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Chapter 1375: Three Brilliances Sacred Water

“I would like to hear more details about it.” Gao Han smiled and made a “go ahead” gesture to Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said, “The one that suppressed the Great Sage Equalling Heavens beneath the Five Elements Mountain, the Mystical Mountains Tathagata Buddha which had already transcended, and the Western Second Patriarch that had welcomed Daoism together with Amitabha Buddha in the past – Daoist Zhunti.”

“The Ancient eras Western Second Patriarch – Daoist Zhunti, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens master, and the current Gautama Buddha…”

Facing Gao Hans gaze that was getting brighter and brighter, Yan Zhaoge calmly looked towards him, “… These three people are of the same existence.”

“Daoists Zhunti…” Gao Han raised his head slightly and was slightly in a daze, “This had truly answered my other question.”

There was a myriad of mysteries in this world.

Among them, the most famous ones were typically mysteries related to the existences beyond the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

For example, why did the Lord of Dao and Virtue Grand Master that shouldve transcended by the end of the Ancient era appear during the Middle era in the form of the Supreme Elder Lord

The difference in time was far too huge.

What happened to the Daoism Three Clear Grand Masters, the Western Second Patriarch, the origins of Devils – the Primordial Heavenly Devil that was equal to the Ancient Three Sovereigns Were they still alive

And… Where did the Mystical Mountains Tathagata Buddha come from

At first glance, this question made no sense.

However, this was indeed a question that had confused many others, especially after the Ancient era, when the central Blessed Lands of Saha appeared during the Middle era.

The reason was simple.

Before the central Blessed Lands of Sahas Western Mystical Mountains Great Thunderclap Monasterys master – the Gautama Buddha appeared, all the experts beyond the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm had existed before the Early Heavens.

Before the heavens were open and the earth was split, they had already been born within the primordial chaotic gulf.

Whether it was the Daoism Three Clear Grand Master, the Ancient Three Sovereigns, the Western Buddhism Second Patriarch, or even the Six Ancestral Devils, none of them was an exception.

There were many kinds of lifeforms that existed before the Early Heavens as well.

However, not all of them could achieve the realm beyond the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

However, the ones beyond the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm had all existed during the Early Heavens.

They governed over the worlds laws and had even established and created the world, which allowed them to develop and educate all other Later Heavens lifeforms.

Those beneath the Immortal Realm were all mortals.

There were four Immortal Realms – the Leakless True Immortal Realm, the Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm, the Grand Virtual Immortal Realm, and the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Beyond the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm, which was also beyond the Immortal Realm, was filled with profundities and was pretty much indescribable.

Only the word “Dao” could represent it.

It could be referred to as the Dao Realm [1].

The existences beyond the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm were usually referred to as the Dao Ancestor.

Dao Ancestors were all born before the Early Heavens.

The only exception was the central Blessed Lands of Sahas master – the Mystical Mountains Tathagata Buddha.

However, just like the Middle eras Supreme Elder Lord, the controversy about whether the Mystical Mountains Tathagata Buddha was a Later Heavens Dao Realm bigwig Grand Master had always been ongoing.

Generally speaking, there were three most widely spread theories.

The first theory was that a Later Heaven lifeform possessed the potential to become Buddha.

Under the Past Buddhas guidance, he entered Buddhism and started concentrating on his cultivation.

Through his perception, he managed to achieve the Dao Realm and ultimately turned into the first Dao Ancestor after the Early Heavens.

This was the theory that the central Blessed Lands of Saha had spread throughout the world.

The second type was merely a guess.

A Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm expert had successfully become a Dao Ancestor.

The legends regarding Grand Master Hua Hu and the Lord of Plentiful Treasures originated from such occasions.

The third kind of guess was a much braver guess.

Another Dao Ancestor transformed into the Gautama Buddha.

For others, Dao Realm bigwig experts might be unreadable, indescribable, and their thoughts were hard to be made out of.

