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Gong Sunhui was unable to move after being oppressed by Yan Zhaoges palm.

On the other side, Li Xingba was furious.

Facing Feng Yunshengs jet-black saber, he took out a square-edged golden swordbreaker [1] and immediately plummeted it towards the opponent.

However, horrifying dark radiances skyrocketed from Feng Yunshengs saber, and its momentum seemed like it was about to break the square-edged golden swordbreaker apart!

As the two weapons clashed against each other, Li Xingbas hand shuddered.

From where the saber intent had passed, he felt an extremely horrifying intent that was about to annihilate and end anything and everything.

As the black saber clashed against the squared-edge golden mace, a small part of his swordbreaker was chipped off.

The saber continued forward and attempted to cut the golden mace apart as if it was merely slicing a piece of tofu!

Li Xingba was greatly shocked.

He immediately retracted his weapon and retreated.

Then, he yelled, “Receive my attack!”

A ray of dark-yellow radiance clump came crashing against Feng Yunsheng.

A dark yellow pearl was shrouded within the radiance.

As the radiance flickered, its momentum seemed capable of splitting the earth apart.

It was Li Xingbas treasure – the Earth Splitting Pearl.

This treasure originated from the earth and was explicitly used to break through the phenomenon of Earth.

Even if a vast and sturdy field of the earth laid in front of it, the earth would still break apart no matter what.

Feng Yunshengs saber continued forward and slashed towards that Earth Splitting Pearl.

Suddenly, a horrifying vibration was released from the pearl.

Using the earths tremble and distortion to tear the earth apart, it incited an earthquake.

Using earth to counter earth was the Earth Splitting Pearls specialty.

However, as Feng Yunshengs saber traced across, it immediately slashed apart the power used to tremble the earth.

The earthquake suddenly vanished, as if nothing had happened!

Brilliances appeared atop Li Xingbas head.

Using his full force, he managed to retract the pearl barely.

He was both anxious and furious; his entire face turned sour.

Seeing how even his own master wasnt able to rescue him, Gong Sunhuis heart sank.

At the same time, he became much calmer as well.

Although he had been secluding along with his master most of the time, his ability to achieve his current cultivation was thanks to all the hardships he had endured.

Facing Yan Zhaoges Cyclic Heavenly Seal, Gong Sunhui clenched his fist and swung it below him, as if he was swinging an indestructible golden mace.

A powerful shock spread outwards and clashed against the illusory world created by Yan Zhaoges fist.

Cyclic Heavenly Seal, capable of turning the entire world apart, capable of reversing the majestic forces of two extremities together, making it hard to defend against.

Meanwhile, Gong Sunhui attempted to attack from the insides.

He broke through the earth, which resulted in one of the extremities losing itself.

With this, the horrifying force would lose its balance, thus allowing his victory.

Although his idea was rich, the reality was harsh.

Yan Zhaoges other hand came from downwards, his palm filled with the momentum of extreme yang.

As yin and yang circulated, a vibration immediately caused Gong Sunhuis fist to strike into thin air.

Gong Sunhuis heart tightened.

At this moment, the space he was in was constantly being compressed, as if he was a plaything within Yan Zhaoges palm.

In his sight, Yan Zhaoge was like a towering giant figure.

Yan Zhaoge clasped his palms together and cast the Cyclic Heavenly Seal with both his hands.

In that instant, Gong Sunhui wasnt able to move once again.

As for Feng Yunsheng, after forcing back Li Xingbas Earth Splitting Pearl, she strode forward, and he horrifying saber continued slashing towards Li Xingba!

Li Xingba didnt dare to receive the attack and was forced to retreat.

However, time and space didnt seem to exist in the face of Feng Yunsheng.

In the next instant, the jet-black saber-light reached Li Xingba.

“Please have mercy, fellow Daoist.” Daoist Crimson Mist quickly assisted Li Xingba.

Layers of illusory red mists surged and obstructed Feng Yunshengs saber.

However, the jet-black saber-light continued forward, slashing the red mists apart.

