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Facing one Gao Qingxuan was already wearing Dragon King Huanchen out.

Now that two Gao Qingxuan were facing him, Dragon King Huanchen had no choice but to flee immediately.

He opened his mouth, and a vast black sea was spewed out once more.

Then, he rushed within and used it to escape.

Even so, Gao Qingxuans sword surging with an all-encompassing aura, forcefully ripped the black sea apart and inflicted an injury upon him.

If Dragon King Huanchen hesitated and did not flee in time, he would lose his life here.

After successfully wounding Dragon King Huanchen, Gao Qingxuan didnt continue her pursuit.

Instead, she turned around and aided Feng Yunsheng to fight against the strongest demon present – the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord.

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord was undoubtedly strong.

The thousands of eyes beneath his hypochondrium was continuously spewing out golden radiances and yellow fog, without the sign of them running out as if there wasnt a limit to it.

The effectiveness of this innate ability surpasses all other martial arts he had learned when fighting against others.

However, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord wasnt having an easy time either.

Feng Yunshengs Doomsday Saber was much viler than his innate ability.

In fact, it was much eerier and much more domineering as well!

Hundred Eyed Demon Lord could still withstand contending against her by continuously displaying his innate ability, releasing the golden radiance and white mists.

However, as Feng Yunshengs saber kept slashing downwards, the golden lights diminished, only to be replenished once more.

As such, the radius of the golden radiance wasnt reduced at all.

However, this ability capable of imprisoning time was slowly deteriorating, and its effectiveness was declining.

Despite not decreasing in quantity, its quality was experiencing a drop!

Compared to his opponents golden radiance being diminished, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord was even more terrified and heartbroken by this turn of events.

This implied that his innate ability was being weakened and was crumbling from the foundation.

Although the speed wasnt quick, it seemed impossible to overcome!

The eerie saber capable of making the laws crumble, sending everything to destruction, and ending everything shocked the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord.

The thing that he was more afraid of was how much denser the Feng Yunshengs ruthless gaze had gotten.

Her strength vaguely had the sign of escalating.

While her condition was related to her unstable state, causing her to lose control slowly, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord was the one directly facing her going out of control.

Thinking about this, ruthlessness flickered within the Hundred Eyed Demon Lords eyes.

He extended his arms and continued releasing the golden lights and yellow fogs.

At the same time, the treasured sword within his hand trembled, and he threw it upwards.

The sword then transformed into a ray of majestic sword-light and descended upon Feng Yunsheng, slashing through everything obstructing its path.

The golden lights started condensing and concentrating together.

He loosened the control of his environment and directed all the pressure towards Feng Yunsheng.

With this, Feng Yunshengs saber-light sliced through the smoke and shot towards the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord.

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord did not evade.

Instead, he decided to clash against Feng Yunshengs attack, in hopes of deeply wounding Feng Yunsheng here, thus having no more reason to continue being held back here.

This Great Demon, which had presided over an area since the last era, entered a frenzied state and decided to wound his opponent without regarding his well-being.

He only hoped that his full-force strike was able to defeat Feng Yunsheng.

If Feng Yunsheng parried his attack, everything would go according to his plan, and he would gain the upper-hand in this battle.

Feng Yunsheng felt the change in the Hundred Eyed Demon Lords attack, yet her expression remained unfazed.

Just like the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord, she decided to clash against him head-on with her attack forcefully.

As the saber and sword clashed against each other, her saber had slashed against the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord.

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord had the golden radiances to protect him.

When the saber landed on his shoulder, black gases immediately expanded outwards, causing the blue-black demonic radiance to ignite.

It became hard for the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord to calm down the circulation of his Demonic Essence.

On the other side, the Guardian Divinity formed by Yan Zhaoges soul, and the Pill Hall was still standing atop the sky and unleashed a palm from afar.

The purple-golden lights traversed through the cosmic void and landed beside Feng Yunsheng.

