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“Senior apprentice-uncle Long had been nurturing his sword for thousands of years.

Upon unsheathing, his brilliance radiated throughout the cosmos.” The Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei exclaimed in admiration within the Pill Hall.

While Yan Zhaoges main body was maneuvering the Pill Hall, he said, “Indeed.

Upon unsheathing, senior apprentice-uncle Long had became the number one sword of the Profound Immortal Realm.

Even a majority of Virtual Immortals would have to avoid his attacks.

Otherwise, even if they werent injured, they would succumb to a sorry state.”

Nowadays, most people were scornful of Long Xingquan being inferior to his wife – Gao Qingxuan and were treating him as a joke.

Long Xingquan himself didnt mind it.

Adding the fact that he was always acting leisurely and had always remained in seclusion, it was much easier for others to look down on him.

However, if he truly had no temper and was incapable, why would he go around the Prime Clear Roving Jade Heavens to conduct sword duels with others as a Jade Clear successor

It was fine if he was ignorant of the repercussions.

The problem was, Long Xingquan had truly dominated the Roving Jade Heavens.

He made Zhang Buxu, Daoist Cloud Conquest, and the other Prime Clear experts to experience humiliation.

It wasnt until Gao Qingxuan took action, where he finally lost.

According to the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei, while Long Xingquan was always acting leisurely and slothfully, his craze and persistence for victory when dueling against others with his sword were even more intense compared to Yan Xintang of the past.

Nothing would happen in a mere duel.

However, if he were brawling with his enemy, his enemies would either be killed or wounded under his sword, without any hints of mercy.

Yan Zhaoge still couldnt comprehend such a concept based on his previous understandings towards Long Xingquan.

However, looking at Prince Xuan Cangs condition, everything was self-explanatory.

In the past, when Yan Zhaoge had first encountered the Cloud Conquest Emperor after locating the Pill Hall, Yan Zhaoge had already praised Long Xingquan for being the top three strongest True Immortal experts that he knew of.

At that time, the strongest True Immortal in Yan Zhaoges eyes wasnt Chen Qianhua – who had just ascended to the Immortal Realm, nor was it Long Xueji, whose talents were on full display.

In fact, it wasnt the Female Emperor – Xie Mingkong, who was well renowned, and made everyone shocked by her capabilities.

Instead, it was this senior apprentice-uncle of his who had been laying low, nurturing his sword for thousands of years, and was a joke in the eyes of others.

The Dragon Spring Emperor at that time, Long Xingquan!

“Ill leave here to you guys, Zhaoge.

Ill go down and lend a helping hand.” Although Yue Zhenbei held hostility towards the Roving Jade Heavens Vine Sovereign, Daoist Cloud Conquest, and the others, they werent enemies right now.

Yue Zhenbei decided to let go of their grudges temporarily and left the Pill Hall.

In the cosmic void outside of the Pill Hall, Long Xingquan was directly facing the Demon Races Small Saint – Dragon King Huanchen, someone on par with Daoisms Heavenly Monarch.

Currently, Dragon King Huanchen wasnt in a rush anymore.

He steadily moved forward, attempting to oppress Long Xingquan with his cultivation.

Currently, the desire for victory, as well as excitement, was leaking out of Long Xingquans gaze.

However, when he took action, he remained calm.

While he was shaking off the oppression caused by his opponents sonorous voice of the great dao, he softened his indurated sword-light and contended against his enemy.

On the other side, the Vine Sovereign, Daoist Cloud Conquest, and the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei were fighting against the Demon Race.

Other than Prince Xuan Cang, there were many other decent Demon Race experts present.

However, at this moment, they would also have to face Daoist Cloud Conquests debut of his sword, which had also been nurtured for thousands of years!

Although his might was inferior to Long Xingquan, no one could fend off Daoist Cloud Conquests sword.

A Demon Immortal who had Immortal Qi Fused Aura and was on par with Daoisms Profound Immortal Realm was slain into half by Daoist Cloud Conquests sword.

His sword-lights momentum remained constant, wiping out everything around it, causing a bloodbath to occur!

Even Dragon King Huanchen was forced to temporarily let Long Xingquan go and help the other Demon Race to withstand this sword-light.