Other than the Dao Realm bigwigs, barely anyone could guess what they were about to do.

During that time, some Dao Realm bigwigs were unlocatable, and their whereabouts were unknown.

Among them, the Buddhisms Western two Patriarch – the Daoist Guide and Daoist Zhunti had barely made any appearance anymore.

This made others make out other guesses in secret.

Only, at that time, barely anyone believed it.

“From the looks of it, the braver the guess, the closer it is to the truth,” said Gao Han in amusement.

“If what the Great Sage Equalling Heavens said was true, these are shocking news.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged his shoulders, “Were not sure whether its true or not.”

“Since the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor asked me to look around the Five Elements Mountain, and Ive completed my task, please do help me report back to the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, Exalted Solar Luminary.”

Gao Han said, “The rewards are much bigger than we had anticipated.

Youve worked hard.”

Gao Han looked towards Yan Zhaoge and analyzed him for a while.

Then, he smiled and said, “After you return, please do help me apologize to Daoist Chen and Fu Jinxiu.”

“Ill tell them about it,” said Yan Zhaoge plainly.

As for whether Chen Xuanzong and Fu Yunchi would forgive Gao Han, that was something he couldnt guarantee.

“Speaking of it, although the Great Sage Equalling Heavens condition was different, the surface syndrome is somewhat similar to Fu Yunchi.” Gao Han shook his head.

He smiled and said, “However, Ive already made some plans for Fu Yunchi.

Theres no need for him to worry.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at him and smiled as well, “The Grand Clears Severing Feelings Parasitism passed down before the Great Calamity”

Gao Han tilted his head slightly, “Oh It seems like Fu Yunchi, and you had already figured something out”

“I wouldnt say that Ive figured it out.

Its only a train of thought.” Yan Zhaoges tone was calm, “Exalted Solar Luminary, no need to be so worried.”

Gao Han smiled with his usual expression, “Thats good; thats good.”

He said indifferently, “Daoist Chens matters are related to the Nine Underworlds Devils, so I cant comment about it.

However, Ive got some clues in searching for Little Friend Xie and Little Friend Chu.

After acquiring precise information, I would naturally inform Daoist Chen.”

“Ill tell them about this.

Thank you for your concern, Exalted Solar Luminary.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands.

Gao Han nodded, “Oh, right.

Theres one more matter.

I wonder if the two of you are interested.”

He swept his glance towards Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, “The two of you should know of the Three Brilliances Sacred Water.”

“Naturally.” Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng both looked towards each other and nodded in unison.

The Three Brilliances Sacred Water was a type of sacred water rumored to have been possessed by the Jade Clears Primordial Heavenly Lord, stored within his Eight Treasured Glazed Bottle.

This sacred water had all sorts of special effects and was incredibly proficient in concealing hurdles without causing any imbalance or even moving it.

Only, this treasure had been long lost.

It had been hidden from the world for far too long, without any traces of it appearing within the world any longer.

“Now, this treasure has appeared in the world once more,” said Gao Han.

“It appeared in the hands of one of the Western Pure Lands Buddhist Bhante.

When fighting against the Demon Race experts, he had taken it out.”

Yan Zhaoge crossed his brows, “Exalted Solar Luminary is planning on targeting him”

Gao Han smiled slightly, “There might be a chance with careful planning.”

He said, “This treasure is proficient in protecting and concealing other things.

With the Three Brilliances Sacred Water, itll be much harder for the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Immortal Court heretics to locate the Heavenly Essence Stones fragments.”

Gao Han didnt hide anything at all.

With this, he had technically admitted that the “Sikong Qing”s manifested by the Heavenly Essence Stone fragments was within his possession.

“I believe that this treasure is useful for you all as well,” said Gao Han with a smile.

“How about we think of a strategy together”

[1] It was previously known as the Way Realm.

But we swapped to Dao Realm as we found it more accurate.

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