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The palm of the Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity, landed on the huge bulls head.

Great Immortal Ru Yis Heavenly Enlargement was forcefully shattered apart.

The huge bulls figure shrunk speedily and reverted to an appearance even smaller than his main form.

He continuously rolled on the ground with one of his horns had already been forcefully snapped apart.

Great Immortal Ru Yi didnt dare to stay any longer.

He turned around and fanatically ran away clumsily.

On the other side, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord couldnt withstand it any longer and used the golden radiances beneath his hypochondrium to run away.

The purple-golden giant clad in armor slightly lifted its head and felt the tremble within the Dao universe, calming down instantly.

The situation was a bit abnormal.

Now that he had fused with the Pill Hall and transformed into the Pill Halls Guardian Divinity, Yan Zhaoges strength was already comparable to a top-notch Heavenly Monarch.

His sense of perception had become unprecedentedly strong.

He could vaguely feel a feeling of unease within his heart.

It wasnt an illusion.

Meanwhile, the Demon Races bigwigs like the Bull Demon King and the Nine-headed Great Sage were on defense against the possible arrival of the Daoisms Heavenly Lords, and the Buddhism top-notch experts, they might place their attention here as well.

If they had a chance to take action, things would become more troublesome today.

Fortunately, the Roving Jade Heavens had already entered the halls cosmos, and his plan for today had already been achieved.

The huge purple-golden giant started disintegrating.

Gao Qingxuan, Feng Yunsheng, and the others did not chase after the fleeing demons.

The Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity was the Pill Halls Guardian Divinity, and its area of activity must be around the Pill Hall.

Now that the Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity, had disintegrated, they wouldnt gain any advantage even if they hunt down the fleeing demons.

In fact, they might even be obstructed by the Bull Demon King and the others.

After gathering Long Xingquan, Yue Zhenbei, and the others, everyone returned to the Pill Hall together.

The Pill Hall regained its flashy golden appearance, and the surrounding sea of purple clouds became thicker.

It brought along the Pill Hall and traversed within the Dao universe.

Then, it broke through the Dao universes boundaries and re-entered the voids boundless outskirts.

Within the voids boundless outskirts, space itself was convoluted, and direction was hard to be determined.

There was no such thing as north, south, east, west, or even up and down.

If one didnt agree to meet with others in a spot previously known by both sides, even if they came out from the same place, they might end up being exceptionally far with each other, ignorant of the distance between the two.

However, they might come out from two completely different planes and coincidentally meet each other.

Fortunately, Yan Zhaoge and others were lucky.

After leaving the Dao universe, they didnt encounter Fuluo Zi and the others as they disappeared within the vast space.

On the other side, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord, Great Immortal Ru Yi, Jade Rabbit Demon, Dragon King Huanchen, and the others grouped up with Fuluo Zi difficulty.

After regrouping, he omitted his obstruction against the Western Pure Lands Buddhism experts anymore.

The group of Great Demons immediately returned to the Dao universe.

Without the obstruction of Fuluo Zi, the group of Buddhist experts instantly started gathering and descended upon the Dao universe as well.

Sadly, no one was here anymore.

This place, which the Roving Jade Heavens had been located at for thousands of years, disappeared along with the various lower realms under its control.

Currently, within the Dao universe, only the World beyond Worlds, and a small number of lower realms remains.

The few Great Demons filled with casualties were heaving out deep breathes, and their eyeballs were bloodshot.

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord and the Jade Rabbit Demon were still in a decent condition.

However, Great Immortal Ru Yi and Dragon King Huanchen were deeply wounded and had no more energy to fight against others.

This made them even more enraged, and they couldnt hold in their urge to commit a massacre.

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord had an ugly expression as well, and he was filled with resentment.

“The divine pill that entered my mouth managed to escape!” The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord gritted his teeth in anger.

Fuluo Zis expression became serious, and he let out a sigh, “We underestimated our enemies and made insufficient preparations.”

