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The disparity between humans and immortals was like the distance between the heavens and earth.

After this, he would acquire an Immortals physique and cease to be a mortal any longer.

In the past, countless people had attempted to pass through this hurdle.

However, only a minority of them succeeded.

This was the case even before the Great Calamity, where martial arts were flourishing.

However, today, Yan Zhaoge could clearly see the existence of that huge shapeless door, awaiting him to push it open.

Yan Zhaoge had cultivated both Three Clears martial arts till the Martial Saint Ninth Realm.

From the Late Immortal Bridge Realm to the Martial Saint Tenth Realm – Exalt Realm, he required the supreme martial arts of both the Jade Clear, the Grand Clear, and the Prime Clear lineage.

If Yan Zhaoge intended to push open the Immortal Door, he required supreme martial arts of each Three Clear Lineages.

This time, the Jade Clear supreme martial art was the Heaven Opening Scripture.

The Grand Clear supreme martial art was the second art among the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations – the Grand Commencement Divine Finger that comes after Taiyi, which adhered to earlier heavens superiority.

The Prime Clear supreme martial art – Dragon River Tribulation Scripture was taught to Yan Zhaoge through Gao Qingxuan after his contribution of moving the entire Roving Jade Heavens.

In the Eras Five Tribulations, the Dragon River Tribulation came first.

It was given the name Dragon River Primitive Tribulation, or the Dragon River Opening Tribulation.

It signified the start of everything and the moment of opening the heavens and splitting the earth.

The Dragon River Tribulation Scripture contained these intents within.

It was the first scripture of the Prime Clear Ten Scriptures.

After establishing the Awakened Hall Cosmos and the Sky beyond Skies using the Pill Hall, the amount of attainment and feedback he had acquired would aid him in his perception of this Prime Clear supreme martial art with extraordinary speed.

Currently, his attainment towards the Heaven Opening Scripture, the Grand Commencement Divine Finger, and the Dragon River Tribulation Scripture had far surpassed most experts that had pushed open the Immortal Door and were extremely proficient in them.

This was a scarce opportunity.

After all, his cultivation was high enough to open the heavens and split the earth.

If ones cultivation wasnt high enough, who would be able to do so, even if they could receive the Pill Halls aide

Through careful plottings, only did Yan Zhaoge manage to use the opportunity to benefit himself.

Otherwise, with how difficult it was cultivating the Three Clear martial arts, even Yan Zhaoge was powerless in stepping into the boundaries of an Immortal within a mere twenty years.

Today, all preparations were completed!

Currently, Yan Zhaoges spiritual self and physique have fused as one.

Illusion and reality were combined, with no distinction between the two.

He strode forward.

His figure didnt seem to have moved at all.

However, he was getting closer and closer to that illusory shapeless huge door.

When Yan Zhaoge reached the front of the huge door, he extended his hand and pushed the door open without hesitation!

Then, a boundless and endless windstorm surged out from the door, engulfing him within.

This storm seemed to have come from within his body and was separated into two.

They appeared from Yan Zhaoges sole, and from his head, and passed through his body.

Immortal Mortal Tribulation!

When the Immortal qi enters a martial art practitioners body, it wouldnt merely help with absorbing the essence of spirit qi.

Instead, it would thoroughly alter the physique of said martial art practitioner.

If he could pass this, he would ascend to a brand new plane of existence.

If he couldnt, he would merely perish into nothingness.

When a Martial Grandmaster martial art practitioner reaches the Martial Saint Realm, it would be called “transcending mortality and entering Sainthood.” It signified that said person had transcended from being a mere mortal.

At this moment, ascending to the Immortal Realm from the Martial Saint Realm would imply the end of the transcending journey, resulting in a qualitative change.

They would dispose of their mortal flesh, ascend to the Immortal Realm, and enter the ranks of Immortals!

Currently, Yan Zhaoge was directly challenging this tribulation.

Various kinds of experiences of cultivation in the past appeared within his mind.

Countless martial arts intents presented themself together.

In the past, these were all the foundations for Yan Zhaoges outstanding strength.

Now, they were all hurdles to him.

The perceptions that he could bend at will started becoming complicated once more and were even on the verge of collapsing.

Any tiny flaws could become a hurdle for him.

The flaw would even be spread around like a plague, causing it to become larger.

Only, Yan Zhaoge had undergone all kinds of reinforcement for his body and possessed the strongest later heaven physique since the dawn of time.