The purple-golden light crashed into the all-encompassing golden radiance and yellow fog.

While the golden light and yellow fog didnt shatter, it vibrated for a while.

Being enveloped by the golden radiance and yellow fog, Feng Yunsheng felt it challenging to move.

Initially, she had turned her body sideways and prepared to receive the Hundred Eyed Demon Lords sword.

When the radiance fog shook, she suddenly felt the constrictions on her body disappear.

Using this opportunity, she changed her position, and the dark-yellow sword resembled a galaxy pass through her side.

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord wasnt willing to leave matters like this.

The sword-light that shot out of his hand turned around and continued bombarding towards Feng Yunsheng.

However, this pause already granted Feng Yunsheng sufficient time.

She parried and knocked the sword-light away!

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord raised his head and let out a sigh.

As he turned his head, he saw Dragon King Huanchen forced into retreat, while Gao Qingxuan started targeting the Jade Rabbit Demon.

Her sword-light blotted the heavens, resembling a series of raging waves.

Above the pill hall, purple-golden radiances were flickering.

A giant that resembled a general of the heavens was standing by the center, presiding over it.

With a strike from afar, it aided Gao Qingxuan in attacking the Jade Rabbit Demon.

Although the Jade Rabbit Demons strength surpasses Dragon King Huanchen, she could only retreat helplessly.

Great Immortal Ru Yi, who had been forced back to his original form, was currently letting out an enraged growl filled with agony.

This old Bull Demon was both wounded and enraged, his eyes filled with veins.

With his enraged growl, his original form was already too huge to begin with increased in size once more, resembling the size of a divine mountain used to oppress the heavens in the past.

Heavens enlargement! [1]

The giant bull lowered his head, and he aimed his horns directly towards the Pill Hall.

Then, he galloped with an overbearing momentum sufficient to collapse the entire cosmos, and came crashing towards the Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity formed by Yan Zhaoge!

At this moment, the entire Dao universe seemed to be trembling.

His hooves ferociously trampled the voids space, and the huge bull instantly reached the purple-golden heavens general.

The purple-golden heavens general, with the appearance of Yan Zhaoge, let out a huge roar and extended both of its hands, accurately grabbing the huge bulls horns!

The violent impact caused even the Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinitys figure to tremble.

The Pill Hall beneath was even trembling.

The massive formation within the Purple Divine Pavilion almost couldnt preside over the changes happening within the halls cosmos.

Fortunately, the Roving Jade Heavens and various other lower realms under its control had all been absorbed within the Pill Hall.

The white jade palaces doors shut tightly with a loud bang.

Although disturbances were still occurring within the halls cosmos, the trembling of the entire Pill Hall calmed down a little.

The purple-golden giant formed by Yan Zhaoge stabilized itself and remained in the same spot.

It stood within the void, and just like a mountain, it halted the advancement of the huge bull!

The frenzied bulls hooves were continuously galloping forward, yet he could not continue moving forward.

The Guardian Divinity flickering with purple-golden radiances let out another growl.

Both of its palms unleashed the power of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, which seemed capable of distorting within the entire cosmos.

At this moment, the entire Dao universe seemed to have been slightly distorted.

Numerous tiny stars collapsed.

The giant Bull Demon couldnt control his body any longer and was hurled away by the purple-golden giant, causing him to flip over.

As the Bull Demon cried out in agony, his strength weakened.

However, Yan Zhaoge did not let him go.

The purple-golden giants hands firmly grabbed onto the bulls horns and started exerting force towards another direction.

The third loud growl resounded within the universe as Yan Zhaoge snapped one of the huge bulls horns apart!

The bulls horn, as huge as a hill, was tossed aside by the purple-golden giant.

Its left hand was still grabbing onto the last horn.

Its empty right hand raised upwards and came crashing its palm towards the huge bulls head, hitting the bulls head once more!

[1] It was a body morphing technique well known in Journey to the West.

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