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Chapter 1358: Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng followed Ling Qing and traversed through the void together.

Here, the flow of time was in complete disorder.

Yan Zhaoge could only judge the flow of time based on his control over time itself.

He couldnt tell how much time had passed based on the flow of time in the outer world.

Very quickly, they left that universe.

After advancing for an extended period of time, traversing through many layers of space, a vast field of starry clouds appeared.

The nebula spiral, continuously spinning around.

Rays of starlights circulated in a spiral and drifted far away from the nebula.

They flew far out into the void and instantly disappeared.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge was aware of something.

This should be the meeting spot.

Currently, the two heretic factions, the Demon Race and the orthodox Buddhism, were in a war against each other.

However, no matter how intense the battle was and how occupied their attentions were, they were still searching for traces of the few Daoism Heavenly Lords.

At the same time, they were doing so to the Nine Underworlds as well.

If the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor wanted to break out of his half-drifting half-slumbering form and descend upon the world like the North Star Emperor in the past, he would grab the attention of his enemies.

This nebula was a great way to cover up his presence.

At the very least, it would remain effective for a short while.

“Weve arrived.” As expected, Ling Qing announced upon reaching the nebula.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng nodded.

Then, they followed her into the nebulas central spiral.

Here, the circulating starlights were blinding.

After the radiance slowly faded, what appeared in front of their eyes was a field of blurriness.

The environment here was somewhat similar to the Original Nebula, yet somewhat different.

“Is the Exalted Solar Luminary present” Yan Zhaoge looked around and didnt notice Gao Hans silhouette.

Ling Qing said, “Hes not present, and he wont be present.

If you desire to meet him, even if you contact him now, he wont be able to make it on time.”

“Thats a shame.

I was still thinking of thanking him.” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “My wife had obtained the Extreme Yin Crown and became related to you.

As for me, I had obtained the Extreme Yang Seal.

Throughout my journey, Ive used its powers more than once.

I should be thanking the Exalted Solar Luminary.”

“Youll meet him when you get the chance to.

When that time comes, just talk to him about it.” Ling Qing seemed to be indifferent about this matter.

She didnt continue the conversation and continued standing by the void, quietly waiting.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng did the same.

However, the two were secretly transmitting voice with each other.

While Ling Qing might be aware of them conversing, she wouldnt comprehend the contents of the conversation.

“This Gao Han has some self-awareness,” said Yan Zhaoge as he shocked his head.

“If all his plottings and schemes in the past were just myths, everyone that had personally experienced the matter regarding the Exalted Concealed Luminary would be aware of what kind of person he is.”

Feng Yunsheng stared at him, “Will you put down your guard just because he didnt appear”

“Of course not,” said Yan Zhaoge without any hesitation.

Then, he smiled, “Hes also aware that we wont.

The reason for him doing so was merely to show his sincerity.

Hes indicating that he didnt work together with the Exalted Lunar Luminary to trick us.

Instead, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor had summoned me.”

As he was talking, a mild tremble shook his heart.

Feng Yunsheng also stopped talking.

Within the nebula, sounds of thunder resounded.

At this moment, the nebula seemed to have turned into the chaotic primordial gulf.

The thunder was just like the most primitive voice.

As the thunder resounded, the chaotic primordial gulf started to open.

Time and space itself transformed.

As the five elements circulated, the myriad of beings started being birthed.

As yin and yang entwined, the cycle of day and night constantly happened.

Thunder – an extremely violent power.

And yet, currently, it was such a subtle balance, capable of constructing such a tranquil world.

Within this world, a majestic intent presented itself, as if it was a monarch in this realm.

“Jade Clear disciple – Yan Zhaoge, greets the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands and saluted within the thunderous worlds empty void.

Although the person had yet to present himself, his identity was already unmistakable.

One of the Four Imperials of Daoism, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

He controlled the transition of the four weathers and could summon storms at will.

He could command the spirits of electricity and could even control the fate of others.

He was the Lord of Immortal Thunder.

As such, he was also referred to as the Lord of All Thunder Sect Master Thunderbolt Gamma Reinforcement.

“Jade Clear disciple – Feng Yunsheng, greets the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.” Feng Yunsheng saluted to the void as well.

Ling Qing also saluted respectfully, “Your highness.”

Her personality had always been cold and weird, making it hard to see through her emotions.

However, currently, she seemed to be acting very sincerely.

She wasnt like Jiang Shen, Chen Xuanzong, and Yan Xintang, who originated from the Three Clear Lineage.

Before the Great Calamity, Ling Qing was already someone from the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace and had even received the lecture from the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor himself.

Strictly speaking, he would be considered as her half-master.

Only, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor merely did so to pass the time.

After the Great Calamity, when Ling Qing managed to survive, she returned to the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor to attend his lecture once more, deepening the bond between the two.

When the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor parted ways with the North Star Emperor in terms of ideology, Ling Qing naturally stood by the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperors side.

Within the void, the queer thunder resounded once more, forming an incomprehensible musical note.

And yet, it seemed so natural, as if it was describing heaven and earths ultimate reasoning.

As the musical note slightly adjusted itself, Yan Zhaoge and the others started comprehending the meaning contained within.

“Rise.” Hints of peacefulness leaked out from his domineering tone.

“Your majesty, I shall take my leave for now,” said Ling Qing.

The thunderous voice within the void said, “Its fine; just stay here.”

Ling Qing bowed and said, “Yes, your highness.”

Then, she didnt say anything else and quietly stood aside like a statue.

Upon seeing this, Feng Yunsheng didnt leave as well.

She also stood quietly beside Yan Zhaoge.

“Jian Shunhua truly does what she thinks is right for her.

She risked her life for this brawl, and yet her life is now hanging by a thread.” The thunderous voice continued speaking within the void.

He didnt mention the Pill Hall, nor did he mention the matters related to the Sky beyond Skies or the Roving Jade Heavens.

Instead, he first mentioned the Exalted Rahu Luminary – Jian Shunhua.

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunshengs hearts suddenly clenched slightly.

“Stealing the Doomsday Heavenly Devils authority, such bravery she possessed.

Its only natural for her to receive such a tribulation.

Only, it made things harder for your peers.”

Feng Yunsheng could vaguely feel that a pair of eyes were staring at her.

Then, the thunderous voice continued, “I have a treasure that can prevent the permeation of the Nine Underworlds from prying on you.

Ill temporarily lend it to you.”

Feng Yunsheng turned her head and looked at Yan Zhaoge.

As the two faced each other, they exchanged a gaze.

“Thank you, your majesty.” Feng Yunsheng saluted to the void.

Within the tranquil world formed by the violent lightning, a lightning suddenly descended from the sky and struck the void.

As the lightnings light dissipated, a small and exquisite black jade bottle appeared in front of Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

Upon seeing the black jade bottle, Feng Yunshengs heart trembled a little.

She then went forward and kept the bottle.

“May I know the intention of your summons, Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor” asked Yan Zhaoge.

If it was merely for the matter regarding Feng Yunsheng and the Doomsday Heavenly Devil, he could pass this black jade bottle to her through someone else.

Since he wanted to meet Yan Zhaoge, he would naturally have other reasons as well.

“Youve heard of the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus before, right” The thunderous voice resounded once more within the void.

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