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HSSB135: Stepping into the Xiantian Martial Scholar realm


The Han Long’er of before, the present Ying Longtu, was already on his own.

Brought along covertly by Zhao Ming and Jing Yunzhi, he left the Mountain Domain’s Cloud Portent Territory, returning to the North Heaven Region of the Heaven Domain, before being secretly escorted to Broad Creed Mountain.

The earlier matter with the Iron Yuan Sect, due to Yan Zhaoge, was naturally quelled by Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Infinite Boundless Mountain had also vaguely realised that Ying Longtu was unordinary, but now gave up on pursuing the matter.

Perhaps they were also curious about how abnormal it was for him to have injured someone earlier, yet, unable to get a grasp on any other information, could not make an accurate judgement on the matter, thus not wanting to create any unnecessary problems.

And along with having sent Ying Longtu back to Broad Creed Mountain uneventfully, Yan Zhaoge’s expression now came to refocus on that Yin Yang Cloud Spring, a spirit spring located partway up Cloud Portent Mountain.

Regarding Feng Yunsheng recovering her Extreme Yin Physique, Broad Creed Mountain was currently still keeping it tightly under wraps.

Infinite Boundless Mountain also had a Maiden of Extreme Yin; if they were to find out the specifics of this matter, who knew what thoughts might rise up within their minds.

Therefore, when Fu Enshu brought up borrowing the use of the Yin Yang Cloud Spring, she still gave the reason of it being for letting the juniors cultivate within, having Yan Zhaoge and Sikong Qing act together as a smokescreen for Feng Yunsheng.

While Fu Enshu had a straight temper, she was not a foolish person.

In having brought Sikong Qing along initially, other than being to guide her in the martial dao in their time here, she had also had such a consideration in mind.

Though, she probably wouldn’t have guessed that Yan Zhaoge would really benefit from the assistance of the Yin Yang Cloud Spring as well.

The Yin Yang Spirit Spring consisted of several springs, all independent yet also connected.

Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing each occupied a single one, not affecting one another.

Completely immersed in the spring water, Yan Zhaoge inhaled and exhaled silently with controlled breaths.

Within his dantian’s qi ocean, a mass of clear qi roiled unceasingly.

As it dispersed, a mass of chaotic qi was revealed.

The orifices of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body pulsed, icy white auras and blazing red auras resembling numerous white and red dragons as they travelled through Yan Zhaoge’s meridians.

The auras of ice and fire that resembled dragons intermingled, together congregating within that mass of chaotic qi.

The mass of chaotic qi first swelled and expanded, before, along with Yan Zhaoge’s breathing, resuming its original form, looking like none of these changes had occurred in the first place.

However, its concept of being infinite and limitless, able to contain and decimate tens of thousands of living beings within seemed to grow much more evident.

Within the mass of chaotic qi, there a lay a fire seed, upon which light and darkness flickered intermittently as it pulsed with a red light.

It was the crystallisation of what Yan Zhaoge had obtained from the Heavenly Fire Divine Scripture.

And accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s breathing, this fire seed gradually began to undergo changes.

The blazing heat gradually faded, till none of it remained, before it began unceasingly turning icy cold!

Following a long period of nourishment, the fire seed had disappeared, in its place shockingly having appeared a tiny crystal of ice!

While that ice crystal was tiny, it contained the extreme coldness of deep winter, as though originating from the desolate primordial plains, whilst also as though walking towards the end of the world.

Within that extreme winter, no signs of life were existent, all doomed to perish.

Following that, the ice crystal within the mass of chaotic qi began rising unceasingly in temperature once more, the harsh winter fading, warmth once again reappearing.

Finally, it reached the point where it seemed even more blazing hot than the sun, with the ice crystal fading, and the fire seed reappearing once more.

This cycle repeated itself over and over as Yan Zhaoge remained with his eyes shut, yet seemed to see a radiance gradually light up before them, becoming brighter and brighter by the second.

While he did not see and did not hear, the surrounding world was growing clearer and clearer.

It was even to the point that it was even more clear and distinct than when he had directly seen with his eyes and heard with his ears before.

It was as though, there was a feeling of ‘realism’ within.

Yan Zhaoge guided Feng Yunsheng in his spare time, as these continuous days fully focused on nothing but cultivation continued.