“Could this be the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture!” Daoist Crimson Mist was shocked, while Li Xingbas face was a mess, “It shouldnt be.

However, its quite eerie as well.

Its just like the legendary final Ancestral Devil which possessed the same authority as the Lord of Numinous Treasure!”

With the saber held within her hand, blue-black flames flickered within her eyes, and her evil qi filled the entire atmosphere.

“Old Man Li, youre looking too much into this.

Daoist Yan naturally has his exceptional parts.

Even if you dont believe my evaluation, you should still believe the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, right” Gao Han smiled and shook his head.

Then, he continued, “As for how True Immortals Immortal qi couldnt contend against Virtual Immortals Immortal Aura, thats fine.

I didnt invite Daoist Yan over to let him make a move personally.

Daoist Yans accomplishments in formations truly made even I astonished.”

“Moreover, Daoist Feng is also a prodigy that bore exceptional talents.

Speaking of it, she had already held back.”

Gao Han chuckled and cupped his hands, “Please believe me this time, Old Man Li.”

Li Xingbas face darkened.

While breathing heavily, he stared at Feng Yunsheng for a while and helplessly said, “Its my mistake.

I shouldnt have underestimated them.”

“Do calm down as well, Young Heavenly Lord.” Gao Han looked towards Yan Zhaoge and said in a kind tone, “Were still uncertain of Traveling Monk Hui Ans condition, and a slight delay might make us lose our opportunity to act.

Lets quickly go there first and make some preparations beforehand.

That will surely greatly increase our chances for success, right”

The space within Yan Zhaoges hand seems to have condensed a small spatial void, which had forcefully compressed a Profound Immortal like Gong Sunhui within.

He was shrunk into a ball and couldnt even extend his legs.

“Youre exaggerating, Exalted Solar Luminary.

Theres nothing for me to be angry about.” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “The one that will hold us back isnt me after all.”

Li Xingbas expression turned pale, “Hurry up and let him go!”

Yan Zhaoge stared at him, “Ive always respected the elderlies.

However, the premise is if the elderly is deserving of my respect.”

“Daoist Li, you seemed to have forgotten about this.

Only your useless disciple and you bear a grudge against Traveling Monk Hui An.

Were merely here for the Three Brilliances Sacred Water.

Receiving it would be our luck while losing it wouldnt harm us in any way.

If you dont mind not taking revenge against your old enemy, you can be as carefree as us.”

A True Immortal calling a Profound Immortal useless.

If it were any other situation, others would undoubtedly laugh at such a statement.

However, at this moment, that True Immortal was suppressing Profound Immortal with ease.

In such conditions, it was sufficient in proving such statements to be true.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge was like a god that had descended upon the mortal realm.

He captured Gong Sunhui and curled Gong Sunhui into a ball using his hands.

Although he was merely in the True Immortal Realm, such a scene was sufficient in shocking the crowd.

His entire body seemed to have become tall and towering beyond imagination.

“Before Daoist Li speaks, I would like to clarify something,” said Yan Zhaoge calmly.

“Here, youre not the one making decisions.

The Exalted Solar Luminary is merely respecting you thanks to your seniority.

That doesnt mean that youre the one making decisions here, so dont act like the leader.”

Li Xingbas face interchanged between a red and white expression.

He wanted to just leave, but his disciple was still trapped within Yan Zhaoges hands.

Moreover, Yan Zhaoges words had struck a deep part within his heart.

In the past, he became an Investiture God thanks to Mu Zha.

He remembered the vengeance even until now as if it was deeply embedded within his bones, making such vengeance hard to be dispersed.

“Daoist Li has no malicious intentions.

He merely prioritized his grudge against Traveling Monk Hui a little too heavily.

Due to his anxiousness, he made some mistakes and caused his temper to run amok.

Please do forgive him for what he did.” Daoist Crimson Mist pulled Li Xingbas sleeves and secretly sent some voice transmissions to convince Feng Yunsheng and Yan Zhaoge.

[1] Theres a picture clearly illustrating the shape of a Chinese swordbreaker.


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