On the other side, Long Xingquans sword-light instantly surged fanatically, taking the chance to unleash a counter-attack against Dragon King Huanchen.

Daoist Cloud Conquests sword-light came crashing down as well, causing numerous sword formations to descend.

He took the opportunity to trap both Dragon King Huanchen and Long Xingquan within.

With a wave of his hand, a stream of light enveloped Long Xueji and Gao Xuebo, bringing them to the side of Yue Zhenbei.

Then, Yue Zhenbei sent the two of them back to the Pill Hall.

Although the Demon Races Small Saints sonorous voice of the great dao had oppressed Long Xueji and Gao Xuebo, who were in the True Immortal Realm, they were safely delivered into the Pill Hall.

The raging sound of a dragons roar resounded.

Very quickly, Dragon King Huanchen had torn apart the sword formation and came out of it.

Under his command, the remaining Demon Race experts attacked together, unleashing their counter-attacks.

The expression of Long Xingquan, Yue Zhenbei, and the others remained unfazed.

They went up and contended against their enemies.

On the other side, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord was both surprised and enraged as he witnessed the Roving Jade Heavens connecting with the Pill Hall.

At this moment, the Roving Jade Heavens sword boundary he was brawling against became weaker.

But, a green-shirt woman walked out from within.

As she strode forward, the ethereal and profound sonorous voice of the great dao resounded as well, constantly disrupting the pressure brought about by the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord and Dragon King Huanchen to everyone else present.

Today, the Profound Sovereign of the past had taken that step forward.

She successfully challenged the Profound Origins Tribulation, achieving the physique with Five Qis Unifications, ascending a Grand Virtual Immortal realm!

After Suo Mingzhang, among all the Daoism cultivators born after the Great Calamity, the second Heavenly Monarch had descended upon the world.

Roving Jade Heavens, “Dual Swordplay” Gao Qingxuan!

“Youre also the disciple of Daoist Chuan He.” The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord pointed forward, emitting a dark-yellow sword-light ray, which went piercing towards Gao Qingxuan.

Gao Qingxuan continued her strides and counter-attacked with her sword.

A tragically sharp and firm green sword-light slashed towards the air, slashing the dark-yellow sword-light apart!

“Although this is the Immortal Exterminating Sword, her attainment in this sword art is extremely high…”

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord frowned and discarded his underestimation towards Gao Qingxuan.

Then, radiance lit up on his head!

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord was a Demon Immortal bigwig who attained the dao during the Journey to the West era.

Although he wasnt able to challenge the Origin Heavenly Tribulation, becoming a Demon Race Great Sage, he was still extremely strong even until now.

Among the Demon Race experts present in the Dao universe, only Fuluo Zi would be able to go against him.

Two brilliant flowers flashed upon his head!

With the Two Flowers Converged Crown, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lords strength instantly skyrocketed.

His body became impregnable, and his strength was insurmountable.

His Immortal Essence, which five qis had fused into one, became even more robust.

He unleashed another sword attack.

The sword-lights unleashed were like a dark-yellow galaxy that spanned across the entire Dao universe and descended upon Gao Qingxuan.

With the Converged Crowns, not only did it imply that a Grand Virtual Immortal could continue pushing forward to a higher realm, but it also implied their growth in strength!

Gao Qingxuan had just ascended to the Virtual Immortal Realm.

Currently, not only was her opponent a Demon Race Small Saint veteran, but he was also an expert that had achieved Two Flowers Converged Crown.


Gao Qingxuans expression remained unchanged despite facing a foe more formidable than her.

She continued her advancement.

Beside her, another figure appeared out of nowhere.

Another Gao Qingxuan.

No matter if it was aura or appearance, it was no different from her main body.

Two Gao Qingxuans were standing here.

Neither of them was fake, and there was no need to categorize them.

The twos movements were exactly the same.

They both headed straight forward and unleashed their swords together.

The sword intent released by the Gao Qingxuan on the left was incredibly fierce and ruthless.

It obliterated everything, destroying the myriad of laws, signifying the end of creation!

The sword intent released by the Gao Qingxuan on the right was extraordinarily lofty and prideful.

It continuously moved forward, destroying all obstructions ahead, displaying the phenomena of opening the heavens and splitting the earth!

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