Currently, the difficulty of him being cleansed by the Immortal qi was vastly different compared to others.

All these had increased the difficulty for Yan Zhaoge when pushing open the Immortal Door.

It was much harder for him, and chances of him perishing under the tribulation would increase drastically.

Fortunately, Yan Zhaoges accumulation was far too solid.

Jade Clear Heaven Opening, Grand Clear Grand Commencement, Prime Clear Opening Tribulation.

The three supreme martial arts pushed Yan Zhaoge forward with the momentum of opening the heavens and splitting the earth.

Discarding the old, replacing it with the new.

As he established the path for his future, all kinds of mistakes of the past became negligible.

Layers of Clear Qi continuously surged within Yan Zhaoges body, existing throughout every single part of his body.

They were ubiquitous and omnipresent.


Among the five Immortal qis, the Immortal qi that Yan Zhaoge chose to ascend to the True Immortal Realm was the plainest qi among the five – Clear Qi.

Generally speaking, when fighting against others, the fighting style of those that cultivated the Evil Qi and Righteous Qi would be the most ruthless.

Among the Five Qis, the Clear Qi was comparatively more normal and more mundane.

It could almost be considered as the most mundane qi.

For martial arts practitioners, the advantage of cultivating Clear Qi was that it could fuse with the second kind of Immortal qi, allowing them to achieve the Two Qis Fused Aura and breakthrough to the Profound Immortal Realm.

At the same time, objectively speaking, it was relatively easier for those that cleansed their body with Clear Qi to challenge the Immortal Mortal Tribulation.

For example, the True Immortal Emperor heretics cultivated the Clear Qi as their first Immortal qi, no matter what martial arts they cultivated.

However, Yan Zhaoge didnt pick the Clear Qi for decreasing the difficulty of passing the tribulation, even if his tribulation was far harder than others.

If difficulty were his only concern, he would instead push back the date of breaking through, allowing him to make sufficient preparations beforehand.

Yan Zhaoge picked the Clear Qi because that path suited him the most.

Those that cultivated the Clear Qi were the most mundane and peaceful ones.

Whether it was the point of its movement, or between good and evil, it was the connection point, the middle point, and the fulcrum point.

It was the qi that harmonized and circulated the other four qis.

It was the most primitive qi of the universe and the foundation of the five qis.

It was compatible with Yan Zhaoge, who was cultivating the Three Clear arts.

When cultivating the Clear Qi during the True Immortal Realm, Yan Zhaoge would obtain more robust strength than other Immortal qis!

This was specifically for him only.

Those that cultivated in different ways would never be able to imitate him.

When the Immortal qi circulating within his body finally rose upwards and accumulated within his Spirit Yin Center, his entire body suddenly shrunk!

It wasnt only his body that shrunk.

His soul shrunk as well.

All of his energy was gathered and accumulated within his Spirit Yin Center.

As the Immortal qi circulated, transformations happened within Yan Zhaoges body.

He shrunk speedily and finally disappeared in thin air.

In the past, when Yan Zhaoge operated his body last time, he could also alter his bodys size.

However, he would still be present.

No matter how small he shrunk himself to, he would always remain present.

Now, his entire body had disappeared from the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

Out of everything, only one point seemed to remain.

It was indescribable, unfathomable.

It was also unlocatable and hard to be described through words alone.

At this point, there wasnt the presence of time anymore, nor was there any direction.

As if everything dated back to before the chaos was established, back to the most primordial times of nothingness.

Suddenly, without any warnings, the point suddenly expanded!

As if chaos was split open, and the primordial gulf had just appeared!

This point transformed into an indescribable, amorphous blurry field of darkness, just like a boundless clump of cloud.

From the cloud, Yan Zhaoges figure appeared.

He sat in a lotus position, and his eyes were wide open, radiating with all sorts of colors.

The cloud-like chaos underwent another establishment and transformed into the myriad of objects within the world.

Then, creation changed, and it ultimately walked towards its end.

After everything turned into nothingness, and only Yan Zhaoge remained, the chaos rebirthed itself.

Then, the cycle continued.

The Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace opened, and a myriad of brilliance shot out from within.

The people waiting outside were all concentrating on this furnace.

They only felt that the brilliance held some form of deterrence, just like the incense used to worship the Three Clear Grand Masters during the worshipping ceremony.

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