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Chapter 1349: Pill Halls Fighting Stance

Great Immortal Ru Yi took advantage of Dragon King Huanchen and the Jade Rabbit Demon hindering Gao Qingxuan and finally escaped.

He then shot towards the Pill Hall.

Upon seeing this, Feng Yunsheng swayed her Cold Sun Divine Saber.

Dark-yellow radiance fog expanded and went after Great Immortal Ru Yi.

However, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord decided to go all out.

A treasured sword appeared in his hand, and he slashed it towards Feng Yunsheng.

When Feng Yunsheng parried with her saber, the thousand eyes beneath the Hundred Eyed Demon Lords hypochondrium flickered.

An all-encompassing yellow fog was released, which surrounded Feng Yunsheng, halting her advancement.

Long Xingquan, Yue Zhenbei, and the others quickly went to stop Great Immortal Ru Yi.

However, the other Demon Race experts who followed the Jade Rabbit Demon into the Dao universe arrived.

With their overbearing momentum, they strode towards Long Xingquan and the others.

Dragon King Huanchens group of demons that had suffered from casualties rose once more as Dragon King Huanchen let out a roar.

Great Immortal Ru Yi hurled his golden hook.

The golden hook was just like the horn of a bull and knocked away Long Xingquans sword-light.

Then, it continued advancing, rushing towards the Pill Hall.

Rays of golden lights skyrocketed from the Pill Hall and shot towards him.

Great Immortal Ru Yi spun around with his golden hook, causing rays of golden lights to shatter.

Then, he hurled his hook forward.

The blade, flickering with a golden radiance, suddenly enlarged in size.

After cutting through the purple clouds, it fell upon the white jade palace.

After hooking the Pill Hall, Great Immortal Ru Yi pulled his hook back.

There was a small hilt by the Ru Yi Golden Hook, which fell into the hands of Great Immortal Ru Yi.

One end of the blade was massive.

It managed to hook the enormous Pill Hall that was as huge as a city within the divine realm.

However, as Great Immortal Ru Yi dragged his hook, the enormous Pill Hall started shaking and closed in towards him.

Gao Qingxuan pointed her sword forward.

Her sword-lights segregated and formed into a myriad of sword-lights, shooting toward Dragon King Huanchen with unparalleled momentum.

Dragon King Huanchen transformed into a ray of light and separated into nine bodies, dodging Gao Qingxuans sword might.

Red lights flickered around Gao Qingxuan, and she disappeared on the spot.

With almost no time interval, the dark-red sword-light flickered once more.

She reached behind Great Immortal Ru Yi and slashed her sword downwards.

Great Immortal Ru Yi held the hooks hilt on one hand, while his other hand was used to push Gao Qingxuan back.

He had the Twin Flowers Converged Crown atop his head.

Naturally, his strength and vitality were much more potent than any normal Demon Race Small Saints, or Daoisms Heavenly Monarchs.

Even when he was pulling the Pill Hall with one hand, his other hand managed to fend off Gao Qingxuans sword might.

Gao Qingxuan missed her strike, while Dragon King Huanchen had already reached after her.

Using a ruthless technique, he attacked the back of Gao Qingxuan.

The True Dragons extremely sharp and tough claws were just like numerous indestructible spears, in an attempt to pierce through Gao Qingxuans vital organs.

Gao Qingxuan did not evade the attack.

Instead, she held her index finger and middle finger together like a sword.

Other than the black line of sword-light by her fingertip, a little white gases and a dim-green brilliance appeared.

Her fingertip touched Dragon King Huanchens claw.

The fierce and sharp dragon claw suddenly started shaking violently!

Light-golden Demonic Essence flickered across the dragon claw.

Upon coming in contact with the green sword-light, it started dissipating, crumbling into golden specks of dust, and ceased to exist any longer.

When the deadly white gas came in contact with the indestructible dragon scales, the dragon scales instantly exploded.

As the black sword-light intertwined, it cut through Dragon King Huanchens flesh and combined once more.

Gao Qingxuan instantly slew one of his fingers!

Dragon King Huanchen let out a low growl, while Gao Qingxuans fingertips were harbored with a ruthless sword edge.

After slashing one of Dragon King Huanchens fingers, the momentum of the sword continued.

In almost an instant, the sword continued falling downwards, slashing towards Dragon King Huanchen.

