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HSSB138: Faster than you!


Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Because of my father, your Zhao Region Yan Family is no match for my Central Heaven Region Yan Family.”

“It is true that you have entered Heavenly Thunder Hall, but the Heavenly Thunder Hall is not superior to my Broad Creed Mountain.”

“As for you…” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “I really can’t see where you have gotten the confidence to say these words.”

Yan Shan said casually, “My confidence comes from fact that the distance between us, is very small.”

As he said thus, Yan Shan suddenly raised his hand, a purple glow flashing.

It was as though within the darkness of the night, a flash of lightning suddenly streaked through the sky, piercing though the horizon, illuminating the great earth!

The Thunder Domain Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct lineage martial art, the Purple Lightning Shocking Rainbow Sword!

Low-grade spirit artifact, Purple Gold Thunder Sword!

Yan Shan suddenly moved, and immediately exerted his full strength, even directly using a spirit artifact!

The stronger a person, the stronger his ability to protect those around him, just like people being able to stand under the shade of a huge tree.

Yan Zhaoge’s name had come up quite a lot recently; while Yan Shan had not personally witnessed this, he had also paid heed to it.

Unlike Ah Hu’s spiritual light which was not visible on the outside, like Yan Shan, after Yan Zhaoge had stepped into the Xiantian stage, he had not concealed the spiritual light above his head.

Yan Shan could clearly determine that at this moment, Yan Zhaoge was, shockingly, already a Xiantian Martial Scholar just like he was.

Even whilst being shocked by the speed of Yan Zhaoge’s development, a decisive killing intent welled up within Yan Shan’s heart.

Whether it was as a disciple of the Heavenly Thunder Hall or as a descendant of the Zhao Region Yan Family, he also couldn’t let Yan Zhaoge continue growing any further.

Otherwise, with his current speed of development…Yan Shan didn’t even dare to continue thinking further down this line.

A single Yan Wudi, was already enough to let the Heavenly Thunder Hall and the Zhao Region Yan Family find it hard to eat and tough to sleep!

While Yan Shan said some arrogant words, he didn’t hold back in his offensive in the slightest.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s martial arts that were renowned for their ferocious swiftness that resembled thunder and lightning were executed by him to the point of perfection, with the first move, revealing his true abilities to decide the victory!

A spirit artifact in hand, it was a killing weapon that would be hard for Martial Scholars to withstand!

Even for opponents at the same cultivation level, even if they were protected by a spirit artifact, when caught off guard with no time to react, they would still be directly instakilled by Yan Shan’s sword!

The martial practitioners of Heavenly Thunder Hall seldom fought protracted battles, with victory being decided most of the time in but a few exchanges!

Victory or defeat, life or death, decided in but an instant!

In the Eight Extremities World, of the six great Sacred Grounds, Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners were publicly viewed as those who were most proficient in winning with an inferior strength, the weaker defeating the stronger.

Sometimes, for those whose overall strength surpassed that of their Heavenly Thunder Hall opponents, they still were eventually defeated by their weaker opponents.

The reason was none other than the word, ‘speed’!

The Purple Lightning Shocking Rainbow Sword, the direct lineage martial art of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, contained in its entirety but a single stance-the sword drawing stance!

Quick as flashing lightning, an incomparably shocking unsheathing of the sword!

This sword dao was not about getting faster and faster; its fastest sword, was its first motion when the sword was unsheathed!

This sword was swift to the point that Martial Scholars below the Xiantian stage would find it hard even to detect Yan Shan’s unsheathing motion.

Even at the moment when the sword connected and they perished, they might not also have yet understood how exactly Yan Shan had claimed their lives!

Although it was still in the day now, the Yan Zhaoge who was directly facing off against Yan Shan’s sword had such a feeling.

It was like there was not a single speck of light before him, the only light coming from a sudden flash of lightning in the pitch black of the night.

All the light was concentrated within this purple streak of lightning!

A cold and decisive killing intent caused the lightning to not contain any blazing heat whatsoever, instead being bone-numbingly cold!

This streak of lightning, however, did not disorient Yan Zhaoge.

Not slower than Yan Shan in the least, Yan Zhaoge abruptly moved!

Aura Wind Heaven Warping Qi!

Wind Fire Calamities, Wind Calamity!

Under the boost of the two movement techniques, the already swift Cloud Surging Dragon Soaring sword technique speeded up even further!

Like a divine dragon crossing the heavens, one instant a thousand li!

As Yan Zhaoge moved, Yan Shan was instantly disorientated!

