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Yan Zhaoges figure slowly rose from the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

The endless chaos had already disappeared.

However, three illusory halos of clear radiance hung behind his head, continuously intertwining with one another.

Seeing the three halos, those that held limited understanding towards Yan Zhaoge came to a realization, “Cultivating the Three Clear together, no wonder!”

“He should be the very first person to cultivate the Three Clear martial arts, and was able to push open the Immortal Door, right” muttered Gao Xuebo.

“Its not just pushing open the Immortal Door,” said Long Xueji softly.

“There is an accurate record on those that had cultivated both Three Clear martial arts.

The highest realm they could reach is only the Martial Saint Sixth Level.”

“No wonder why he is interested in the Dragon River Tribulation Scripture.” Gao Xuebo applauded, “What a fruitful day it is!”

On this day, he had witnessed the majestic sight of the vast Roving Jade Heavens moving into the Pill Hall, accompanied by various other lower realms.

Then, he also witnessed the majestic establishment of the Awakened Sky Cosmos and the Sky beyond Skies.

Now, he witnessed the very first martial art practitioner that cultivated the Three Clear lineages martial arts ascend to the Immortal Realm.

Today was a memorable day for orthodox Daoism after the Great Calamity and the entire created worlds history.

It would be recorded within the historical texts.

What made him look forward, even more, was that this merely seemed to be the start.

This teenager who had been creating countless miracles, he still had a long way ahead, and his potential seemed to be endless.

Yue Zhenbei looked at Yan Zhaoge and looked at Yan Di beside him.

He seemed to have seen the silhouette of his former master – Yan Xintang.

Currently, Yue Zhenbei could only feel unprecedented happiness.

On his expression that had always been solemn, a smile that only appears once in a blue moon flashed across his face.

Then, he solemnly said, “Congratulations, Fallen Deity, for returning to beyond the Nine Heavens.”

Nie Jingshen smiled and solemnly cupped his hands towards Yan Zhaoge, “Congratulations to the Fallen Deity for returning to beyond the Nine Heavens!”

The Mars Halberd couldnt hold in his amazement.

He also cupped his hands and said, “Congratulations to the Fallen Deity for returning to beyond the Nine Heavens!”

After a slight shock, Gao Xuebo smiled and opened his mouth.

Long Xueji and him said in unison, “Congratulations to the Fallen Deity for returning to beyond the Nine Heavens!”

Gao Qingxuan and Long Xingquan both looked at each other, and a joyous expression appeared on both their faces.

“Congratulations to the Fallen Deity for returning to beyond the Nine Heavens!” Without a sword in his hand, Long Xingquans slothful expression returned.

He smiled and congratulated first.

Gao Qingxuan also nodded slowly, “Congratulations to the Fallen Deity for returning to beyond the Nine Heavens!”

Yan Di looked at Yan Zhaoge with a smiling face.

He felt extremely relieved in his heart.

Feng Yunsheng blinked at Yan Zhaoge and said with a smile, “Congratulations to the Fallen Deity for returning to beyond the Nine Heavens!”

Yan Zhaoge couldnt help but chuckle.

Very quickly, he retracted his smile, and cupped his hands to others with a solemn expression, “Thanks for all your kind words, everyone.”

After that, he saluted Gao Qingxuan and Long Xinquan once more, “We never got to meet each other in the past.

Even when we did, it was through my clone.

Now, I can finally personally meet up with senior apprentice-uncle Long, and Senior Gao.”

Long Xingquan smiled and said, “Senior apprentice-brother had already made some arrangements in the past.

It was tough for me to locate his descendent.

After I got wind of you two, the two of you had already entered the World beyond Worlds.”

“However, you father and son duo had already surpassed senior apprentice-brother in terms of talents.

If he knew in the afterlife, he would be joyous and would definitely drink a huge cup of wine if he could.

Gao Qingxuan remained silent.

She merely looked at Yan Zhaoge and his father quietly.