The few Great Demons held a deep resentment within their heart, and they stared around the Dao universe with gazes filled with malicious intents.

As they scanned through the World beyond Worlds, their gaze halted.

“Its pointless.

It might even cause us some trouble.

Its not worth it if we merely feel like venting out our anger.” Fuluo Zi waved his hand and dragged the others away, “Now is not the appropriate time to declare another war against the Western Pure Lands.

Also, all of you are wounded.

We cant guarantee that our opponents wouldnt be thinking of taking advantage of the situation.

We should leave now.”

The group of demons remained silent, and they slowly calmed down.

Then, they left the Dao universe together unwillingly.

The Western Pure Lands group of Buddhism bigwigs were staring closely at the group of demons.

However, in the end, nothing happened.

Within the World beyond Worlds, an old man was standing atop the Kunlun Mountains southern mountain – the Qilin Cliff.

He placed his hands behind his back, and he stared at the vast sky.

His distant gaze seemed to have traversed through the boundaries of the World beyond Worlds.

Several people stood in groups behind the old man and did the same action – looking up towards the sky.

“Earthly Sovereign, it seems like this calamity has come to an end,” said a black-clothed old man softly.

It was the Myriad Emperor.

The old man in the lead was the Exalted Earthly Sovereign – Earthly Sovereign Jiang Shen.

He looked at the distant void and did not turn his head, “Indeed, it has ended.”

In the past, due to Yan Zhaoge extracting various lands of the World beyond Worlds, Jiang Shen had been spending most of his time conditioning the World beyond Worlds, ensuring the stability of the spirit qis circulation.

Although the Immortal Court, the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, and even the Western Pure Lands and the Demon Race were in an intense war against each other, the Earthly Sovereign and the others mostly remained within the World beyond Worlds and did not exit it.

Their current utmost priority was to try their best to stabilize the situation and dispose of all the previous influences caused by Yan Zhaoge and the others.

It was precisely because of this that all of them were gathered here and witnessed the short and intense battle that unfolded within the Dao universe.

Although Suo Mingzhang reduced Jiang Shens cultivation, his eyesight and other abilities were still present.

Naturally, when such a massive turn of events happened in the Roving Jade Heavens, Jiang Shen would immediately notice it, as he was within the Dao universe as well.

The other higher-up experts of the World beyond Worlds had received information about it and gathered by the Qilin Cliff.

After learning about the group of Great Demons besieging Yan Zhaoge and the others, they assumed that Yan Zhaoges group would meet their end.

However, the unexpected turns of events baffled them once more.

Just like twenty years ago.

Yan Zhaoge used the same method to extract half of the World beyond Worlds to extract the Roving Jade Heavens.

This time, he didnt just take a portion away.

Instead, he brought along the entire Roving Jade Heavens.

“They brought the Roving Jade Heavens away, along with the various lower realms under its control” asked the Western Exalt – Lang Qing softly.

Jiang Shen nodded, “Indeed.

Other than a few warped spaces, and the lower realms connected to the land of tranquil streams, the extractable ones had already been extracted.”

Everyone remained silent.

Jiang Shen remained silent as well.

They seemed to have witnessed the end of an era.

In the past, the Kunlun Nine Luminaries established the World beyond Worlds, while the Roving Jade Seven established the Roving Jade Heavens.

Afterward, it slowly formed into the current Dao universe, until their boundaries thoroughly stabilized, causing a “wall” to be erected.

Now, the “wall” wasnt present any longer.

The entire Roving Jade Heavens had escaped, and more than half of the World beyond Worlds had disappeared.

After the Great Calamity, the entire Dao universe had been conditioning itself for thousands of years, as Daoism slowly returned to its prime.

Now, the entire Dao universe seemed a little empty.

As if everything was in shambles.

The old era had ended, and omens of brand new eras seemed to be emerging.

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