This Dragon Clans Small Saint, whose strength was on par with a Daoism Heavenly Monarch, suddenly flipped his body over.

He opened his mouth, and a wave of black torrent gushed out.

It instantly caused an entire sea to appear, which spanned across the void.

While the jet-black sea had blocked off Gao Qingxuans sword, Dragon King Huanchen himself also transformed into a stream of light and dived within the sea.

Using the water to escape far away instantly, he finally managed to avoid Gao Qingxuans sword.

At the very least, his claw wouldnt be chopped off entirely.

After forcing Dragon King Huanchen back, Gao Qingxuan didnt intend on chasing any further.

Instead, she decided to turn around and continue going after Great Immortal Ru Yi.

However, huge waves arose from the vast ocean and came crashing down on her.

Most Demon Races had their innate talents and abilities.

When brawling against others, such innate abilities could not be underestimated.

Just like the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord.

His innate ability was so powerful.

It even surpassed the usefulness of all the Supreme Martial Arts he had learned.

Although Dragon King Huanchens innate ability wasnt as oppressive as the Hundred Eyed Demon Lords thousand eyes and golden radiance beneath his hypochondrium, there was something unique about it.

Gao Qingxuan did not fear him at all.

However, it was still irritating to be held back by him.

The dangerous battle had experienced a considerable turn in only a moment.

While the other Great Demons were holding back Feng Yunsheng, Gao Qingxuan, and the others, Great Immortal Ru Yi took the opportunity to attack the Pill Hall.

One of his hands held onto the Ru Yi Golden Hook, which was latched onto the Pill Hall.

As a result, the Pill Hall was unable to move and could not retreat.

He stretched out his other hand, which instantly turned into a vast, all-encompassing palm, which came descending upon the Pill Hall!

Yan Zhaoge had already disappeared from the Pill Halls Purple Divine Pavilion.

There was only Yan Di, Nie Jingshen, Long Xueji, and Gao Xuebo present, along with the Mars Halberd that manifested itself into a human form.

The five of them sat in a particular order, with Yan Di seated in the middle.

The other four people were seated at four different corners.

The formation they were setting up was to suppress the hall spirit – Awakened Sky when snatching for the Pill Hall in the past.

Although the candidate for the formation had changed, Long Xueji and Gao Xuebo were already familiar with the transformation of the formation.

They were thus able to cooperate with everyone else.

A vast furnace was floating atop Yan Dis head.

It was the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

Within the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, Yan Zhaoge was quietly sitting within.

He shut his eyes and neither talked nor moved as if he was asleep, or his soul had left his body.

Currently, the person that seemed to be presiding the entire situation within the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace was merely an empty shell, with no thoughts or desire.

“We have too many opponents.

Ill have to take this risk.” Yan Zhaoges voice resounded within the Purple Divine Pavilion.

However, the voice didnt originate from the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

His voice seemed to have been spread all around the Purple Divine Pavilion and all around the Pill Hall.

However, only five of them within the pavilion could hear his voice.

“When I make a move, the Pill Hall would inevitably start trembling.

Five of you, please form a formation, and preside over the Pill Hall,” said Yan Zhaoge.

It would be fine if there werent so many worlds within the halls cosmos.

Now, all the worlds seemed like numerous chains and burdens, holding him down.

If you want to unload the burden and make a breakthrough, he would naturally avoid disrupting these worlds peace.

Most importantly, he would never discard these worlds away.

However, this wasnt a hurdle for Yan Zhaoge.

The five people that formed the formation smiled and said, “Just do whatever you want to.”

“Alright!” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, which resounded throughout the entire Purple Divine Pavilion.

Outside of the Pill Hall, just as Great Immortal Ru Yis palm was about to land on the top of the white jade palace, the white jade palace suddenly emitted a field of brilliance!

An unprecedented strong aura was released from within.

Then, an unbelievable scene happened in front of everyone.

The golden radiance emitted by the Pill Hall turned from pure golden to purple-golden.

As the purple-golden brilliance condensed, it transformed into an arm.

Its palm rose to the sky and caught Great Immortal Ru Yis hand!

Just as Great Immortal Ru Yi was startled, radiance condensed at another spot above the Pill Hall.

A second arm appeared out of thin air and slapped across his face!

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