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“… Young Heavenly Lord” Yan Zhaoges mouth twitched slightly, “Why am I oblivious of myself having such a title”

Most Immortal Realm martial art practitioners titles required careful considerations.

No True Immortal Emperors had ever called themselves Immortal Emperor, and no Profound Immortal Sovereigns had ever called themselves Immortal Sovereign.

Otherwise, how would the higher-leveled Virtual Immortals and Heavenly Immortals view them

Bearing such an arrogant title would only invite others to test the persons actual level.

If the person were capable, he would force the unresigned into retreat and naturally receive the publics compliment.

Otherwise, even if he were killed, no one would bat an eye.

No matter how strong an Exalt Martial Saint was, he wouldnt dare call himself the “Heavenly Martial Saint.” Otherwise, he would be judged by all Heavenly Lords of all factions.

At most, if people used titles like He Mians “Nine Heavens Exalt,” the Grand Heavenly Immortals wouldnt necessarily pry too much into it.

Generally speaking, most titles were named by the martial art practitioner themselves.

Then, they would receive a public acknowledgment and slowly cause the name to spread around.

There were also instances where someone else named said martial art practitioner, in which said practitioner silently agreed to it.

Then, after receiving the acknowledgment of others, it would slowly be spread around.

Yan Zhaoge had only ascended to the Immortal Realm very recently and never bothered thinking of an Emperor title yet.

As someone who loves to show off, he would have to think of one carefully.

However, the title “Fallen Deity” and “Supreme Exalt” were inappropriate now.

Only, he never expected Gao Han to grant him a “Young Heavenly Lord” title.

Usually, the word “young” had the same meaning as “small.” When added to others titles, it added a few hints of respect, signifying acknowledgment and anticipation.

Just like how when Yan Zhaoges cultivation realm was still low, and he had first reached the World beyond Worlds, someone called him the “Solar Luminary Young Master” because of the Extreme Yang Seal.

From a more positive perspective, the so-called “Young Heavenly Lord” could be interpreted as someone that hadnt become a Heavenly Lord yet, but would eventually ascend to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm.

This implied the acknowledgment of Yan Zhaoges potential and a form of anticipation.

However, if such a title contained malicious intent, there was another way of interpreting it.

A figure unrivaled beneath the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm; an existence which was the closest to the Heavenly Lord.

It could also be interpreted as a preparatory Heavenly Lord.

With such a title, other Grand Heavenly Immortals would not feel offended at all.

However, if such a title were granted unto a True Immortal, other Virtual Immortals and Profound Immortals would feel agitated.

“No matter how I look at this, Gao Han is trying to stir up some troubles…” Yan Zhaoge thought to himself as his expression remained unfazed.

He smiled lightly and cupped his hands towards Li Xingba and the others, “Greetings, pleasure to meet you three.”

Li Xingba, Daoist Crimson Mist, and Gong Sunhuis gaze sharpened.

Initially, they assumed that Yan Zhaoge would panic and try to remain humble.

To their surprise, Yan Zhaoge had openly accepted the title “Young Heavenly Lord.”

Now, Li Xingba and the others believed that Yan Zhaoge didnt understand the concept behind such a title.

Otherwise, how arrogant would he need to be to acquiesce it

Doesnt he know that even most Virtual Immortal Heavenly Monarchs cant afford to bear such a title

Gao Hans gaze brightened, and he was slightly surprised.

He became more amused as he looked towards Yan Zhaoge.

Seeing Yan Zhaoges calm expression, Li Xingbas expression turned gloomy.

Of course, he wasnt enraged.

He looked towards Feng Yunsheng, “How may I refer to you as”

“This person is Daoist Feng, Feng Yunsheng.

She is Daoist Yans junior apprentice-sister, and is his wife as well.” Gao Han smiled as he introduced her.

“Huh” Li Xingba and others were mildly surprised upon hearing Gao Hans worlds.

They re-evaluated Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng with a doubtful gaze.

As for what they were being doubtful about, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng could tell.

Feng Yunsheng frowned, while Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

After analyzing the two, Li Xingba turned towards Gao Han and said in a deep tone, “According to Daoist Gao, our journey this time would be complexly dangerous.

Other than that Mu Zha, there would be other surrounding Demon Race and Buddhism experts.”

“I have no objections with Daoist Feng going.

However, this… Daoist Yan is of the True Immortal Realm.

If he goes, we would have to take care of him.

Otherwise, he would have to stop by the outer battlefield.

Its equal to him not going at all.”

He looked towards Feng Yunshengs glare, “Im a barbaric person, and I love to keep things straightforward.

Daoist Feng, even if you could take care of your husband, you would still have to separate your concentration.

Were not going there for a walk.

Im planning on locating that Mu Zha, while you three would be looking for the Three Brilliances Sacred Water.

None of these are an easy feat.”

Li Xingba said slowly, “Putting in all our efforts might not even be enough.

And yet, youre still going to divert your attention”

“Youre overthinking, Old Man Li.” Gao Han smiled, “Its not me exaggerating anything.

However, the Young Heavenly Lords strength cant be judged based on his cultivation realm alone.

Even the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor had given a considerable amount of praise to Daoist Yan.”

Upon hearing the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperors name, the expressions of Li Xingba and the others turned more serious.

Yan Zhaoge looked from the side in alert and felt that Gao Han had some malicious thoughts.

“Although Daoist Yan is still young and had just recently ascended to the Immortal Realm, he had established his upper world and was the owner of the world he created.” Gao Han continued in a praising tone, “Even during the past, my peers and I seemed dull in comparison.”

“Establish an upper world” The threes expressions were filled with shock and disbelief.

They looked towards Yan Zhaoge once more, “Is that true”

Even the most gentle Daoist Crimson Mist was greatly surprised, “Not a lower world, but an upper world comparable to the World beyond Worlds you bunch had established”

“How is a True Immortal capable of doing so Even if he possessed the Jade Clear Heaven Opening Scripture, the Prime Clear Dragon River Tribulation Scripture, and the Grand Clear Grand Commencement Divine Finger, its still impossible for him.”

Did we make a mistake Is Yan Zhaoge not in the True Immortal Realm

However, Gao Han did say that Yan Zhaoge had just ascended to the Immortal Realm.

“What treasure did you use” Li Xingba was an old expert that roamed around the world during the Ancient era, after all.

He was the first to calm down.

Yan Zhaoge looked towards Gao Han with an amused smile.

As expected, Gao Han smiled and said, “The Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Awakened Sky Hall.

Old Man Li, you should remember it, right”

“Naturally.” Li Xingba came to a revelation, “You mean, the Awakened Sky Hall wasnt destroyed and belonged to him now”

Gao Han smiled and nodded, “Not only does Daoist Yan possess exceptional talents, but he is also someone that possesses huge amounts of luck.

Hes not some average prodigy or the sort.”

Li Xingba spiraled deep into thought, and he started looking towards Yan Zhaoge with a more judgemental gaze.

His disciple – Gong Sunhui had an expression filled with envy.

“Daoist Gao, youve always done things appropriately.

Naturally, we can believe you.” Daoist Crimson Mist stepped out to ease the tension, “Only, these are huge matters, and Daoist Li had to be a little more cautious.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge and said with a smile, “If youve already had the Fallen Deity name before ascending to the Immortal Realm, its apparent how exceptional your talents and strength are.

Now that youve returned to the Nine Heavens, theres nothing wrong with calling you the Young Heavenly Lord.

I wish that you reach the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm in the future.”

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