It was not just in his field of vision; even in his acute senses that had reached the initial stages of being able to sense the heavens and earth, Yan Zhaoge was also nowhere to be found!

Yan Shan was shocked, as the Purple Gold Thunder Sword abruptly vibrated!

The Xiantian Martial Scholar Yan Shan could not react in time, but as a spirit artifact, his Purple Gold Thunder Sword could, and did.

Guided by the Purple Gold Thunder Sword that was abundant with spirituality, its originally straight sword-light curved into an arc.

It was only now that Yan Shan felt the hairs on the back of his head blow upwards simultaneously, as though infinite, limitless coldness had converged at the back of his head, piercing him with a needle-sharp pain.

Not daring to hesitate in the least, Yan Shan followed through with the guidance of the Purple Gold Thunder Sword, swivelling around and striking out with his sword behind him.

Clenching his teeth hard, the Purple Gold Thunder Sword within his hands shook.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct lineage martial art, Lightning Mantra Seventy Two Swords!

Dense as rain, quick as lightning, the violent sword-light instantly transformed into a net of electricity before him as the sky filled with a purple light, obscuring the heavens and covering the earth.

But within the net of electricity, a green light shockingly penetrated through its incomparably dense area of purple light!

This scene obviously meant that Yan Zhaoge’s sword, was faster!

The next moment, the all-encompassing purple light was extinguished.

Only now did the sound of the howling wind enter Yan Shan’s ears, as he felt as though he was currently in the eye of a violent storm.

Seeing his sword-light vanish, Yan Shan’s pupils abruptly contracted as he hurriedly changed his stance once more.

But this time, the sword-light of purple lightning, no longer appeared.

Dazed, Yan Shan suddenly saw a severed arm, within which was still grasped a sword that radiated purple light, shoot up into the sky.

The severed arm was drenched in fresh blood, spilling down to stain the pure white snow below.

Yan Zhaoge reappeared once more, the Jade Dragon Sword within his right hand, looking at his opponent calmly.

Only now did Yan Shan feel an intense pain emanating from his right arm.

Looking downwards, his sword-wielding right hand had actually been severed by Yan Zhaoge in a single blow!

The speed of this sword of Yan Zhaoge’s was such that without even having yet detected it, Yan Shan had already been struck by it!

Yan Shan let out a tragic cry, his left hand cradling the wound on his right arm as he tottered backwards.

It was only now that the surrounding spectators felt like they had just woken up from a dream, though not quite understanding why.

Most of them had only seemed to see a purple sword-light and a green-sword light flash by before their eyes, not having been able to see anything further.

What they saw next was a severed arm, shooting up into the sky!

The entire exchange of blows had only seemingly lasted the time it took to blink one’s eyes.

Yan Min and the others stared wide-eyed, completely unable to comprehend how it had turned out this way.

“The distance between us is very small,” Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at the collapsed Yan Shan, “Then”

The fingers of Yan Shan’s left hand tapped around continuously, hurriedly staunching the flow of blood on his right arm.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge with an incredulous expression on his face.

Although Heavenly Thunder Hall’s martial practitioners all proudly proclaimed that of all the martial arts under the heavens, only speed could not be surpassed, it did not mean that they were really invincible at their same level of cultivation.

Of the current six great Sacred Grounds, while Heavenly Thunder Hall disciples often got one up over disciples of the other Sacred Grounds, they often met with setbacks as well.

A disciple of Infinite Boundless Mountain had once jokingly said that the Heavenly Thunder Hall were only awesome at the start of a fight, and if they were unable to quickly secure victory, they would be like meaty flesh from the underbelly of a fish.

However, Yan Zhaoge had won in what they were most proficient at, securing victory in Yan Shan’s most prided unsheathing of the sword as well as speed!

This was what was hardest for Yan Shan to accept!

Not only had he lost, it had been a complete, sweeping victory!

The faces of Yan Min and the other Zhao Region Yans were ashen.

Yan Shan, was the most outstanding genius of this generation of the Zhao Region Yan Family!

Having been groomed by them, he was also one of the most outstanding figures of the Thunder Domain’s Heavenly Thunder Hall’s younger generation.

Not only was he as an early Xiantian Martial Scholar invincible amongst all the martial practitioners of the Zhao Region Yan Family at the same cultivation level, even their mid Xiantian martial scholars had to bow down in inferiority to him.

But such a Heaven’s favoured son, in the blink of an eye, had been defeated by Yan Zhaoge!


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