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Yan Zhaoge first cupped his hands towards Daoist Crimson Mist, “Thanks for your kind words.

Im grateful for that.”

“Its fine, its fine.” Daoist Crimson Mist shook his head.

“Even if hes a Fallen Deity, even if hes the Young Heavenly Lord, it doesnt change the fact that hes only in the True Immortal Realm,” said Li Xingba coldly as he stared at Yan Zhaoge.

“No matter how strong ones cultivation is, a True Immortal cant even compete against a Virtual Immortals finger.”

His red face displayed a calm expression, “Dont think that my words are displeasing to listen to.

Lets not mention our Immortal Essence that views a True Immortals Immortal qi as something insignificant.

Can a True Immortal deal with the sonorous voice of the great dao During that time, if he were to be petrified, whats the point of him going then”

Daoist Crimson Mist remained silent.

The matter that they were about to do required actual cultivation strength.

No matter how great ones potential was, it was pointless if they were still useless now.

Although Li Xingbas words werent pleasurable to listen to, his points were quite brutal.

“I agree with Daoist Lis words.

Indeed, someones better off not going.” Yan Zhaoge suddenly smiled.

Li Xingba and the others were surprised for a moment.

Then, they saw Yan Zhaoge staring straight towards someone among them.

Gong Sunhui.

Li Xingbas disciple.

“Youre talking about me” Gong Sunhui was surprised.

Then, he displayed an enraged smile, “Youre someone that had just ascended to the Immortal Realm, while I already have Duo Qis Fused Aura.

Dont you think youre taking your joke too far”

Yan Zhaoge smiled and said, “To you, this might be a cruel truth.

However, this is indeed amusing for me.”

As soon as he finished his words, he stepped forward, and his palm came slamming towards Gong Sunhuis head!

His speed was so fast that Gong Sunhui almost couldnt react to it.

While Gong Sunhui couldnt make any appropriate reactions, his master – Li Xingba could.

The red faced old man snorted coldly, “You dare!”

Although the red faced old man didnt raise his voice, the feeling he gave off changed completely.

His voice turned magnificent and ingenious as if a divine voice had descended from the Nine Heavens.

At this moment, although Li Xingba had yet to make a move, a shapeless all-encompassing sonorous voice of the great dao came rushing towards Yan Zhaoge.

In that instant, Yan Zhaoge felt as if his entire soul and body were being suppressed together as if he was entering a senseless state where he couldnt speak, move, or think.

Gao Han, Daoist Chilan, Gong Sunhui, and Feng Yunsheng beside him seemed to have vanished within his sight.

Only Li Xingbas body remained in the world.

His figure displayed two contradicting extremities.

As the sonorous voice of the great dao resounded, his physique seemed to have enlarged into a towering figure.

It filled Yan Zhaoges sight completely.

Li Xingbas physique seemed to be omnipresent, capable of shaking ones soul.

However, it also seemed to be flying far away from Yan Zhaoge.

It slowly shrunk and seemed to be extremely far away.

In the next instant, the sight in front of Yan Zhaoge gradually disappeared, as if his vision had also been extracted from him.

He couldnt think and couldnt see anymore.

His entire body seemed to have lost its intelligence and sense, just like a wooden doll that could only remain by the spot.

The liveliness within Yan Zhaoges eyes gradually dispersed.

Gong Sunhui sneered, and his expression was filled with disdain.

Daoist Crimson Mist helplessly shook his head.

He sighed and remained silent.

Gao Han looked towards Feng Yunsheng with a curious expression.

Feng Yunsheng had remained silent ever since she came here.

At this moment, no changes were present in her expression.

She merely quietly stood on the spot, as if she was oblivious of what was happening around her.

However, saying that she didnt notice anything was a huge joke.

Even so, there were two explanations for her reaction.

First, she didnt care about how Yan Zhaoge was.

Second, she didnt think that the matters happening would affect Yan Zhaoge in any way…

As Gao Han was still thinking, he saw Yan Zhaoges soulless eyeballs suddenly move.

For a moment, Yan Zhaoges body seemed to have turned into a lifeless statue.

Now, it was filled with life, vitality, and intelligence once again.

“No need to be so loud, Daoist Li.

I can hear you.” Not only did Yan Zhaoge recover his liveliness, he even intentionally moved his neck around with a relaxed expression.

Without any obstructions, his palm continued descending towards Gong Sunhui!”

Li Xingbas pupils suddenly shrank, “Sonorous sound of the great dao has no effects on him”

His disciple – Gong Sunhuis smile was petrified.

His entire expression turned sour, “Even I have difficulties handling it, and yet someone that had just ascended to the Immortal Realm is capable of doing so”

It should be known that Li Xingba had retracted his sonorous voice and merely concentrated it on Yan Zhaoge alone.

It didnt spread towards the others.

Otherwise, since Gong Sunhui was in the Profound Immortal Realm, even he would suffer from his masters sonorous voice of the great dao.

Although he wouldnt be petrified on the spot like other True Immortals or even Martial Saints, his actions would be hindered, and this train of thoughts would be slower.

Daoist Crimson Mists expression was also filled with shock.

He started analyzing Yan Zhaoge from head to toe.

“This young man is truly something…” Although his previous words were merely used for courteous purposes, he now believed what Gao Han had said.

A smile appeared on Gao Hans face, and his gaze brightened a little, “Does he have a treasure Or, is it because he cultivated some sort or even multiple supreme martial arts Or is it all of them”

Seeing how the sonorous voice of the great dao couldnt hold Yan Zhaoge back, Li Xingba immediately raised his hand.

Layers of yellow dust rose and blotted the skies.

They then came descending towards Yan Zhaoge.

However, at the same time, another black flame demonic qi glittering with dark blue radiances arose.

As a saber light flickered, it instantly blocked the yellow clouds of dust.

Li Xingba looked towards the saber and noticed that Feng Yunsheng, who had always been quietly standing beside Yan Zhaoge, had made her move.

The horrifying jet-black saber light slashed apart the yellow dusts.

On the other side, Yan Zhaoge raised his hand.

As his palm flipped, it came descending towards Gong Sunhui with the momentum capable of collapsing the skies.

“Oh” An expert could tell how strong his opponents attacks were.

Seeing Yan Zhaoges descending palm, Gong Sunhui immediately felt that something was off.

He immediately retracted all the pride and scornfulness he previously had.

He couldnt avoid it in time and barely managed to raise his hand to block Yan Zhaoges Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

In that instant, he felt as if layers of shapeless void were surrounding him.

These voids seemed to have transformed into tangible ubiquitous worlds, which came collapsing towards its center!

And he, Gong Sunhui, was currently standing in that center!

The place he stood seemed to be the boundary between heaven and earth, the connecting point between yin and yang.

The myriad of matters and objects presented a contrasting state, with everything possessing two sides of everything.

Then, they started distorting at the center where he was standing!

Standing within it, Gong Sunhui only felt that a terrifying and humongous power was fanatically crashing against his body.

“Jade Clear Cyclic Heavenly Seal! Is this a Cyclic Heavenly Seal that a True Immortal can cast” Gong Sunhui was baffled.

With Duo Qis Fused Aura and Immortal Aura imbued within his body, he could hardly be harmed by a True Immortal.

If it wasnt for that, Gong Sunhui felt as if he was placed within the center of a grinder formed by the heavens and earth, getting crushed into a powdered state.

However, even if it wasnt dangerous for him, he was currently unable to move.

Yan Zhaoges strength thoroughly restricted his movements, and he was rendered unable to move at all!

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