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The embryonic Immortal Artifact of the past had finally become an authentic Immortal Artifact.

Just when Yan Zhaoge had become an Immortal, he took advantage of the instant between yin and yang, causing the final evolution of the Dim Radiant Wheel.

As the Dim Radiant Wheel completed its evolution, more information concealed within had been revealed.

At that time, all these information were inserted into Yan Zhaoges mind.

Among them, it could possibly contain the whereabouts of his Grand Master – Xue Chuqing, and the Bright Connection Emperor – Hu Yuexin.

In the past, when the Heavenly Essence Stones fragment appeared was coincidentally the most intense period of the war between the Immortal Court and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

Yi Tianxia took advantage of the situation to secretly make a move and successfully snatched away the Heavenly Essence Stones fragment.

Of course, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and other Heavenly Lords had something to do behind this.

Only, their goal was too huge, which was easy to attract the attention of others.

However, strictly because of this, the attention of the Immortal Courts higher-up experts who were in war were diverted away, allowing Yi Tianxia and Hu Yuexin to succeed.

Not long after Yi Tianxia succeeded, the item was secretly passed over to the Bright Connection Emperor – Hu Yuexin.

Hu Yuexin was also suspected by others, and was watched closely.

Perhaps, her opponents werent sure whether the item was in her possession.

However, they were still furiously finding her whereabouts.

Hue Yuexin had accidentally entered a queer dangerous ground when escaping, which entrapped her for hundreds of years.

It was not until later that she found a method of escaping.

However, very soon, the Immortal Courts members quickly noticed her once more.

As such, Hu Yuexin imitated Yi Tianxias previous method.

She attracted all the attention upon herself and secretly passed the Heavenly Essence Stone fragment to her disciple, Xue Chuqings master.

After fleeing for a long while, Hu Yuexin had disappeared by the voids boundless outskirts, never to return.

Traces of her became a mystery.

However, her successor had a unique art.

It was confirmed that the Bright Connection Emperor – Hu Yuexin, had followed after the Dim Radiant Emperor – Yi Tianxia.

She had silently perished by the voids outskirts.

Only, Xue Chuqing and her master werent able to locate Hu Yuexins location of burial.

As such, this thought bugged Xue Chuqing and her masters mind.

There could be a minuscule possibility that Hu Yuexin was still alive.

Of course, they were reasonably aware that such hopes were almost not existing.

Later, when Xue Chuqings master had perished by the hands of the World beyond Worlds Eastern Exalt – Daoist Oneheaven, Xue Chuqing got even more emotional.

The possibility of her Grand Master returning was abysmal.

And yet, her master had perished before locating her Grand Master.

“No matter what, if we could locate the whereabouts of the Grand Master, or… corpse, it would still be a positive outcome,” said Xue Chuqing with a sigh.

“If Grand Master could see what has happened recently, she would be joyous.”

“Her… and the vow all of them made to put their life on the line wasnt wasted.”

After snapping out of her emotional self, Xue Chuqings gaze calmed down and turned resolute once more.

“In the past, the Dim Radiant Emperor and the Bright Connection Emperor contributed many things to our peers martial arts practitioner, benefiting each and every one of us,” said Yan Di.

“Its only reasonable for us to bring them back.

Now that the Dim Radiant Emperor is already here, we should think of a way to locate the Bright Connection Emperor.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I agree.

After this, I will try to perceive more information within the Dim Radiant Wheel to acquire more clues.”

“After such a huge havoc, the other huge forces could possibly be watching for our movements.

We would have to quiet down for a while.”

Through the Pill Hall, Yan Zhaoge maneuvered the Awakened Sky Cosmos to move around within the voids boundless outskirts, “After the commotion dies down, we shall make our move.”

Within the voids boundless outskirts, space itself was convoluted, making it extremely complex.

As the Awakened Sky Cosmos traversed through space, it slowly got closer to where the Pill Hall was originally in the past.

Previously, the appearance of the Astro Sovereign – Chen Xuanzong had attracted the attention of their enemies, causing them to mistake this area as to where the Pill Hall was located at.

The White Deer Demon must have been aware of the deceit after receiving the news.

As such, Yan Zhaoge did the opposite and decided to meet up together with Chen Xuanzong here.

After all, a location that had been searched once would rarely be searched a second time.

Of course, if Chen Xuanzong were captured, it would be an entirely different matter.

Although it was highly unlikely, Yan Zhaoge decided to remain cautious.

He didnt unveil the Awakened Sky Cosmos and decided to observe his surroundings for an extended period of time.

After seeing no abnormalities, he attempted to contact Chen Xuanzong once more.

After a short while, Chen Xuanzongs message arrived.

After quietly observing for a while longer, only did he meet up together with Chen Xuanzong.

“We cant be too anxious for the matters regarding Senior Jie and Senior Chu.

Astro Sovereign, please remain calm or now,” said Yan Zhaoge.

“After the commotion has died down, we shall attempt to locate them with more people.

“Indeed, we cant rush this matter.

I understand this as well.” Chen Xuanzong stood by the top of the Broad Creed Mountain and looked at the Sky beyond Skies territories from afar, “Sometimes, youll have to face reality.

However, rather than that, I hope that theyre safe.”

It doesnt matter if theyre reluctant to return.

At the very least, their safety could be guaranteed.

His gaze fell upon the Broad Creed mountain ranges western foothill.

That place was where the Jade Sky Peak was placed after moving to the Sky beyond Skies.

Chen Xuanzong looked towards the direction of the Jade Sky Peak and remained silent.

Yan Zhaoge didnt utter a single word and quietly stood by the Astro Sovereigns side.

After a long while, Chen Xuanzong retracted his gaze and looked at Yan Zhaoge, “I have yet to congratulate you for pushing open the Immortal Door.”

“Establishing a world, passing through the Immortal Door.

While Im not sure if its considered unprecedented, youre the only one able to do such a magnificent feat from what I know,” said Chen Xuanzong with a sigh.

“Within twenty years, you father and son duo had ascended to the Immortal Realm one after another.

This is already enough to make you two renowned throughout history.

Now, you had even accomplished the magnificent feat of establishing the Sky beyond Skies.

This could already be considered a legend.”

With Chen Xuanzongs identity and cultivation, the so-called “legend” was naturally different from the “legend” described in a lower realm like the Eight Extremities Worlds.

It was also different from the legends spread around by the World beyond Worlds or the Sky beyond Skies.

In fact, it wasnt just limited to this eras legend.

Instead, it would be a legend that would be spread throughout the world, even in the future!

Even if a hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years had passed, or even much longer after that, people would still look back to this legend and praise Yan Zhaoge for his actions.

“Congratulations to the Fallen Deity for returning to beyond the Nine Heavens.” Chen Xuanzong still had a smile on his face, but his tone became serious.

He cupped his hands towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge returned the courtesy, “Thank you, Astro Sovereign.”

“One more thing.” After congratulating Yan Zhaoge, Chen Xuanzong then said, “Another legendary figure passed the word to me that hed like to meet you.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his eyebrows slightly, “Oh Who is that”

“Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.”

Hearing Chen Xuanzongs answer, Yan Zhaoges eyes narrowed.

Chen Xuanzong nodded, “Previously when I arrived here, I managed to lure the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Longevity Gods mount – the White Deer Demon, a group of heretics, and a group of Western Pure Lands Buddhism experts here.”

“Afterwards, Daoist Ling had also arrived.

She mentioned that the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor intends to meet up with you face-to-face.”

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