Yue Zhenbei and Long Xingquan could see the silhouette of Yan Xintang from them.

As for her, she remembered the junior apprentice-sister – Di Qinglian that she shared a deep bond with.

Gao Qingxuan, who rarely spoke, also said, “Theres nothing regretful with us meeting each other under such an occasion.

My wish has already been fulfilled.”

They finally met each other after far too long.

As they were conversing, all of them felt emotional.

Yan Zhaoge went to the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnaces side and pressed his hand against it.

While conversing with Yue Zhenbei and the others, he continued his control over the Pill Hall, feeling the changes happening within the cosmos.

Although the Pill Hall had thoroughly expanded, and the halls internal cosmos had become external, its origins were still within the Pill Hall.

As such, this cosmos still possessed some unique traits of the Pill Hall.

For example, it could still drift around the voids boundless outskirts, making it harder for their enemies to locate them.

Under Yan Zhaoges command, the Awakened Sky Cosmos started drifting around automatically.

Similar to a broad spaceship, the Roving Jade Heavens, Sky beyond Skies, and various other worlds started navigating on its own.

“Senior Chen is still missing outside.

Let us go find him now,” said Yan Zhaoge.

Everyone nodded in favor.

To attract and divert their opponents attention, the Exalted Water Luminary – Chen Xuanzong had left the Pill Hall first before officially extracting the Roving Jade Heavens.

He headed towards the location where Yan Zhaoge had first acquired the Pill Hall and created an illusion in hopes of diverting some of the enemies away.

His plan was successful, and he managed to confuse his enemies.

Only, coincidentally, the group of Great Demons had recently been contacting each other with the intent of besieging the Roving Jade Heavens, forcing Yan Zhaoge and the Pill Hall to appear.

In the end, although the White Deer Demon and a few Demon Race experts were lured away by the illusion Chen Xuanzong created, other Great Demons headed towards the Roving Jade Heavens.

As such, the final battle was a hazardous one.

However, Yan Zhaoge and the others plan had succeeded.

Now that everything had been settled, they would naturally have to bring Chen Xuanzong back.

After suffering from such a defeat, the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord, Fuluo Zi, and various other Great Demons would naturally feel unresigned.

Being vaguely aware of the existence of the Elder Lord, these Demon Race higher-up experts wouldnt massacre the Three Clear Lineage if the situation doesnt force them to do so.

However, they definitely wouldnt mind killing one person.

Chen Xuanzong was currently alone outside.

If he became the Hundred Eyed Demon Lords target and the others to vent their anger, things would turn sour.

Even though Yan Zhaoge was aware that Chen Xuanzong wanted to use this chance to investigate the whereabouts of Jie Mingkong and Chu Lili, he still decided to check on Chen Xuanzong first.

Afterward, Yan Zhaoge wouldnt interfere with whatever Chen Xuanzong wanted to do.

At the very least, Yan Zhaoge could ensure Chen Xuanzongs safety and prevent him from being taken advantage of by their enemies.

On the way, he invited his parents – Yan Di and Xue Chuqing to the Purple Divine Pavilion.

“You know where grandmother Grand Master is buried at” At first, Xue Chuqing was taken aback for a while.

Then, she came to a realization, “Could it be…”

“I think, after the situation calms down, we can try to find it there.” Yan Zhaoges finger tapped the air.

Then, a radiance appeared on his fingertip.

The radiance was neither bright nor dark and was very blurry.

Then, it expanded, transforming into a half-bright half-dark state.

Just like the dividing line between light and dark.

A black metal wheel arose from within and expanded in size, landing in Yan Zhaoges hand.

It was the Dim Radiant Emperor – Yi Tianxias Dim Radiant Wheel!

Yan Di and Xue Chuqings technique of appraisal was extraordinary.

With only one look, they could tell that the Dim Radiant Wheel was different from last time.

It was now an actual Immortal Artifact.

This Immortal Artifact seemed to be extraordinary.

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