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Yan Zhaoge maneuvered the Pill Hall and left the Dao universe, disappearing within the voids boundless space.

After everything settled down, Feng Yunsheng, Yue Zhenbei, and the others returned to the Purple Divine Pavilion.

Within the pavilion, the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace that was floating slowly landed on the floor.

Yan Di and the others looked at the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace with a serious expression, staring at Yan Zhaoge whose eyes were still shut, and had not come back to his senses.

Right now, they still dared not relax.

Yan Zhaoge had turned his soul into the Pill Halls hall spirit, manifesting Overseer of Heavens, Awakened Benevolent Guardian Divinity to fight against the group of demons, surprising his foes.

This sudden move successfully forced the group of Great Demons to retreat, which enabled the Roving Jade Heavens to be extracted into the Pill Hall safely.

Then, they even managed to retreat before more of their foes had arrived safely.

Even if it was considered safe for others, it still wasnt the time for Yan Zhaoge and the others to feel relieved yet.

Transforming himself into the Pill Halls hall spirit was only a temporary measure.

Only by managing to revert to his original self would everything be considered successful.

Otherwise, the experience he had before the Great Calamity would occur once more.

Within the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, streams of golden lights and purple fog continuously rose, causing Yan Zhaoges body to tremble slightly.

Then, in the void atop the pill furnace, rays of light runes appeared, forming a profound runes formation.

Being shrouded by the runes formation, radiances materialized and shone upon Yan Zhaoges body.

Streams of raging lights started pouring downwards.

Upon being showered by the rain of lights, Yan Zhaoges eyes slowly widened.

“Ha!” After a low exclaim, he breathed out a long breath and jumped out of the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

He faced the crowd and smiled, “Thankfully, I didnt mess up.”

Everyone else let out a sigh of relief.

They looked at each other and started smiling.

“Then, I shall continue my next step.” Yan Zhaoge sat in a lotus position beside the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

He extended his hand and pressed it onto the furnace.

After the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace vibrated, various tiny bits of glitters appeared within the Purple Divine Pavilion, resembling the sight of fireflies scattered everywhere.

The number of fireflies increased and ultimately filled up the entire Purple Divine Pavilion.


Yan Zhaoges voice resounded from the Purple Divine Pavilion, which started spreading throughout the Pill Halls internal cosmos.

It reverberated in every nook and cranny within each world.

From the Pill Halls exterior, the white jade divine palace turned illusory and started expanding continuously.

The Pill Halls boundaries continued expanding outwards.

As the boundary turned illusory, the Pill Halls internal cosmos seemed to have expanded all of a sudden.

Contrary to the previous internal cosmos, this expansion caused many empty dark areas to appear.

Being affected by this, the originally stabilized internal cosmos started moving.

All the worlds contained within lost the fragile balance that previously held them together.

They started transforming into streams of lights and moved far away from the Purple Divine Pavilions direction.

Currently, within the Purple Divine Pavilion, one of Yan Zhaoges hands was pressing against the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, while the other hand had clenched into a fist.

He held his fist like a saber and slashed the air in front of him.

A shapeless saber seemed to have appeared within the Pill Halls universe as well.

An ubiquitous, omnipresent saber.

Within the Pill Halls cosmos, every world was getting further and further away from the Purple Divine Pavilion.

Currently, this saber seemed to have passed through them at the same time.

Wherever this saber passed through, the boundless darkness shattered apart, and an exceptionally brilliant radiance radiated from within!

Then, earth, water, fire, and wind started surging out continuously after the radiance.

Within the Pill Halls cosmos, more than half of it was like boiled water.

Layers of space slowly became unstable, as if numerous bubbles were popping one after another.

Afterward, more bubbles arose.

At the same time, all the space initially contained within the Pill Hall started to close in to the Purple Divine Pavilion under the guidance of the streams of lights.

Pill storage, medicinal storage, and various kinds of pill refining room…

At the same time, all the territories separated from the World beyond Worlds like the Eastern Territory and the Southeastern Territory were closing in to the Pill Hall!

These worlds were fused with the nebula formed by the Purple Divine Pavilion.

“Open!” Yan Zhaoge displayed the attainments he had gained from the Heaven Opening Scripture to the fullest and fused it into the Pill Hall transformation.

The nebula formed by the Purple Divine Pavilion started expanding outwards after fusing with the worlds.

The radiances were like tides, which quickly passed through the entire Pill Hall universe.

The chaotic earth, water, fire, and wind calmed down and re-stabilized itself.

Within the cosmic void, glitters of starlights flickered, and these elements formed its star!

At the original location of the Purple Divine Pavilion, a spatial boundary turned into an independent world.

Clear Qi arose within the world, and turbid qi sank downwards.

Yin and yang intersected and separated as if it had passed through the prehistoric transformation in an instant.

Within this world, the five territories of the World beyond Worlds in the past were separated into five different territories, with one in the middle and four around it.

Within the middle of the world, mountain belts were erected.

From afar, its appearance resembled the Broad Creed Mountain of the past.

However, this one was larger by a considerable margin.

Its size doesnt pale compared to the World beyond Worlds complete New Kunlun Mountain in the past.

It was much more majestic and vast than the incomplete World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountain.

Essential Daoism Sect, New Broad Creed!

Currently, within the Broad Creed mountain range, the World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountains Jade Capital Crag, Jade Sky Peak, Ingenious Flying Peak, Red Lotus Cliff, and various other locations were all present.

The main peak within this mountain range was the brand new Broad Creed Mountain.

On the main peak of the mountain, a white jade palace was erected.

Golden lights were radiating from it, and a layer of purple fog-shrouded it.

It was the shrunken Pill Hall!

Currently, within the Pill Hall, there wasnt any cosmos anymore.

Instead, only the typical infrastructure remains.

Within the Purple Divine Pavilion, Yan Zhaoge pressed his hand on the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, while his other hand sliced the air once more, “Open!”

The world in which the New Broad Creed mountain range was located at slowly stabilized.

Other than this world, the lower realms initially connected to the World beyond Worlds had been joined together with this new piece of the world, forming one sky wound after another.

The Pill Halls internal cosmos was on the verge of stabilizing itself.

Boundless boundaries formed, separating this cosmos from the voids boundless outskirts.

At the opposite of this brand new world laid the Roving Jade Heavens that had just entered this cosmos.

Currently, as the external cosmoss environment stabilized, the Roving Jade Heavens operation had slowly returned to normal.

The same goes for the lower realms under their control.

Within the Purple Divine Pavilion, Yan Zhaoge looked at the crowd with a smile.

“This cosmos originates from the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Awakened Sky Hall.

Lets name this cosmos as the Awakened Sky Cosmos.”

“World beyond Worlds in the past, Sky beyond Skies in this era.

Hopefully, our Three Clear Lineage would flourish, and become prosperous.”

After that, Yan Zhaoge stood up from the floor and entered the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace once more.

The furnaces lid was placed on top, and the furnaces fire started burning, reinforcing Yan Zhaoges physique.

Yan Zhaoge sat within with a tranquil expression.

Although he had borrowed the Pill Halls convenience, personally creating a world, and even a cosmos.

It gave Yan Zhaoge unprecedented understandings of the laws of the world.

Currently, he was conducting the last reinforcement to his body within the furnace.

Every single opportunity was already perfect!

Today, no matter if it were human or the world, they would open the heavens and split the earth, causing a new sight to emerge!

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