Sovereign – Gao Qingxuans sword after entering the Profound Immortal Realm.

Long Xingquan and his wife had communicated with each other about sword arts frequently.

Now, this sword seemed to have immediately found its second owner.

There was no need for him to condition the sword, and he could command the sword at will.

As Long Xingquan pulled out the sword, the swords edge slowly came out from the sheath, radiating with brilliant sword-lights.

A sword qi that seemed even sharper and mightier than the Roving Jade Heavens sword boundaries filled the entire Dao universe!

When Long Xingquan pulled out his sword, everyone seemed to be stuck in an illusion.

The world in front of them seemed to have returned to before the heavens were opened.

The entire world was filled with a chaotic primordial gulf.

As Long Xingquan pulled his sword, the primitive light finally appeared.

It broke through the darkness as if the primordial gulf was being split open.

The entire world was established, and the great thousand worlds of creation finally appeared within the world!

Although Prince Xuan Cang could feel the extraordinary aura coming from Long Xingquan, he still felt very confident.

Despite being the son of Huanchen, he had signs of surpassing his father.

Within the Dragon Race, he was viewed as someone with a potential much higher than his father.

Now, Prince Xuan Cang was already comparable to a Human Races Profound Immortal Sovereign with four qis within their body.

He wasnt far off from becoming the Demon Races Small Saint, which was the equivalent of a Human Races Virtual Immortal.

Among all the Demon Race experts present, other than Dragon King Huanchen and the other Demon Race Small Saints, Prince Xuan Cang was undoubtedly the number one expert present.

Facing Long Xingquans actions, his first reaction was to attack!

Long Xingquans sword might was so strong that Prince Xuan Cang dare not underestimate it.

Prince Xuan Cang decided to take advantage of the time where Long Xingquan was preparing his attack, and attack before him.

Prince Xuan Cang wanted to stop this seemingly shocking sword halfway through!

No matter how strong an attack was, it would only be effective if it could land on its enemy.

With a long spear in his hand, Prince Xuan Cang ferociously stabbed towards Long Xingquan.

He was confident that he was quicker than Long Xingquan!

Dragon King Huan Chen, who had initially been dealing with the Pill Hall, instantly turned his head.

Upon seeing what was happening, his expression changed drastically!

“Xuan Cang, retreat!” Dragon King Huanchen immediately let go of the Pill Halls brilliance and lunged towards where Long Xingquan and Prince Xuan Cang were.

“He cultivated the Prime Clears Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword.

This is the first sword after unsheathing!”

Prince Xuan Cangs heart skipped when he heard his fathers words.

He was extremely knowledgeable, and he was a top-notch expert that had ascended to the Demon Immortal Realm for thousands of years, experiencing hundreds of battles along the way.

After a Prime Clear martial art practitioner had nurtured his sword, he was aware of how strong the first sword after unsheathing was!

Currently, it was too late for him to retreat.

Prince Xuan Cang could only exert more strength with his will and strike Long Xingquan with his full force, without regard for the repercussions.

However, although Long Xingquans speed of unsheathing his sword seemed slow when his enemys attack was almost arriving, his Speeding Abyss Blade had unsheathed!

The concept of time and the definition of speed seemed to have became fuzzy.

Only a mighty sword remained, pridefully floating within the sky!

As if it was a Sword Splendour of the lights that opened the heavens, it flashed across the void.

The spear in Prince Xuan Cangs hands broke apart!

For an instant, his sight was filled with a field of white.

His vision was filled by the brilliant sword-lights, rendering him unable to see anything else.

Within the cosmos, at the most crucial moment, Dragon King Huanchen arrived.

He grabbed the air, and rays of golden lights materialized, forming into the shape of a dragon, blocking the sword-lights away from Prince Xuan Cang.

The sonorous voice and the great dao and the Nine Heavens Dragon Roar resounded at the same time, causing deterrence everywhere.

However, Long Xingquans sword had already pierced through all sorts of blockage.

With the momentum of opening the heavens and splitting the earth, it continued rolling forward.

The peerlessly brilliant sword-light silently pierced through the golden dragon formed by Dragon King Huanchens powers!

The colossal dragon that spanned across the entire universe seemed to have been slain, and the golden radiance instantly turned dim.

After the sword-light slew the dragon, its momentum remained the same as it continued moving forward.

Then, it slashed upon Prince Xuan Cangs body!

Prince Xuan Cang let out an anguished scream.

As streams of lights appeared, he was beaten back to his original form.

A vast black dragon appeared within the void.

Its head was as huge as a mountain, and its body was as long as a river.

However, its waist was already severed by someone, and only half of his body remained!

Dragon King Huanchen finally arrived.

He stood in front of the black dragon and forcefully withstood Long Xingquans sword.

It would be near impossible for a Profound Immortal to harm the body of someone who had achieved Five Qis Unification.

Even so, the sword-light that had attacked twice and was at the end of its tether still shook Dragon King Huanchens body.

Dragon King Huanchen was both surprised and enraged.

He first turned his head to look at the dying black dragon.

The other Demon Race experts had their faces filled with shock.

After returning to their senses, they didnt care about the streams of lights between the Roving Jade Heavens and the Pill Hall any longer.

They quickly surrounded Prince Xuan Cang.

Dragon King Huan Chen turned his head and stared at Long Xingquan with a gaze filled with rage.

Long Xingquans sword pointed diagonally towards Dragon King Huanchen.

With a sword on his hand, his expression wasnt leisure anymore.

Currently, on his handsome face, an intense concentration was contained within his quiet expression, which was close to… fanaticism!

His concentration towards martial arts, and his fanaticism towards sword arts!

Dragon King Huanchen roared in rage.

His figure shook, and his body separated into nine golden dragons, which encircled towards Long Xingquan.

In the art of Sheathe Edge and Nurture Sword, the first swords momentum after unsheathing was unblockable.

It was unleashing the sword intent that was polished and hidden throughout hundreds of years, or even thousands of years.

After that, they would revert to the expected level of their current realm.

Currently, Immortal qis were circulating Long Xingquans body.

They transformed into Immortal Aura and moved along with the swords edge, contending against the group of dragons.

Righteous Qi, Changing Qi, Clear Qi, Bright Qi.

Right now, Long Xingquan had the Four Qis Fused Aura!

After remaining in the True Immortal Realm for thousands of years, he shocked everyone with his debut.

After taking this step forward, he would be in the peak of the Profound Immortal Realm!

Dragon King Huanchen had fought against Profound Immortals with Four Qis Fused Aura before.

However, with the Speeding Abyss Sword, Long Xingquans sword-lights were circulating.

They split and recombined, with light and dark intertwining.

To his surprise, Long Xingquan managed to push his attacks away.

The deeply enraged Dragon King Huanchen cleared his mind and reanalyzed the opponent in front of him.

Although Long Xingquan had already unleashed the first sword after unsheathing containing unparalleled sharpness, he still shouldnt be underestimated at all.

Nine golden dragons fused back into one.

Dragon King Huanchens face became gloomy, calmed his heart down, and unleashed another attack.

There werent any transformations within this attack, and it was extremely straightforward.

He intended to oppress Long Xingquan with his cultivation, forcing Long Xingquan to contend against him.

At the same time, after Long Xingquan left the Roving Jade Heavens, the Vine Sovereign, the Cloud Conquest Emperor, and the other experts also flew out, reaching the cosmic void.

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