Relying on the help of outside objects, but first and foremost looking at himself; Yan Zhaoge had never slacked off in his own cultivation, even being far more diligent and hardworking than others.

This way, nearly half a year passed.

One day, above Yan Zhaoge’s head, an indistinct spiritual light suddenly appeared, shooting straight into the horizon!

That light was not a true existence, but was rather profound to the extreme, seemingly giving off the feeling of one having formed a connection with the heavens and the earth.

Within his dantian, in the chaotic qi mass, the interchanging of fire seed and ice crystal finally ceased, as, no longer changing, the fire seed buried itself deeply within the mass of chaos.

The clear qi spread out, covering and concealing the mass of chaotic qi, before streams of aura-qi of the clear qi expanded outwards, diffusing within Yan Zhaoge’s entire skeleton as well as limbs.

The orifices of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body shuddered in unison, aura-qi erupting outside of his body.

Streams of intelligent and lively qi flowed, resembling stones which had been infused with the gift of life, possessing their own spirituality!

Xiantian Martial Scholar, achieved!

Feeling this, the Ah Hu who was standing guard outside entered.

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, a brilliant light shooting in all directions as he looked at Ah Hu.

Ah Hu looked stunned for a moment before he grinned widely, flattering him, “Young Master is indeed Young Master.

What a strong essence, energy and spirit; it’s something that most early Xiantian Martial Scholars would not have.”

“Ah Hu, your expression is too fake, you still have to work on it some more,” Emerging from the spring, Yan Zhaoge stretched his body a little as he smiled, “Well, I’ve finally made it to Xiantian.”

Ah Hu grinned, “Young Master ah, can you not put on an expression of it having taken a very long time From the late inner aura stage to the early Xiantian stage, you only took over a year’s worth of time ah!”

“Infinite Boundless Mountain thought they were extolling you to death, but as I see it, even those words of theirs were belittling you!”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, but did not speak.

Before, never having had the chance to learn of this, even Yan Zhaoge himself had not known.

In his previous life, having read through the various scriptures stored within the Divine Palace, Yan Zhaoge had then realised that he was actually like a fish in water in this world of martial practitioners, possessing an extremely high comprehension ability in the area of the martial dao.

Instead of saying that it was a hidden talent of his, it actually seemed more like he had been born for it.

In this life, having long accrued a steady foundation, it was time for his shocking progress to begin.

If not for the fact that he had wanted to avoid standing out too much, leading to the suspicion of others, he could have been even faster.

The long time he had previously spent accumulating his foundation after having come to this world, had not been for naught.

“After stepping into the Xiantian stage, there are many things that can now be done,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, as he took out his Internal Crystal Furnace.

Opening the furnace, the faint blue glow of fire, precisely that of Li Yan True Fire, shone.

Following nourishment, the seed of Li Yan True Fire that he had obtained back then had already reached an initial stage.

Other than Yan Zhaoge’s own Internal Crystal Furnace, his father’s back at Broad Creed Mountain similarly nourished this Li Yan True Fire within.

Activating the Internal Crystal Furnace with his own special methods, the numerous spiritual patterns on it lit up with a brilliant light.

“Ah Hu, bring over the two low-grade spiritual artifacts of Yan Xu’s that we obtained back then,” Yan Zhaoge said, as Ah Hu hurriedly did as asked, taking out the two low-grade spiritual artifacts, a light armour and a belt, and handing them over to Yan Zhaoge.

These two spiritual artifacts had previously been harmed at their core to the point of near destruction by Shi Tie.

If not for Yan Zhaoge having preserved them with a secret technique, they would not be intact now.

However, they had still taken a great blow to their vitality, being hard for them to regain their former glory.

“To the value of the Internal Furnace, whether or not spirit artifacts can be forged is the greatest obstacle,” Yan Zhaoge said as he dropped the light armour and the belt within the Internal Crystal Furnace, “Now is precisely the best time to try things out first with these two things.”

Ah Hu’s eyes shone, “Young Master, spirit artifacts damaged to such an extent-can they still be repaired”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “There is some chance of recovery, but for them to regain their former peak would be hard.

However, after repairing them a little and restoring some of their vitality, they can be put to even greater use, in forging something that I have always wanted to forge.”


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