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These two palms came too suddenly, which caught Great Immortal Ru Yi off guard.

The second palm slapped across Great Immortal Ru Yis head.

Blood started spewing out from his head, and he could see the stars spinning.

As he rolled backward, his dizziness rendered him unable to grip onto the Ru Yi Golden Hook, which was hooked to the Pill Hall, and he let go of it.

After rolling for a while, he finally managed to stabilize his footing.

While he was still seeing stars, he forced himself to raise his head to look at the Pill Hall.

Above the Pill Hall, purple-golden radiance was continuously being radiated.

Other than the arms, a complete human form was materializing.

The facial features were still indistinguishable.

However, the heads outline became clearer and clearer.

At first, there was only the upper half of the body, as if the waist part had sunk within the Pill Hall.

Then, this monumental figure started slowly growing taller.

The purple-golden radiance materialized his lower half of the body, and he finally turned into a giant.

Stepping upon the void, he stood atop the Pill Hall.

“Pill Halls hall spirit!” From afar, the Jade Rabbit Demon was baffled, “Hadnt he perished Even if one was reborn, it shouldnt be this quick!”

Great Immortal Ru Yi glared at the Pill Hall, “Its merely something insignificant!”

As he let out a soft growl, his figure flickered, and he instantly reached the front of the Pill Hall.

Then, he launched both his palms towards the purple-golden giant.

Although that palm beat Great Immortal Ru Yi to a sorry state, he felt that it was mainly due to the ambush, making him suffer.

Despite being fierce, he was sure that his opponents strength had its limits.

Otherwise, his head would be in a much worse state.

This time, Great Immortal Ru Yi was entirely concentrated, and he decided to execute different attacks with his hands.

One of his hands was like a sledgehammer.

It was moving forward, and while it was extremely fierce, it wasnt moving recklessly.

It seemed like a transformation could happen at any time, and the sledgehammer existed between illusion and reality.

The other hand was like a hook.

While facing sideways, it was moving in an arc.

Albeit looking gentle, it was also a ruthless killing technique that might arrive at any time.

His attacks surrounded the huge giant materialized by the purple-golden radiance, rendering it unable to escape, forcing it to withstand his attack forcefully.

Great Immortal Ru Yi was forcing his opponent to clash against him head-on and oppress his enemy using an even more overbearing force.

However, at the next moment, his pair of eyes widened.

At first, the figure materialized by the purple-golden radiance seemed to be flimsy.

However, after its figure had stabilized, more purple-golden radiance started enveloping it, condensing into something.

As rays of radiances intertwined, they materialized into a full set of purple-golden armor, which clad onto that giants body.

First was the back armor and the breastplate.

Then, it was the plackart.

A pair of cuisse was bound to its legs, and a short skirt was hanging by both sides of his waist.

As the giant raised its hands, purple-golden radiance started condensing.

The pauldron and gardbrace that protected its shoulders also materialized together.

As both of the giants hands were raised, one hand slapped towards Great Immortal Ru Yi, while the other hand came punching downwards, accurately blocking Great Immortal Ru Yis attacks!

The palm was the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, while the fist was the Heaven Splitting Halberd!

Then, under Great Immortal Ru Yis baffled state, a few more armors were added onto the giants body.

Its head was enveloped in a helmet, and radiance on its chest reached its utmost limits, forming a heart-shielding plate.

With its body clad fully in armor, the purple-golden giants body size surged fanatically, and it transformed into a towering giant.

In fact, its size was even more extensive than the Pill Hall, which was considered to be as huge as a sacred city beyond the heavens.

Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity!

This was the Awakened Sky Halls hall spirits external form in its prime.

By protecting its body, it would brawl against external enemies!

In the past, the hall spirit – Awakened Sky had suffered some damage after the Great Calamity and was thus unable to present this form.

And now, Yan Zhaoge had made it reappear.

Great Immortal Ru Yi was the first person to go against it after the Great Calamity.

It didnt just reappear.

Contrary to the Pill Hall that harbored no intelligence and could only undergo mechanized operations before the Great Calamity, Yan Zhaoge had successfully integrated all his perception towards martial arts within this giant.

This purple-golden giant was formed by fusing Yan Zhaoges soul with the Pill Hall!

The overbearing palm and punch didnt merely fend off Great Immortal Ru Yis attacks.

As the Cyclic Heavenly Seal circulated in his left hand, it altered the position of Great Immortal Ru Yis right hand, and his left hand crashed into Great Immortal Ru Yi.

As this Guardian Divinity extended its right hand, another punch came crashing towards Great Immortal Ru Yis head!

Despite being the same punch, its strength was much more majestic and brutal compared to before.

Great Immortal Ru Yi started tumbling backward.

As he tumbled backward, his human form disappeared, and he reverted to his original form.

A huge cow that was the size of a star was tumbling backward.

Upon seeing this, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord, Dragon King Huanchen, and the Jade Rabbit Demon were all baffled.

As they looked at the Guardian Divinity shrouded in flickering purple-golden radiance, its facial structures started becoming clearer and clearer.

It was no longer ethereal and hard to determine who it was anymore.

It took the appearance of Yan Zhaoge!

After the Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity appeared and exchanged a few blows against Great Immortal Ru Yi, the lower part of the Pill Hall started shaking violently.

Various worlds within the halls cosmos started becoming unstable as well.

They seemed like they were reverting into streams of lights and was about to be shot out of the Pill Hall.

The Roving Jade Heavens, and various lower realms under it that were being absorbed into the halls cosmos started trembling as well.

They seemed to be reverting to their original appearance and werent entering the halls cosmos anymore.

However, in the center of the Pill Halls internal cosmos, numerous radiance rays shot out from the radiating cloud of stars formed by the Purple Divine Pavilion.

These radiances were like chains, which connected to all the worlds.

After being connected to these chains, rays of purple-golden radiances were released from the Purple Divine Pavilion.

As the worlds were shrouded in a purple-golden radiance layer, they reverted to their stabilized state.

The worlds within the cosmos regained their peacefulness once more.

The Roving Jade Heavens continued its advancement and continued to be absorbed within the Pill Hall methodically.

Within the Purple Divine Pavilion, the formation continued exerting its function, which allowed the Pill Hall to maintain its fragile peacefulness when Yan Zhaoge was still in combat.

Within the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, Yan Zhaoges body was still quietly sitting in a lotus position.

He didnt say anything, nor was there any aura coming out from him.

His soul was currently reverting the Pill Halls hall spirits reincarnation art and temporarily took over it.

He became the hall spirit, and displayed the Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity.

The towering giant was currently clad in full armor as if it was a general of the heavens.

Standing atop the Pill Hall, it unleashed its palm into thin air and struck towards the Jade Rabbit Demon.

The Jade Rabbit Demon, who was fighting against Gao Qingxuan, could only evade.

Upon acquiring the opportunity, Gao Qingxuan instantly counter-attacked!

Although she was proficient in the Immortal Trapping Sword, her previous opponents like Great Immortal Ru Yi and the Jade Rabbit Demon were proficient in shifting time and space.

In addition, they were extremely agile and werent enemies to be underestimated.

Previously, to prevent the few Demon Race Small Saints from besieging the Pill Hall, Gao Qingxuans main body and her clone could only work separately, in hopes of extending the coverage of protection.

Now that Yan Zhage had completed the ritual and displayed the Pill Halls Guardian Divinity, Gao Qingxuans worries were gone.

With her main body and clone standing side-by-side, they unleashed their sword together and attacked the weakest Demon Race Small Saint present – Dragon King Huanchen.

The Heaven Opening Sword and the Immortal Exterminating Sword appeared once more and transformed into a surge of an overbearing torrent.

With an overwhelming force, it came crashing towards its enemies!

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